Sunday, December 6, 2015

Sunday Snippet: Five Minutes

December 6, 2015

It's the most wonderful time of the year! Even if you don't celebrate anything holiday related, I hope the festive nature rubs off and make December terrific.

So… Gotham. Interesting stuff building in this season. I'm truly loving all the potential and the twists and turns. I'm very curious about how they'll deal with Gordon's actions. I love how he's not afraid to get messy, but there has to be some kind of line he won't cross.

The Flash and Arrow crossover event ended up being pretty decent, especially since it bridges the setup of a new show. Could it have been better? Absolutely. But I think it accomplished a ton of stuff and stayed true to the characters.

The Walking Dead finale seemed a little flat, but I'll give the showrunners this one. The rest of the season has been so top notch; I'm willing to wait for a bigger payoff. In all honesty, I'm not super excited about adding the uber-villain into the mix just yet, even if the actor they cast is incredible. I'll reserve judgment until I see the new episodes.

Haven inches ever closer to the end and I'm on the fence about the stunt casting of Shatner. I love the man as an actor, but I hope the payoff is worth using him. I do have a ton of joy over the fact they're addressing Duke and Audrey's somewhat tumultuous relationship. It's my fondest hope the combined effort of Duke, Audrey, and Nathan will be what it takes to rid Haven of Croatoan and keep the town safe. We'll see if I'm on track very soon.

The Librarians and Agent X are still enjoyable. I like the slow reveal of John's background in Agent X and love the dropped hint in the most recent episode. Won't say more to keep the post spoiler free for now.

Last but not least, Agents of SHIELD and Doctor Who. I'm kind of excited to see where AoS ends up. I like seeing a darker Coulson, but I'm not sure I buy him getting all bent over the death of a woman he pretty much just met. Eh… we'll see what happens. And Doctor Who… well, I honestly don't have a lot to say. Or maybe I've got so much to say I can't possibly put it all in one post. Still hugely disappointed and, quite frankly, too stupid to really understand what the big freaking deal is with the hybrid crap. At least the Xmas episode looks pretty fun.

And that's it for television this week. I hope to start Daredevil and Jessica Jones over the holiday hiatus. YAY!

Tonight's post is from Five Minutes, a sexy short where my heroine struggles with her feelings for the hero.

Here's the mini-blurb:

Remy Deeds never welshes on a bet, until she loses to Eli Rogers, who can't understand why she backs out. But a five minute kiss, with tongue, isn't something she wants to risk, because giving up her last pack of coffee is so much easier than possibly losing her heart.

And snippety peek…

Remy Deeds finished packing her foot locker for a thirty day training session in the mountains. She loved the site of the remote camp, but an attack of nerves fluttered in her belly. She considered her first time out as a trainer instead of only a participant a big step up, but she had firsthand knowledge of how wild things could get between the male and female groups in the wilderness. Alone for the entire month, cut off from tech—except a satellite phone for dire emergencies—most of the two teams would be paired off and hooking up by day ten. She understood the desire for fun and relaxation and with everyone being single, nature inevitably would run its course. With four cabins, two for men and two for women, at least half became mixed couple before the end of the session.
She'd been there, done that, and had no regrets. Okay… not many anyway. She'd learned a valuable lesson—her heart always got involved.
But… she wouldn't change her first experience as a trainee. She'd gone for a physically built, down to earth guy and spent twenty-one glorious nights exploring her sexual side. Her days were filled with learning everything she could about leading campers on nature hikes, first response for emergency situations, and more essential skills. But her real education came after the evening meal when she holed up with Keith in his room and discovered everything two bodies could do together.
Then, of course, true wisdom arrived when she struggled to leave the relationship behind once they returned to the main camping facility. Keith had zero interest in pursuing anything else. He enjoyed the nature fling, but didn't plan to be shackled to anyone for at least five years. Remy understood—she didn't want to marry the guy. Yet… at the time, being lonely sucked.
Her co-trainer, Sheila, entered the room. "Wheels out in fifteen minutes." She closed the door and fanned herself. "Holy hot bods galore. Have you seen the gorgeous group of men we'll be spending the next thirty days with?" Flopping down on the bed, Sheila flung an arm over her eyes. "I've already got mine all picked out." She propped her elbows behind her, sitting up. "How about you, Remy?"
Remy shook her head. "Not this time. Too much to do and a lot of responsibilities." Zipping up her bag, she placed it beside the locker.
Sheila snorted. "What a crock of bull."
Remy dropped down beside her friend. "Yeah, okay. But I worked hard to move up to training. I don't want to screw it up my first time out." Not exactly a lie.
But a small fabrication. Remy had a serious thing Eli Rogers. But… one, he would lead the black team, her white team counterpart; two, he had a reputation for getting hot and heavy with someone—occasionally multiple someones—each training session, and he'd been leading teams for three years now; three, mixing a romp with the opposing team leader combined with her already huge fixation on him would lead to one thing.
A bruised heart.

Have to admit this one is more fun than even I thought it would be.

That's it for this week. Happy reading!


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