Sunday, April 12, 2015

Sunday Snippet: Youth is Overrated

What a rainy, miserable week. But hey, at least we didn't have any snow.

Not a lot of new television to watch, but the Bitten finale did not disappoint. Especially the ending. Whoa! If there's not a season three, there better at least be a movie to explain that whole dealio.

Finished up a rewatch of the X-Files. I'd forgotten how much I enjoyed the last two seasons, even without Mulder. Getting ready to begin Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries and get back into Teen Wolf. Plus keep up with the last episodes of The Flash and Arrow.

Orphan Black is back next Saturday and I can't wait to get a double dose of clones. Looking forward to how the Castor guys fit into the story.

A final random note, I read Eliza Dushku is joining the cast of Banshee for season four and I have very mixed feelings. I thoroughly enjoyed her as Faith on Buffy, but her last few roles have underwhelmed me. Here's hoping she does a great job and fits in well with the cast.

Tonight's post is from Youth is Overrated, featuring a long-married couple offering a collective listening ear to their oldest son.

Here's the tagline:

Tatum Moore and Fisher Vogler have three grown children and their oldest is considering divorce. When he seeks advice from his parents, they try not to interfere but provide insight into a passionate opposites attract marriage and how to make it work.

And a snippety peek…

Tatum Moore arched her back, rocking her hips against Fisher Vogler. The orgasm hit hard and she gasped, then groaned.
Fisher's fingers dug into her thighs and he thrust upward, sending aftershocks coursing through Tatum. He always nudged her a little past bliss and sent her spinning into ecstasy.
And then he followed right behind her, his head thrashing on the pillow, harsh bursts of air whooshing from his lungs. Tatum got off even more watching his eyes pop open, passion and love burning in the green depths.
All for her. Always for her.
She shuddered, another zing flowing over her when Fisher's palm skimmed over her hip and around to cup her ass, urging her forward.
She collapsed atop his chest, her breathing ragged and uneven. His arms wrapped around her and his lips trailed along her temple.
Spent and sated, she inhaled deeply, loving the smell of Fisher, sex, and the early morning mist of rain drifting in through the open window. Exhaling slowly, she let her eyes drift shut and snuggled closer to her husband. After the exertion, she figured Fisher wouldn't mind a nice, little nap, especially while still seated inside her.
Reality had other ideas. A series of three loud knocks sounded from the front door downstairs, dispelling any thought of staying in their warm, cozy cocoon.
"You guys need to get presentable before you come down." Their oldest son, Jamie, shouted. "I'll make the coffee."
Fisher groaned. "I guess we can't have breakfast naked now, can we?" He shifted, sliding out from under Tatum.
She rolled onto her back, dragging the covers up and over her. "Why did we have kids again?"
Fisher ducked into the bathroom and started the shower before coming back to drag the comforter away from her. "I have no idea. But there's coffee brewing, so we must have raised at least one of them right." He held out a hand.
Tatum grasped his fingers and let him tug her from the bed. "Yeah, yeah. I guess that deserves some consideration." She followed Fisher into the bathroom and grinned when he made room in the stall so she could get under the spray. "We do have great kids, don't we?"
Fisher popped the shampoo open and started lathering her hair. "The best, yes." He nudged her under the water so she could rinse the suds away while he scrubbed his head.
Tatum switched places with him and soaped up, then squirted cleanser on another washcloth for Fisher. She ducked under the steamy mist, letting the frothy bubbles slide off her skin. Fisher took her spot when she exited the stall, grabbing a thick, fluffy towel to dry off with. He snagged one after he turned the water off and made short work of rubbing down and stepping in to a pair of sweats. Tatum finger-combed her hair and shrugged her bathrobe over her shoulders. Jamie's wife, Risa, picked it out for a Christmas present.
Fisher jammed his feet into the slippers their middle kid, Deidre, bought as a gag gift. The fuzzy bear claws never failed to make Tatum smile. After grabbing a T-shirt with their youngest son's university logo on it, Fisher quirked an eyebrow.
Tatum waved him out. "Go on. I'm going to throw on some yoga pants and a shirt and I'll be right down." Fisher turned to leave their room. "And there better be a hot mug of coffee waiting for me when I get there."
Fisher smirked. "There always is, babe. Whether it'll be hot or not depends on you." He ducked the pillow she sent sailing towards his head, his laughter echoing off the walls.
God, she loved the man.

This one is a little different for me and I'm really loving how the story is coming together.

That's it for this week. Happy reading.


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