Sunday, January 10, 2016

Sunday Snippet: Getting Schooled

A quick break from discussing television to talk about the crazy weather in Ohio. Okay, make that the weird weather everywhere. If you're experiencing it, let me know. LOL

Finally watched The Abominable Bride and thoroughly enjoyed. I loved the back and forth and I'll leave it there so I don't spoil anything. But I'm looking forward to seeing a new season, whenever that might be.

Excited to have my shows return but also so busy I'm struggling to keep the dates straight. LOL Nothing like having a ton work to plow through. J I did catch the winter premiere of Teen Wolf and I'm glad to have that bit of crazy to look forward to each week, especially with a familiar face returning.

Tonight's post is from Getting Schooled, a novella where my main characters end up having to work together after they've already squared off against each other.

Here's the mini-blurb:

Tamsin and Ike are resident leaders at neighboring summer camps. Tamsin works with upper crust girls and Ike has underprivileged boys. When a grant program director suggests bridging the gap, neither is very excited by the prospect, but once they meet, both get schooled by how well the kids get along.

And a snippety peek…

Tamsin Kane zipped up her suitcase and added it to the other one sitting beside her front door. She closed the blinds and checked to make sure she'd unplugged everything in the studio apartment she'd be away from for two months. Gathering up her keys and her purse, she took one last glance around before she opened the heavy oak and dragged her cases outside.
Locking up behind her, she huffed out a laugh. "I can't believe I'm excited to head for camp." At twenty-three, she shouldn't be so thrilled to spend most of her summer with a bunch of tween girls who had being posh down to an art form but still lacked maturity.
Tamsin hoped she earned enough this summer to replenish her bank account, especially after the expense check she'd just written. Last year, the generous tips her girls' parents provided covered the rent for Tamsin's little home and allowed her to pursue a graduate degree. And she'd had so much fun last summer while getting a different kind of education, one where a smart ass girl from the wrong side of town garnered the respect of a group of tweens and used her new connections to open doors for her future.
After loading her stuff into her car, she slid behind the wheel and started the engine. With a quick grin, she backed out of the parking space and headed for the expressway. A two hour drive would put her close to her destination. Of course, she'd pass the neighboring camp for boys and when she did, she'd try not to grit her teeth. The only black cloud over her experience last year, the lead counselor made life miserable for Tamsin when they had joint sessions, especially during prank week. Ike Kennedy might have looks any guy would kill for, but his underprivileged boys behaved better than their leader. Then again, Tamsin had been so focused on the networking opportunities she could build, she hadn't prepared for something like Ike to invade her headspace.
A slow smile twisted her lips. She wouldn't make the same mistake this summer. No way.
Ike didn't know a thing about Tamsin, but she'd happily give him the cliff notes version of how not to screw with her. She hadn't grown up, fighting to get into a position where she didn't have to struggle to get ahead for nothing.
Ike Kennedy better get ready to bring it.
Tamsin laughed and exited onto the freeway. "Hope you're ready, Ike. Because I know I am."

Ike won't be ready at all for what happens next. LOL

That's it for this week. Happy reading!


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