Sunday, February 21, 2016

Green-Eyed Monster

Well… The Walking Dead returned with a killer episode. Holy zombies, so much happened. LOL I didn't know what to really expect and lowered my expectations but color me surprised by how incredible the episode ended up being. Although, why is no one talking about how Carol is pretty much responsible for wiping out a whole family? *grins* Not quite how it went down, of course, but something to ponder.

Forgot to mention The X-Files last week for my Monday night lineup. I, for one, have really been enjoying the six-episode run. Final ep airs tomorrow and I actually rather hope we'll see another six or eight episode arc in the future. Wouldn't mind seeing a few more familiar faces either.

The other Monday shows were suitably excellent. I'm staying interested in The Magicians and kind of love the various sides we're seeing. Also thrilled to see Lost Girl and Bitten. But I watch with sadness, knowing they're each in their final seasons.

Tuesday's The Flash ended up being terrific. I'm kind of amazed the earth two turned out so well. Looking forward to seeing more from that verse, if there is more. Also really want to see what the whole deal with Jay is. Agent Carter's final episode airs this week and the lead up to the finale turned out awesome. I really hope Peggy gets to punch Vernon in the face at least once. Twice would totally make the entire wait for a season three (if there is one) worth it.

Arrow continues to blow my mind. The whole tease at the beginning of the season with Oliver standing by a grave now has so many possibilities my brain hurts from thinking about them. LOL

Legends of Tomorrow keeps getting better and better. I'm thrilled with how the cast is being utilized and the way the teams are always mixed. Snart (or Snark as I like to call him) is a favorite and he keeps growing on me more and more.

Gotham and Agents of SHIELD return soon and I'm looking forward to both being back on my screen.

And, whew, that's it for television this week.

Tonight's post is from Green-Eyed Monster, a novella where the prompt stated to take a scene from a favorite television show and change the key moment. I opted to take a scene where someone got shot and swap the character with another one. Very fun dynamic to write.

Here's the mini-blurb:

Dani works undercover sting operations and inadvertently shoots the girlfriend of Neal, one her co-workers. When the green-eyed monster of jealousy rears its head, Dani isn't sure how to help Neal through the trauma, but she'll move whatever stands in the way to make sure he's happy.

And a snippety peek...
Dani Kent ducked into the equipment room and pulled down her gear. "Thank God for active ops." Dragging her bag of tricks to the changing area, she rifled through the case and found what she wanted.
The tip her unit received turned out to be good and her team had ten hours to get in place. A noodle house. Dani shook her head. The leader of a gun running ring hit the place like clockwork, a crazy-stupid error in judgment.
Dani's lips curved. "Never underestimate a food addiction." Satisfied with her choices, she quickly shimmied into the low-riding jeans, tight t-shirt, and espadrille wedges, the standard uniform of the female waitstaff at Hun's Noodle Hut.
Her CO, Ward, wandered into the area. "You good to go, Dani?" He slapped his palm on the wall. "We've gotta get inside and set up a perimeter."
She shoved everything back in her bag and hefted it over her shoulder. "Yeah, I'm good." Stowing the duffel under one of the benches, she met Ward by the main entrance. "How's the rest of the team?"
Ward nodded down the corridor. "They're in the armory kitting up. You need to do the same."
Dani acknowledged his order and headed to get her weapons. "Am I the only one going in?" The plan called for two people, but the minimal staff at Hun's probably wouldn't allow for anyone else.
Ward stopped her progress. "Yeah. But we'll have you covered. And you're wearing an earwig. No arguments."
Dani sighed, but held her tongue. "Okay." She started for the armory again.
Ward dropped one more question. "First op without your former partner. You sure you're good to go?"
Dani lifted a hand and gave him a thumbs up. The reminder stung, but her track record spoke for itself. Her work record, anyway. Her track record with men pretty much sucked. Note Neal Cassidy, her former partner. He'd chosen to leave the unit instead of working with her after a terrible breakup.
Of course, per usual, Dani realized she'd lost something important when he walked away. Too late. She always figured shit out too late to make a difference.
But work would always be there, the one thing she could count on.

Enjoying this one. The sages are very loud with how they want the story to go, always a bonus. LOL

That's it for this week. Happy reading!


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