Sunday, April 26, 2015

Sunday Snippet: Read Between the Lines

Wow. Orphan Black makes me so happy. The complete insanity of the plots never fails to entertain. I can actually say same the same about Arrow. I have no clue where they're going to end up going, but I'm definitely sticking along for the ride. The Flash is also upping its game. I'm looking forward to seeing how this season ends.

My catch-up viewing of Teen Wolf continues. I'm about finished with season two and apparently the truly crazy cakes stuff hasn't even happened yet. Can't wait to see what season three has in store.

Tonight's post is from Read Between the Lines, a sexy short where my characters bond after a brief flirtation.

Here's the tagline:

Lexa Bode finds a letter Kers Jarvis wrote to his father at the tender age of seven. Her heart breaks for the handsome firefighter. The missive covers so much, but the young Kers leaves a lot unsaid, things his old man wouldn't see, but Lexa does—she can't miss it, she considers subtext her second language.

And a snippety peek…

Lexa glanced up when a knock sounded on the door jamb. Kers propped a shoulder against the surface and sent her a sexy smile.
She folded the letter and tucked it into her pocket. "Hey, how are you?" A guilty flush crept up her spine. "What's up?"
Kers nodded toward the empty desk. "Is he in today?"
Lexa shook her head. "Yes, but no. He's on station, but out on a training exercise." She grabbed a pad of sticky notes. "Want to leave him a message?"
Kers snorted. "Nah. Why waste the paper? It'll just end up in the trash can and he'll pretend he didn't see it." He straightened. "I'll catch up with him the next time I'm off when he's on." He started to turn, but paused. "Do you have plans for dinner?" He glanced toward the clock. "I can stick around for if you'd like grab something to eat."
She thought about the letter burning a hole in her pocket. "Yeah, give me five? I can scoot out of here a little early." Her lips twitched. "Considering I had everything done by two PM, I don't think he'll mind." When Kent left the station house, she always finished up early, mainly because he couldn't interrupt every five minutes.
Kers gave her a knowing smirk. "I'll be in the common area. Take your time." He backed out of the doorway and strolled down the hall.
Lexa quickly took the letter from her pocket and dashed over to Kent's desk where she stashed it back under the OSHA files in his bottom drawer. Still feeling a little guilty for reading the missive, she sat quietly for a moment. Going to dinner with Kers might shed some light on his relationship with his dad. Not really any of her business, but she'd grown fond of Kent and the powerful attraction she had for his son compelled her to dig for answers.
Hopefully she wouldn't bury herself in the process.

I'm kind of enjoying this duo. Lexa lands in a tricky spot and it's been fun watching her squirm.

That's it for this week. Happy reading!


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