Sunday, August 2, 2015

Sunday Snippet: Bonus Score

So… I have the final two episodes of Strike Back waiting to be watched and I'm putting it off. Because I want to savor the last two hours before it's over for good. LOL

Teen Wolf… eh, this past week felt like a bunch of set-up, which is okay, but I'm kind of wanting the new guy to be found out and I really want to know what the hell is going on with Stiles. Here's hoping Monday's episode sheds some light.

The Last Ship continues to keep me glued to the screen. I love everything about this show, the actors, the pacing, the storyline, and most definitely the characters. So much awesome rolled into forty-five minutes. Just saying.

Friday night lineup is still kicking major good vibes. Defiance and Killjoys each turned in superb viewing. Repercussions abounded and I pretty much loved both episodes. Dark Matter also dropped some interesting info bombs, which did indeed tie back to the clues in previous episodes. Really liking the dynamic and the way it changes when new stuff is revealed about the characters.

Tonight's post is from Bonus Score, a sexy short where my characters get their game on.

Here's the mini-blurb:

Zeva and Bo meet through a gaming community and hit it off. They start spending time together and a series of wagers over who the better gamer is takes an interesting turn when sexy distractions become part of the strategy. When they decide to settle up once and for all, a bonus score leads to an unexpected win and the crown is claimed.

And a snippety peek…

Zeva Bloom's finger hovered over the send button. "Jen, am I crazy to meet up with this guy?" She glanced up from the monitor, digit still poised to make the connection.
Jenny Blake shook her head. "As long as you tell me where and when then stay in touch, no, you're not crazy." She waited a beat. "Okay, you're totally bat shit, but for completely different reasons." Her laughter spilled out, long and loud.
Zeva eyed her best friend but sent the private message. "You're not amusing. And I just replied, so cross your fingers for me." She closed the tabbed window and logged back on to her gaming comm.
Jenny's eyebrows rose. "You're not going to wait for a reply?" She joined into the game, coming to Zeva aid, wiping out a ton of rebel soldiers.
Zeva shrugged. "Nah. I might really want to meet this guy, but I can't seem to eager, right?" Her fingers flew over the keys, moving her avatar steadily along to get to the egress point for the next level.
Jenny nodded. "Yeah, I suppose you don't want be all in like you were with douche canoe Dane." She blasted a long line of cannons, clearing a spot for Zeva to slip through.
Zeva bit back a smile. Jenny nicknamed Dane Studtgardt douche canoe when he'd led Zeva to what amounted to a flash mob in his honor. And the ass hat hadn't had the courtesy to show up in person to see the fifty females gathered to meet him, all thinking they had a date. Instead, he'd had a buddy of his show a recorded message on the big screen televisions in the bar, claiming a total win for pulling off the amazing stunt. At the time, Zeva wanted to crawl to the nearest dark corner and lick her wounds, but now she could almost laugh about the experience. Okay, maybe not laugh, but the smile part she had totally down.
Thanks to Jenny.
Her friend snapped her fingers. "Yo, Zeev. Get with the program. Hit the next level already."
Zeva blinked and got back into the game. "Yeah, right. Getting with the program." She wouldn't score much this round, but she really just wanted to relax and blow stuff up.
The foray back into possibly meeting another gamer, someone who had the same interests and lived to play, proved highly distracting. But BoSS89, also known as Bo Schneider, could wait an hour—if he'd even responded to her reply yet. On screen, he seemed perfect, but Zeva had the same experience with douche canoe Dane. No… actually, she hadn't. Bo used a biting wit and snappy snarkasm Zeva loved. Dane had pretty words and practiced prose, something Zeva wouldn't fall for again anytime soon.
Her phone pinged. She'd forgotten to turn off notifications. A response, maybe? Her gaze slid sideways, trying to read the screen.
Jenny sighed. "Dammit, Zeva, just check it already. We're pretty much playing for fun tonight anyway."
Zeva grabbed the device and swiped her finger over the message app. Bo's avatar popped up on the screen.
Jenny glanced up. "You'd better read it out loud. I wanna know what's going on." She stopped playing and waited.
Zeva's lips quirked. "I quote, 'Coffee sounds great. Are you close to the Java Jump? I have Tuesday and Wednesday off this week. Either day works for me, but sometime after noon.'."
Jenny laughed. "A man after your own heart. I'll bet he doesn't get up before eleven. Just like you."
Zeva grinned. "I'm going to reply. Wednesday okay with you?" She started tapping out the message. "You don't go in until after six, right? In case anything goes sideways."
Jenny nodded. "Yep, I'm working the late shift that day. I'll be around."
Zeva hit send and tried to fight the wave of excitement surging through her veins. Douche canoe Dane taught her to be a little more cautious. Screw it. She had a date and a good feeling.
She'd roll with it for now.
So far, this one chugging along. The sages are a little stingy with the flow, but when they get on track, it's fun to write.

That's it for this week. Happy reading!


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