Sunday, August 23, 2015

Sunday Snippet: Call of the Ripper

August 23, 2015

Still battling the cold / allergy / viral evilness thing. But… I think I'm finally in the last stages. <fingers crossed>

Teen Wolf has me confuzzled. I seriously don't know where or how everything is going to end up. I will say I kind of can't wait for the end of the Dread Doctors. I'm pretty much done with giving any kind of crap about them. Not my favorite storyline to date. Just saying.

Defiance keeps getting better. The twisty-turny stuff makes me happy. I love how even with internal betrayals, judgment and forgiveness tends to be fast and certain. I really do hope this show continues.

Killjoys season finale proved to be excellent. I'm so in love with this show, enough that I'm considering doing recaps for my fandom blog. Need to make a note to get the DVDs ASAP.

Dark Matter also gave me something I wanted, more information about Two. I'm liking how the crew is starting to gel and work together. The scene in the vault with all the guys was a treat to watch.

And once again, The Last Ship brought a ton of drama to the table. I'll be honest, I really want Chandler to take a step off the high horse and remember what things were like before he picked up the POTUS. Rachel made a gut call and kept everyone else out of it, taking full responsibility. And in this case, the greater good should outweigh any righteous indignation.

Also… I have a bad vibe about who cut the video to make it look like the ship bombed New Orleans. I hope we'll find out if I'm right this week.

Tonight's post is from Call of the Ripper, a novella blending a Jack the Ripper research team with suspense and sexiness.

Here's the mini-blurb:

Two 'Ripperologists' take a working vacation to experience the essence of Jack's madness. But when a modern day stalker takes an interest in their excursion, the call of the ripper hits a little too close for comfort.

And a snippety peek…

Faith Dowd thrashed on the bed, terrifying imagery rolling through her head. A dark alley on a damp evening. Fog rolling in, the murky darkness almost smothering. The flash of a blade slicing downward, tearing into flesh. Searing pain ripping through her, a pool of red seeping from her skin.
Faith screamed and the sound echoed through the silent room. The wail pierced the night again and again. But she couldn't stop.
Sean McDermott shook her. "Faith! Wake up. It's a nightmare." His arms wrapped around her and she fought him.
Still trapped in her dreamscape, she flailed and scratched and tried to jerk free.
Sean let her go, but smoothed one hand down her hair. "Faith. It's time to wake up." He used a soothing tone, his voice a caress. "Come on, babe. Come back to me."
She calmed, her breath shuddering in and out in stuttered gasps. "Sean?" Her eyes blinked open and his gorgeous face hovered over hers.
He traced a finger along her cheek. "Yeah, babe. You're okay. I've got you." He sat up, settled back against the pillows, and opened his arms wide.
Faith shook her head, trying to clear the grisly dream from her mind. She crawled up and let Sean wrap her in his warm embrace. Still shaking, she tucked her head under his chin and dragged the comforter up over them.
Sean pressed a kiss to her head. "Did you have the same nightmare?" His hand smoothed over her arm, his touch light but reassuring.
Faith nodded. "Yeah. Worse this time." She burrowed closer to his side. "The deeper and closer we get to finding more information on Jack, the gorier my nightmare becomes." She braced for Sean's response.
He didn't disappoint. "Maybe you should take a break for a while. It's not the Ripper is going anywhere." He waited a beat. "I can work on the research for a few weeks, just until you're sleeping better."
His offer surprised her. Sean preferred discussion and dissection of information and he provided an excellent counterpoint to some of her more out there theories. Their back and forth garnered butt loads of comments on their blog The Call of the Ripper.
Faith lifted her chin, tilting her head back to meet his gaze. "Really? You'd do that for me?" Her hand smoothed down his chest, stopping at the waistband of his boxer briefs.
Sean's lips twisted in a sexy smile. "Faith, my love, you know I'll do just about anything for you." His eyes went dark and sensual.
Faith slid her palm lower, cupping his growing erection. "In that case, let's try some sexual healing. See if getting physical shuts off the Jack filter in my brain." She rose up to her knees and straddled his thighs, leaning in to mesh her lips with his.
If this one comes together like I hope it will, it's going to be a fun ride.

That's it for this week. Happy reading.


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