Sunday, August 9, 2015

Sunday Snippet: Breaking Ice

So… Mad Max: Fury Road? Kick ass movie. Seriously, an excellent two hours of viewing pleasure. And I'm from the generation that started the whole Mad Max franchise and this movie blows the original ones out of the water. Enough said.

Let's see… Teen Wolf. Can't really say much. I'm sort of waiting to see what happens. This season isn't holding my interest as much as I'd hoped, but I'll reserve judgment until I've seen more.

But my Friday night lineup is kicking everything into high gear. Defiance rocks. I'm always kind of stunned by how quickly the dynamic changes. Same goes with Killjoys. Only two episodes left before a break and I want more. I have a feeling this show will eat my brain in the off season. Not a bad thing. Dark Matter turned in a pretty decent episode, but I can honestly say I'd like tighter writing. First season world building aside, it would be nice to get a little more information on Two, since we've seen a fair amount on the others.

The Last Ship is a little over halfway through its second season and I can't wait to see how things start getting resolved. This is one of those shows I'm stuck between wanting more and being happy a season is short and sweet, leaving me time to savor the goodness before a new one starts. LOL

Tonight's post is from Breaking Ice, a sexy short where my characters work out some aggression on each other so they can start over.

Here's the mini-blurb:

Bailee and Oakes have a long history of breaking each other's heart and leaving a long trail of personal drama everywhere they go. But they finally have a shot at being on the same page after going one on one in a charity sparring match, if they can trust themselves to get it right this time.

And a snippety preview…

"You don't get it Oakes. And we're through." Bailee Young made a wild gesture, knocking her beer off the table.
The bottle hit the floor and liquid shot out everywhere. Oakes got soaked, his shirt taking the brunt of the spray.
He rose. "Yeah, Bailee, we are. I'm taking the job in DC." He grabbed a handful of napkins, mopping up as much of the mess as he could. "You stay right here in Chicago and wallow in your misery." Turning on his heel, he stalked to the exit and left the bar.
Bailee fought back humiliating tears. She wouldn't cry, hated getting emotional in general and truly abhorred doing so over yet another breakup with Oakes. Their personal drama always heated up after she lost a match and she couldn't take any more turmoil right now. Good riddance to Oakes.
Slapping a twenty on the table, she flagged a server and nodded to the spilled beer. "I'm sorry for the mess…" Glancing up to see a dozen or so set of eyes on her, she continued. "And for creating a big scene." Shaking her head, she started for the door. "Show's over, people. Go back to having fun." Escaping into the cool night air, she leaned against the brick façade, heaving a sigh.
Dammit. Battling with Oakes over stupid shit and breaking up hadn't been her plan for the night. She needed to get a grip. What had they even fought over this time? She couldn't remember. Okay, she could. She'd lost a preliminary bout and would have to work her way back to being in contention for a spot on the pro circuit. Holding an amateur title didn't mean jack if she couldn't make the transition to the big time. Sponsorship would definitely ease her burden.
Between caring for her mother, building a clientele for her personal training business, and trying to pay off her student loans, she barely had time to get ready for the weekly cage matches she needed to win to stay afloat. Something had to give and her relationship with Oakes usually took the hit. No wonder she and Oakes kept doing the on again, off again dance.
Off again. For good this time.
I'm taking the job in DC.
Christ. A stab of guilt hit her hard. Had he mentioned an offer? She didn't remember talking about a possible move, but she'd been treading water lately, barely keeping her head above the surface. He could've said something and she totally blew it off.
No wonder he got frustrated with her.
She pushed away from the building and headed toward the parking lot. She could call him, maybe apologize and...
No. A clean break would be best for both. A long distance relationship wouldn't work. Not for her. And with Oakes gone, she'd have one less plate to keep spinning in the air.
Unlocking her car, she opened the door and slid behind the wheel. She rested her head on the steering wheel, a dull throb creeping along her temples. The urge to throw up nearly overwhelmed her, but she swallowed down the bile and started the vehicle.
A hot shower, some painkillers, and a solid eight would do wonders to improve her outlook. Pulling out into traffic, she headed for home.
And a lonely bed.

Break up scenes are always interesting and I rather enjoyed writing this one.

That's it for this week. Happy reading!


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