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Mistletoe and Holly—Holly Hollow: An Organic Nature Short #MistletoeHop

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Welcome to the Mistletoe Hop, an excellent sampling of authors sharing short excerpts from their work.

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My favorite family tradition started about ten years ago. I got the wild hair idea to have a themed holiday tree. I had my oldest kiddo pick the theme and we came up with ideas for how to make ornaments and use things around the house to decorate. To date we've had Under the Sea, Buried Treasure, Nature's Bounty, Candy Land, Snowflakes and Cupcakes, Techno Tree, Imaginext, Noah's Ark, Seahawks Rule—much to the chagrin of my Browns loving husband, and Bells are Ringing.

This year my daughter got to choose and she wanted to do something a little vintage. We've decorated a white tree with old fashioned looking ornaments in jewel tones. She hasn't really named it yet, but I've been calling it our Vintage Jewel tree. It's really quite lovely.

After getting the tree decorated, my favorite 'me' tradition is to turn on some seasonal music, get a glass of wine or cup of tea, and decompress by reading a holiday romance. It's a nice little respite from the crazy schedules, piles of presents, and butt-loads of wrapping paper waiting in the wings.


Traditions are wonderful things. But what happens when you can't follow an established one? Or you don't have any in the first place? When writing as Skylin O'Thomas, I tend to focus on contemporary romance, with couples who have challenges to face, but find love nonetheless. They also celebrate the season and keep their holiday spirit, or find it by the end of the story.

My holiday release, Holly Hollow, an Organic Nature Short, features Eppie and Vin, an established couple who work through their challenges. Holly Hollow picks up a month after Turkey Trot ends and sees Eppie stressed out and crazy from very satisfying

I had so much fun writing the book and I'm giving a digital copy away for this blog hop. Please leave a comment for your entry and share your favorite part of the holiday season. (Maybe it involves books!)


Series Tagline: Eppie and Vin are brought together by Organic Nature

Book Tagline: For Presley, waking up between Gunnar and Frazier is one way to be merry and bright.


Vin Derbish hit send and didn't wait long for an answer. "Dani? Hey, it's Vin." He paced back and forth, a little nervous about going to Eppie's sister behind her back. "Would you mind if I steal Eppie over Christmas?" He didn't want to cut into family time, but Eppie needed a break.
Dani snorted. "You mean the Ebenezer crone that used to be my bubbly sister?"
Vin's eye widened. "You've noticed the wild mood swings, too?" Although, of course, Dani would see the change in Eppie.
Dani sighed. "Oh, definitely. She's trying to do too much on her own."
Vin agreed wholeheartedly. "Right. I suggested she hire some extra help, just for a week or two, and I swear I thought her head was going to spin around and pop off." He grimaced. "First night I've spent alone, wondering if we were okay." Only his ex-girlfriend's Thanksgiving Day stunt gave him the free fall feeling of uncertainty, which Eppie cleared up right away.
Thank the universe.
Dani commiserated. "When I've gone over to wrap presents for the kids, she's been snapping and snarling after closing up for the day, which isn't like her at all." She laughed. "Maybe being a dancing sugar plum fairy during working hours is draining her holiday cheer." Her voice lowered. "But you've nailed it, Vin. She needs some help when it's really busy."
Vin finally sat down at his kitchen table. "Didn't help she sold out of so much—the hand milled soaps, essential oils, and body lotions. I mean she stayed up until after two a.m. making more." His offer to help fell on deaf ears and earned him a nasty look.
Dani agreed. "Yeah, I helped her out with the edible items. The pumpkin butter and cranberry sauce sold like hot cakes."
Vin pinched the bridge of his noses. "It's a good problem to have, but she's stressing out. The pumpkin rolls she made for Thanksgiving delivery got a lot of Christmas Eve repeat business for the chocolate peppermint rolls. And that's where stealing her comes in." Once Eppie filled the last of her orders, he wanted her to have a stress-free holiday.
Dani's voice took on a conspiratorially tone. "What's your plan?"


Series Blurb: Eppie Collins runs an organic gardening business from a farm she inherited from her grandmother. She's spent four years getting the product mix just right, the financials into the black, and avoiding romantic entanglements. Vinson  Derbish is a local contractor who just got out of a merry-go-round relationship. He promised to give the female population a wide berth, but can't resist Eppie's sassy charm. He's ready to take another plunge, but has to convince Eppie he's the man for her.

Book Blurb: Eppie's business turned its best holiday profit yet and Vin wants to whisk her off for a celebration at Holly Hollow, a secluded B&B. The insane pace from Thanksgiving to December twenty-third has Eppie in a bah humbug mood and Vin wants to put a smile back on her face.


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  1. I don't have many traditions anymore. This ear I am baking with my middle granddaughter we are adding puppy treats to the gift boxes this year.