Sunday, November 8, 2015

Sunday Snippet: The Ex Files

Tis the season to battle nasty colds. Bleh. But it's a great time to catch up on my reading while drinking hot tea. :D

Television this week… The Walking Dead had a great episode. I'm rather enjoying the way we have batshit crazy episode where people are dying or might be dying then we follow it with a different pace, but no less intense episode. Seriously, kudos to the producers because I'm still glued to my screen each week.

Gotham and Sleepy Hollow again had good showings. I'm kind of ready for the twisty dance of the new mayor of Gotham to be completed and his hand fully revealed. And the same goes for Pandora on Sleepy Hollow.

The Flash is making me happy with several little twists. Having a different Wells in the mix is actually pretty fun and I’m crossing my fingers he doesn't turn out to be evil, but we'll see. I love how snarky he is towards everyone.

Arrow is also winding up with a great arc. I love the way the past is still being woven in with the present. And I’m really intrigued with Diggle's brother and what really happened. I have a feeling Darkh isn't being totally forthcoming, because where's the fun in that? LOL

Agents of SHIELD… yeah, totally didn't see the reveal of Lash coming. I should have, but I didn't. And now things are going to get really interesting. I am sort of hoping Ward gets some additional development and doesn't become a cardboard villain.

I watched the final episode of Lost Girl and got weepy because I’m going to miss that show so much. What a great run. I'll definitely enjoy a full rewatch sometime in the future.

And that's it for TV this week.

Tonight's post is from The Ex Files, a novella where my main characters help each other out and end up together.

Here's the mini-blurb:

Effie Stone helps Reed Rettos avoid an ugly scene with his ex-girlfriend and halfway falls for him over coffee. When an old flame contacts Effie, she asks Reed to return the favor. Reed hesitates, not sure he wants to get tangled up in more drama, but he's very smitten with Effie and agrees to make it clear she's got a new man in her life… even if only for a night.

And a snippety peek…

Reed Rettos tensed the moment he caught sight of his ex-girlfriend, Gianne, enter the diner. He didn't need a confrontation today. Seriously. He'd spent the night responding to emergency calls, back-to-back-to-back, and only had about two hours of sleep. He loved working on the medic with his fire department, but sometimes—like now—he cursed stupid people doing stupid things that made nights like the last one long.
And left him ill-equipped to deal with his drama queen ex.
Flashing a smile, he thanked the waitress for his to go cup of coffee, left a big tip, and tried to sneak out the side entrance.
"Reed! Hold up a minute. I need to talk to you." Gianne's voice sounded like gunshot in the otherwise quiet restaurant.
He paused, trying to decide if he should just make a run for it and met the gaze of a lovely blonde, stirring a mug of coffee while she picked at the remnants of her breakfast platter. A cross between humor and commiseration lit her eyes and her lips twisted in an understanding smirk. She seemed to get the entire picture without a word needing to be said. Finally, someone who understood, even if a complete stranger.
With a shake of his head, he started for the door but the brief exchange with the unknown woman lasted long enough for Gianne to catch up and she latched on to his coat sleeve, her fingers fisting the fabric. Reed braced for whatever shit storm she wanted to unleash this morning.
She didn't disappoint. "Reed. You're not answering my calls. Just because we split up doesn't mean you can't be civil and speak to me when I need something." She swung around to stand in front of him. "It's like you're trying to avoid me. Is that what you're doing? Because you said we'd always be friends."
He'd lived to regret that promise. Offering a platitude to avoid a teary-eyed goodbye had totally blown up in his face. Gianne considered friendship one tiny step away from still being a couple.
So not his intention.
He inhaled, counted to three, and slowly exhaled. "Gianne, we're not a couple anymore. You've called me ten times in the last two days." His grip tightened on his coffee cup. "That's more than you contacted me when we were together."
Her eyes narrowed. "Did it occur to you it might have been important?"
He fought the urge to roll his eyes. "You and I don't define the word 'important' the same way." They didn't define anything the same way.
The blonde in the booth bit back a grin and her action distracted him. Gianne's mouth flattened into an angry slash and a stab of irritation throbbed behind his eyes. Two months after breaking up and Gianne hounded his every move. She needed to move on… if only to save his sanity.
Gianne squared her shoulders and opened her mouth, no doubt to blast him for being a dickhead.
The blonde stranger rose from her spot and pushed the side door open far enough to make the bell jingle. Then she saved Reed's life.
Lifting her hand in a wave, she called out. "Reed. Sorry I'm late." Making her way around Gianne, the stranger angled in close, brushing her lips over his in a lingering kiss.
Needless to say, Reed's going to be eternally grateful to the blonde stranger that doesn't stay a stranger for long.

That's it for this week. Happy reading!


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