Sunday, April 19, 2015

Sunday Snippet: Oceanfront Villa


So… Orphan Black? Who doesn't love this show? Seriously, it's so mind-bendy and twisty. Watching Tatiana play one clone as another never fails to blow my mind. This week having Sarah act as Rachel and Alison play Sarah… well… just so damned amazing. And Delphine? The woman kicks ass. That's all I'll say. LOL

I'm dying to get to know the Castor clones and then see if the boys can play as crazy as the girls. Saturday won't get here fast enough.

Arrow and The Flash continue to make me happy. Agents of SHIELD, too. Melinda May backstory? Yes, please. Maybe we'll get some Grant Ward flashback action in the future. Wouldn't mind seeing more of what made him so batshit crazy.

If you're not catching Bitten and Lost Girl on Syfy, you need to. Excellent shows!

Made it through the first season of Teen Wolf and gotta say, I cheered out loud when one of the characters bit the dust. Actually, two, but I have a feeling dead doesn't mean forever on this show. LOL. All in all, totally enjoying season two.

Will be starting Daredevil on Netflix in the near future. I hope.

That's it for TV related news. Tonight's post is from Oceanfront Villa, a novella reconnecting my main characters after they've drifted apart.

Here's the tagline:

Danielle Finch is a hardworking doctor who rarely takes time off and her relationship with Vince Darkholme, an in demand attorney, suffers for the lack of face time. When Vince's client offers the use of his oceanfront villa, Danielle readily agrees to take two weeks to rekindle the passion she sorely misses with Vince.

And a snippety peek…

Danielle Finch balanced her phone between her chin and shoulder. "I want those results by the time I get to the office. I'm not making Monica Rense wait any longer." She glanced up when her husband walked into their bedroom.
Vince Darkholme still had the power to take her breath away. But… she tilted her head and almost dropped the phone when he mouthed the words 'how long'. When had he let his hair grow out? The normally short, cropped cut had disappeared, his hair reaching the collar of his shirt and a curl of bangs barely touched his eyebrow, now quirked, waiting on her answer.
She blinked and flashed five fingers. He gave her a quick smile and nodded.
The voice on the other end of the phone cut through her thoughts. "Dr. Finch? I said I can courier over Ms. Rense's results. Will that work for you?"
Danielle responded with a brisk affirmative. "Yes. And it's not about me, it's about a woman who's been more than patient during two lab screw-ups." She gathered her bag and attaché case, stuffing her office keys into the side pouch. "I know it's not your fault the first culture became contaminated, but she's been through a difficult trauma. I think you understand, right?"
The lab director agreed. "Yes, Dr. Finch. I'll personally make sure the courier leaves within the next five minutes."
Danielle thanked the gentleman and ended the call. Shoving her hair off her face, she grabbed her coat and exited the bedroom. Vince waited in the hall, car keys in his hand.
She gave him a slow once over, wondering if she'd missed anything else. "You won't be late for court, will you? I can drive." She opened another pocket on her purse and fished around for her car keys.
Vince laid a hand on hers. "I have client meetings this morning, so we're good." His fingers laced with hers. "I'd love to drop you off at the medical building. Maybe we can stop for coffee on the way in?"
She calculated the time and winced. "I'd love to, but I'm expecting some important test results and I'd like to be there when they arrive." Dammit. They never got to enjoy coffee together anymore.
Vince shrugged and opened the door to the garage. "No problem. We'll try to go Sunday morning." He got her door then dashed around to the driver's side. "Unless you have rounds?"
She sighed. "I'm not supposed to, but Dana Morales asked me to be on standby in case her daughter goes into labor." She slid into the passenger seat. "Can we make a tentative date?"
Vince frowned, but lifted a shoulder. "Sure. If you don't a call, we'll have brunch at Risa's." He started the engine. "How's that sound?"
Risa's. God, she loved the place.
Danielle smiled. "Sounds terrific." Her phone chirped and she glanced at the caller ID.
Her office. She answered and settled into a quick rundown with her office manager while Vince drove into the city.

Kind of having fun with this one, especially writing the disconnect part. Should make for a nice and steamy reunion of sorts. :D

That's it for this week. Happy reading!


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