Sunday, July 19, 2015

Sunday Snippet: Blame It on the Rain

Great television viewing week. I finished up watching all available episodes of Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries and *sigh* what a great show. From what I gather, the third season might be the last, but I'll live in hope for more. Either way, the finale satisfied me, so bonus points for that.

Teen Wolf. What can I say? I'm intrigued by the possibilities, but I kind of hope making Parrish look like a bad guy is a ploy. I kind of like him. I'm also hoping the desert wolf thread is laying groundwork for next season. More interesting possibilities there.

The Last Ship is so good at keeping me on the edge of my seat. I love how twisty and turny the plot gets. Such a great summer viewing experience.

My Friday night lineup continues to bring good stuff to my screen. Defiance seriously upped its game this season. Killjoys keeps me glued, especially for the sibling bonding but also for the very secretive dance the trio does. John seems like the most open of the group, but I have a sneaky suspicion he may have a few big skeletons in his closet, too. Dark Matter is revealing little pieces of information and I'm liking the glimpses we're getting into the crew's histories. I would like to see a little more movement on who or what put them into the stasis chambers.

Have I mentioned how much I love having new material to watch in the middle of the summer?

Tonight's post is from Blame it on the Rain, a sexy short where my main characters are stuck in a massive downpour and have to work out some issues.

Here's the mini-blurb:

Vala and Gates work together leading tours through the wilderness and love their job. But when close friends go through a breakup, Val and Gates take opposite sides and it strains their relationship, especially when they get trapped in the elements and have to find shelter for the night.

And a snippety peek…

Vala Guthrie shuddered with orgasm. "Gates… harder. Wanna make it last."
Her better half, Gates Bantry, complied with her request, thrusting upward to bump his groin against her clit. Her fingers curled up into her palms and she pressed down on his chest.
He hissed out a harsh breath. "God, Vala, I love it when you lose control." His thighs flexed under hers and he made a low growling sound. "I'm there, Val. Tell me I can let go." His head thrashed on the pillow.
She dragged air into her lungs and leaned forward, getting close to his ear. "Let go, Gates. Give me everything you have." Mini-aftershocks made her skin tingle.
Gates pumped his hips two more times then let out a strangled gasp, digging his fingers into her flesh when he found his release. His breath came out in raspy pants and his hands skimmed along her sides before he wrapped his arms around her, hauling her close.
She gladly collapsed atop his torso, still shivering with afterglow. Her mouth moved along his shoulder then found his lips for a lingering kiss.
Gates traced circles over her skin. "Never gets old, Val. We're lucky aren't—"
The buzzing of his phone cut off the rest of the sentence. Val flung her arm out and snagged the cell from the nightstand, hitting answer before holding the device to Gates's ear.
He frowned. "Yeah, Bantry. This better be good." He tensed and took the phone from Vala, pressing it closer to his ear. "Yeah, yeah. Okay."
Vala didn't know who called, she hadn't checked the ID, but Gates's terse tone didn't bode well. She made a move to slide off him, but his arm tightened around her waist.
He heaved a sigh. "Hold on, I'm going to put you on speaker." His finger slid over the screen. "Okay, finish up. Vala's listening now." He rolled his eyes.
"Like I said. I need you two to head out and pick up Karl and Jane, wherever they might be." Jones Moore bit off the words. "And you can tell them to find new jobs because I'm sick of their bullshit. I've got a stranded group cooling their heels until a new team can get out there."
Vala jumped in. "What the hell happened?" She could guess, but the more information she and Gates had the better.
Jones made a garbled sound. "They had a blowout fight—in front of the entire group—and stalked off to work things out. That means they left eight people in the lurch, folks who paid a nice chunk of change for the wilderness package." He paused, probably trying to get his blood pressure down. "I want you to find them and do me the favor of firing their asses. I don't care if they're your best friends." His voice rose to an almost shout. "Do you think you can manage or do I have to find four new guides?"
Vala and Gates just landed in the hot seat and neither is happy about it. Too bad they take opposite sides on where the fault lies.

That's it for this week. Happy reading!


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