Sunday, September 6, 2015

Sunday Snippet: Camden General

Great news! Killjoys and Dark Matter will both have a second season. I'm doing my happy chair dance right now. LOL

The Last Ship appears to have delivered my greatest wish, but… I may have hoped too soon. I have a feeling a different foe will prove more formidable than those who will remain nameless for now. LOL I can't wait for tonight's episode!

I got to watch the season four trailer for Arrow and ohhhh… can't wait for October to get here. Looking forward to The Flash and Agent Carter, also.

Syfy has a couple of shows I'm going to try, but eh, their slate isn't what I'd hoped it would be. Maybe I'll be surprised, who knows.

Tonight's post is from Camden General, a novella where a hook-up turns into something more.

Here's the mini-blurb:

Jayden and Whit, two of Camden General's best emergency department staff, come together after losing a patient. Trying to navigate the fallout becomes even more difficult when their one time hook-up turns into a very personal relationship.

And a snippety peek…

Whit Brackenreid clocked in for his first shift at Camden General. He knew the hospital inside and out, having worked as a medic for ten years before making the switch to full-time nursing. He had something of an in, knowing most of the emergency department staff from coming in on the other end.
But he'd be lying if he didn't admit to having some nervous tension surrounding his first day. The two week vacation he took gave him a lot of time to think about everything that could go wrong.
"Hey, Whit! I heard you were joining us." Millie Traynor clapped him on the back. "Gonna give me a run for my money?"
Whit smiled. "Nah, Millie. You trained me well. Until I get a solid feel for being on this side of things, I'll follow everyone's lead."
Millie unofficially ran the emergency department. She didn't take any kind of shit from anyone. Gangbangers, veteran cops, street pimps, grizzled fire chiefs. None of them stood a chance against her. And everyone loved her.
She grabbed his arm and led him out to the triage area. "Heads up. We've got a rookie." She jerked her head toward Whit. "But at least he's a familiar face."
Bart Hammond gave Whit a fist bump. "Joining our ranks? Good to have you."
Wendy Jones rolled her eyes. "I can't believe they gave you a license, Whit. Are you sure it's legit?" Her smirk took the sting out of the words.
Whit shrugged. "Guess I'll just have to show you my skills." He waggled his eyebrows.
Millie wagged her finger. "Nuh uh, Mr. Brackenreid. You keep your hands off my nurses."
Whit chuckled. "Millie. I am one of your nurses now."
She shot his a hard look. "If you want it to stay that way, keep your hands to yourself."
Whit winked. "I hear you, Millie. Hands off. Got it."
Millie is a hoot to write and she'll have plenty of advice for Whit in the near future.

That's it for this week. Happy reading!


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