Sunday, October 25, 2015

Sunday Snippet: Elective Campaign

WooHoo! Halloween is almost here! I love the fall holiday and even plan to decorate my all-year-round tree with some cool lights and creepy ribbon. I'm even planning to do a Thanksgiving themed tree if time doesn't get away from me. LOL

Television round up this week… not bad overall. I totally stayed away from discussing The Walking Dead, mainly because I didn't want to spoil anyone and I couldn't talk about the show without going into detail. I'll take a moment to say I LOVE how this season is kicking off and leave things there.

As always, I'm thrilled with how The Flash and Arrow are progressing. I thoroughly enjoy the alternate Flash and I like how Thea's time in the pit is being handled. Really interested to see how Sarah's resurrection plays out. (Hint… she'll be fine… eventually).

Agents of SHIELD continues to intrigue me. I have several theories floating around in my head about how things will play out, and I'm actually loving how many different storylines are being addressed. Keep it up!

Gotham and Sleepy Hollow are on my catch up list. Last week's schedule went off the rails so I'm watching both shows on demand.

Lost Girl and The Murdoch Mysteries are also staying excellent. And I started a new show called The Romeo Section that has me very interested. I'll keep everyone posted on how I fare with that one.

Finally, Doctor Who… eh. Seriously, I'm seeing so many people rave about the new season and I'm really not feeling it. The fandom theory that Ashildr will end up being Missy and the Doctor created the Master doesn't work for me. However, there is one way I could get behind the concept… Missy isn't a regeneration of the Master, but she decided to play the role. That might be an interesting twist.

Anyway, TV update for the week is over.

Tonight's post is from Elective Campaign, a novella where my main characters lose the battle of fighting their attraction.

Here's the mini-blurb:

Mac is running for reelection and needs a logistical planner on his roster to win. Yancy has the training and background but she presents a problem… Mac is very attracted to her. They fight the pull but give in and once it's discovered, he might lose more than the election.

And a snippety peek…

Mac Davison settled back in his chair and heaved a sigh. "You're sure Steve is going to retire?" He didn't begrudge the man's decision, but the timing couldn't be worse to lose his logistics manager.
Tyler nodded. "Yeah. And he knows the move is going to leave you in a bad position for re-election." His campaign manager and best friend settled into the seat across the desk. "Stewart's got thirty years and a previous reign as mayor to work from and launch his platform."
Mac snorted. "Said stint in office left the city almost bankrupt and took two other decent guys winning to put to rights." He snagged the petition signature list from his top drawer. "The top twenty-five names will the cronies who back him financially and he'll want to repay their loyalty by making one of the logistics manager."
Steve knew the city inside and out, kept everything running smoothly and had a plan for the expansion of services.
Tyler agreed. "None with Steve's experience and know-how. I'd give it less than six months before the entire operation is a total mess." He steepled his fingers. "And less than nine for Stewart to start lining his pockets again by diverting funds to his 'special programs'."
Stewart Jackman would effectively rape the city's coffers and ignore the opportunities the revitalization of the lake quadrant could bring to their collective doorstep.
Mac slapped a hand on the desk. "Dammit. I don't want to lose the momentum we've built with the parks and rec renovation and expansion, the big homecoming weekend celebration, and the new vacation trade we've drawn from the lake quadrant project." He'd spearheaded those projects and wanted to add a few more.
Tyler shook his head. "Look, Mac. No one says you're going to lose. People do know you're the one who got things moving with the vacation trade. We're close to the lake shore, but far enough away to keep prices reasonable." His lips curved. "I don't think there was an empty B&B, cabin, or rental home the entire past two summers."
Mac nodded. "And that's not including the two hotels and three motels. Sandy Beckman told me the conference bookings are up year round at her location." He pinned Tyler with his gaze. "The Christmas festival is gaining traction, giving businesses an extra push at the end of the year."
Tyler started jotting notes on his legal pad. "See… that's something to build on with your campaign."
Mac heaved a sigh. "Except without a logistics manager, who's going to make sure we've got adequate parking available for bigger crowds? Or the budget to add extra sanitation and police presence to cover the week-long shindig? Those are necessary details."
Tyler shrugged. "Your new logistics manager? You need to put the word out now, before Steve makes it official. I can clear channels and make sure he understands you're not pushing him to leave sooner, but trying to replace the irreplaceable."
Mac grinned. "Your spin-doctoring skills are unmatched, my friend. I'm glad you're on my side." He opened up his laptop. "I'll get started on the job posting now and forward it to you to get Steve's input." With any luck, he'd have the man's help with the hiring process, too.
Tyler stood up. "Sounds the beginning of a plan." He crossed the office to the door. "Next time… you're picking up lunch before we have an impromptu meeting."
Mac frowned. "Yeah, sorry about that." He flashed a grin. "Next time, bring me better news and I won't be so distracted."
Tyler chuckled. "Deal." He left the office and whistled an off-key tune.
Mac shook his head again. He'd need a lot of luck to find someone and have them in place before the election. And maybe a touch of intervention from fate.

Mac is about to get his fondest wish… but the other shoe doesn't take long to drop.

That's it for this week. Happy reading!


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