Sunday, January 3, 2016

Sunday Snippet: Get a Room

Happy 2016 to everyone!

I'm looking forward to a new year filled with reading, writing, and blogging. And, of course, sharing fun commentary about my favorite televisions shows.

Speaking of… I have the Sherlock special on tap to watch in the near future, hopefully tonight. Can't wait to tumble back into the wild world of deduction and keen intelligence. Also caught A Very Murdoch Christmas and thoroughly enjoyed the extra-long episode. Nicely done!

Agent Carter is starting in a few weeks and I'm crazy excited. Also waiting patiently for Arrow and The Flash to return. It's finally getting cold in Ohio and I want some hot shows to kick back and relax with.

Tonight's post is from Get a Room, a sexy short where my main characters are brought back together after a lengthy period of time.

Here's the mini-blurb:

Talon and Haim have a complicated past. When she returns and asks Haim for a favor, they're ready to act on their attraction again… except they keep getting interrupted.

And a snippety peek…

Haim Roosevelt pulled the last box out of the storage space under the stairs. He planned to turn the tiny area into a powder room, the final remodeling project to update the house he'd inherited from his mom. Her passing made the renovation possible—she refused to update the residence for decades.
And the woman never threw anything away.
He'd gone through boxes and crates filled with mementos, photos, books, linens, and trinkets. The attic and garage had so much stuff he'd dragged everything to the rec center at Roosevelt Roost, the family's summer camp, to sort through. Haim's dad started the Roost after Haim turned two and he'd grown up working there on school breaks during the warm months. His mom had run the facility until her death from a brain aneurysm two years ago.
He dragged the box to the sofa in the small sitting area and rifled through it. "Let's see what treasure you left for me this time, Mom." Pulling out four large envelopes, he opened one and discovered a bunch of photos.
He spread them out over the table. "Holy crap, Mom. Why on earth did you save these?" Aside from the fact she saved everything.
Every single image had been taken his senior year and more than half had Talon Lance in them. He had no doubt the other three would be from previous years of high school and Talon would be in the majority of those pictures, too.
He huffed out a breath. "Talon. Talk about a blast from the past." One he'd tried to forget.
Haim had asked Talon to freshman homecoming and they were "the" couple throughout all four years of high school. Everyone, including Haim, thought they'd get married and settle down after college. But plans changed when Haim's dad died during the summer after graduation. Talon went off to the state university and Haim stuck close to home, attending a local trade school where he learned the fine art of demolition, remodeling, and building. He ended up loving everything about all three.
He picked up a snapshot from their senior prom, tracing a finger over Talon's smiling face. "I thought we had something, Talon." And they had… just not a forever something.
Talon loved the city; the energy, the vibe, the freedom it gave her to pursue her dreams. Haim gave her some credit. She'd stuck with him through the first semester, but being four hours away and having a demanding course load took a toll and Talon asked for some breathing room.
Haim had his hands full with his schedule and helping out his mom, so he agreed. He figured they could talk about what to do over the summer when she came back for break.
Except she didn't come back.
She got married instead.

Yeah. Not exactly easy to come back from that, right? LOL

That's it for this week. Happy reading!


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