Sunday, February 28, 2016

Sunday Snippet: Hang Ten

Whew. What a week of television. The Walking Dead had another terrific episode. Thoroughly enjoyed the hijinks with Rick and Daryl. Something tells me it's the calm before the storm.

Well, the X-Files disappointed many fans, but I actually loved having it back for its limited run. That said, what a craptastic cliffhanger. Geez. But, my other shows amped up the goods. The Magicians is truly becoming a quick favorite. And Lost Girl will be so missed, which I say all the time. Then there's Bitten, another favorite I wish would continue onward. *sigh*

The Flash revealed something I totally didn't expect. Now I can't wait to see what happens. I'm totally loving the shared universe with characters popping up on other shows. More on that later. Agent Carter has one more episode, which is awesome! I thought last week was the finale. Sadly, I'm not holding much hope we'll get another season, but fingers are crossed anyway.

Arrow keeps blowing my mind. And it's in a great way. That said, I'm looking forward to Malcolm getting his comeuppance. If that doesn't happen, I'll be sorely disappointed. And, well, other things need to happen, too. Just saying.

Legends of Tomorrow, again, changed things up. I thought it was very cool to see future Star City, even in crazy disarray. Shades of things to come perhaps? Eh, who knows? Arrow may only get one more season after this one.

I watched the Blindspot marathon Saturday. Really like the show. Too bad it's on NBC, my most hated network ever. I pretty much refuse to watch anything on the channel. So, looks like I'll be watching Blindspot when it's on another channel or via Netflix or Amazon Prime.

And that's it for TV this week.

Tonight's post is from Hang Ten, a novella prompted by the words two very different styles can make for great competition.

Here's the mini-blurb:

Farren and Penn—professional surfers—have very different styles when competing. Farren goes for broke, taking chances with moves that others won't try. Penn is all about the physics of his craft, sometimes holding back because he can't predict everything. Two different methods, opposite ends of the spectrum, but an interesting mix when they're off their boards and out of the water.

And a snippety peek…

Farren Crane thanked whatever gods ruled the ocean. A monstrous swell came hurtling in her direction and she waited for the perfect moment… then hopped up onto the surfboard.
A wide grin split her face. "I'm going to own this heat." She rode the crest then dropped down into the well, riding smoothly through the spiral of the water.
She hopped a little trying to extend the run, shifting her hips and bending her knees. She twisted with the turn of the wave, almost to the end of the swell. Nothing but white water and the hissing roar of the spray. She tipped forward, just a little, the urge to see outside the wall too strong to ignore.
The mistake hit her in the face, almost literally. A flurry of blowback collapsed in front of her and caught her too low to the water. She lost her footing and ate the end of her board when it launched upward, scraping her chin before smacking her hard in the mouth.
Farren sucked in as much air as she could before she went under, the ankle cord towing her board on the water. She didn't fight the drag of ocean surrounding her, letting the natural motion of the sea carry her toward shore. When the current slowed, she popped her head above the surface, dragging in air, her lungs screaming for oxygen. A bark of laughter escaped; the thrill and rush of an almost perfect ride surging through her veins.
She'd go scoreless for the final set, but counted the defeat worth the price of riding that big, beautiful wall of liquid heaven. Hauling her board to her side, she slipped the tether off and walked to the beach. A few spectators clapped when she made her way to the first aid tent to have her face cleaned up. Farren raised a hand, wiggling her fingers in greeting.

This scene ran a little long, so I picked a decent cut off spot. Needless to say, Farren likes to surf by the seat of her pants. LOL

That's it for this week. Happy reading!


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