Sunday, November 29, 2015

Sunday Snippet: Fits and Starts

I hope everyone who celebrates Thanksgiving had a terrific one. I spent mine with some extended family and had a lovely time.

Slower than normal week in television, which was rather nice. Gotham turned in a great episode. I have much love for Alfred and this episode made me love him all the more. Haven continues to impress me. I really will hate to see the show end.

The Walking Dead fall finale is tonight, right? I'll miss having my Sunday night viewing staple, but with the holidays coming up, the time should fly. I'll have to see if The Librarians and Agent X are taking a break, too.

Last but not least, Doctor Who. I'm truly saddened I just can't seem to get into the new season. This year's Christmas special may be my last episode. I'll have to do some Whovian soul searching over the next few weeks.

Tonight's post is from Fits and Starts, a novella where my heroine goes through a traumatic experience and has to learn how to let her lover back in.

Here's the mini-blurb:

After escaping from a madman's clutches, Pru Stark can't quite find her footing again. She pushes her man, Dane Callaway, away and refuses to see the little girl she saved. Dane can give her space, but he won't stay on the sidelines, not when Pru needs him the most, even if she can't quite admit it.

And a snippety peek…

Pru Stark threw her head back when an orgasm caught her off guard. She gasped through the wave of bliss, her fingers curling into Dane's chest.
He rasped out a harsh breath. But the brief burst of pain didn't slow him down, his hips flexing and rising, his thighs going taut.
She leaned down and caught his mouth. "Come with me, Callaway." Her lips nuzzled his throat.
Dane's palms squeezed her legs. "I'm there, Pru. Coming right behind you." He stiffened beneath her, groaning his pleasure.
Pru collapsed atop his chest then shifted sideways, burrowing into his side. Having sex the night before an op always took on heightened qualities—especially when she and Dane weren't going out together. Since he'd moved up to mission director, he couldn't go out in the field as often, running the action behind the scenes. Pru missed working with him, but he made a great leader.
Dane brushed a kiss over her temple. "Thinking about tomorrow?" His arms tightened around her.
She glanced up. "Yeah. Shouldn't be too bad. A week out to gather intel and hopefully bust up the child slavery ring." She hoped they didn't discover a sexual component; the sweat shop angle sucked enough.
Dane absently trailed his fingers down her arm. "I've been thinking… there's something else I want you to keep your eyes open for."
Pru frowned. "Tell me I'm not scoping out pedophiles." Her fingers curled into a fist.
Dane shook his head. "No, even though it's a possibility, I'm leaning toward theft."
Pru sat up, turning to face Dane. "Theft? Like they're using the kids to steal?"
Dane nodded. "I know, it sounds insane, but I ran some sims." He scooted up and leaned against the headboard. "That rash of break-ins that started six months ago… the ones we haven't been able to figure out how they're being pulled off?"
Pru snorted, the light bulb going off. "Because there's no easy in or out." She finished the thought for him. "Yeah. A kid would be able to gain access without too much trouble." The man never failed to blow her mind.
Dane lifted a shoulder. "There's nothing concrete I can take to the board, but my gut is screaming there's a connection."
Pru didn't disagree. "Your gut tends to be right. I'll lay money we solve two big issues in one fell swoop." If everything went according to plan, the week would be productive.
Should be a snap to make it all happen.

Should be a snap, but it's not. As Pru will soon find out.

That's it for this week. Happy reading!


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