Sunday, April 5, 2015

Sunday Snippet: X Out the Date

April 5, 2015

Happy Easter to those who celebrate. Happy chocolate overload day to those who don't.

So… finale for The Walking Dead last week? AWESOME! My middle kid and I stayed up spinning random theories for a good, long time after the episode ended.

The Flash and Arrow have my brain working overtime, too. I've missed television that makes me stay engaged after the show ends. Keep finding myself getting snared with 'Oh! How cool would it be if [insert random plot bomb here] happens. I can sort of say the same about Agents of SHIELD, but not to the same extent. I did kind of love how the last episode ended though.

Bitten only has one episode left and I can't wait to watch!! Really loving the second season and looking forward to watching on Syfy in a few weeks. So surprised and kind of thrilled to see a character pop back up. The guy is sooo good and I enjoy his work.

And last but not least regarding TV, The Last Ship has it's summer air date. June is looking up. :D

Tonight's post is from X Out the Date, a novella where my couple is on the threshold of taking their relationship further.

Here's the tagline:

Preston Ayl and Elliot Newman are on the verge of making a strong commitment. Attending conferences on opposite ends of the country, the week away from each other is proving more difficult than either expects and they're crossing out the date until they're back together.

And a snippety peek…

Preston Ayl checked her schedule for the fourth time. "God, I wish the conference didn't have so many required courses." A full freaking week, from Sunday to late Saturday night.
Elliot Newman shot her a quick glance. "At least you'll be somewhere sunny and warm. I'm stuck heading New England in the middle of winter." His lips twitched. "Of course if I close this sale, it'll be worth freezing my ass off." He flipped the turn signal on and pulled into the long-term parking area.
Preston bit back a sigh. The classes didn't bother her, being away from Elliot did. Six months together and they hadn't had a reason to test their burgeoning relationship. She didn't give much credence to the whole absence made the heart grow fonder, but maybe the week apart would be good. Elliot mentioned moving in together and she her gut jumped with excitement over the idea. But her brain kicked in and put on the brakes.
Stupid brain.
Elliot nudged her shoulder before tucking a hank of hair behind her ear. "You're overthinking again. Cut it out." He turned off the ignition and faced her. "There's no rush, we're not in a hurry."
Preston smiled. Leave it to Elliot to know exactly what she had on her mind. He had an uncanny ability to read her thoughts.
Gathering up her bag, she leaned in close. "You're right." She gave him a quick, hard kiss. "But… I'm going to miss having you next to me in bed this week."
Reaching for the door handle, she gasped when he caught her face in his hands, slanted his mouth over hers, and gave her a thorough kiss. One leaving her breathless and hungry for more.
His pressed his forehead against hers. "And I'm going to miss waking up to your warm, welcoming heat, too." Another lingering lip-lock. "But it's only a week. And we'll talk every night, right?"
She eased away and met his gaze. "Absolutely. I'll be X-ing out the days after our nightly calls." A little shiver slid down her spine. "I'm really looking forward to hearing your voice every night."
Elliot grinned. "Maybe we'll try some video chats, too." His voice took on a sexy edge. "That could be fun."
When he waggled his eyebrows, Preston laughed, loving his humor. She angled toward the door, cracked it open, and braced for the cold chill in the air. Elliot popped the trunk and exited the car, too. Meeting her at the rear of the vehicle, he grabbed their bags and handed hers over.
She shouldered the carry-on then laced their fingers together. "I'm glad you suggested sending my luggage ahead. Should make getting through security less of a hassle."
Elliot flashed a smile. "And easier to hop the shuttle to departures." The big van pulled up to the covered kiosk and opened its doors.
Preston preceded Elliot and took the first open seat. He dropped down beside her and settled back, wrapping an arm around her. The ride didn't last long, and when the van dropped them off, she turned to Elliot, leaning in for one last quick kiss before going their separate ways. She headed to get checked through security and Elliot strolled toward a coffee shop to kill a couple of hours before he needed to catch his flight.
After setting her stuff on the conveyor, she glanced back over her shoulder. Elliot gave her one last wave before taking a place in line.
Preston slowly made it through the security check and wandered toward her gate. She had at least thirty minutes before she could board and then a long flight ahead of her. Dragging out a notebook, one she should save for her continuing education classes, she started a list—Fun things to do on a video chat.
Damn Elliot for planting that idea in her head.

Not sure exactly how this one is going to go, but I'm excited to find out. LOL

That's it for this week. Happy reading!


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