Sunday, March 13, 2016

Sunday Snippet: Hazardous Curves Ahead

Whew. Had a super-busy week running all over the place with my teenagers. Glad it's over.

Another light television week, which worked out well, considering the whole crazytown express thing. The Walking Dead turned in a fine outing, but I'm still kind of dreading the whole Neegan thing. Here's hoping I'm projecting for nothing.

My Monday lineup continues to impress. I hope Syfy continues to keep that day of the week filled with awesome shows. I can't always count on the network to make the best decisions. LOL

Tuesday's Teen Wolf finale didn't disappoint. I can honestly say I'm quite happy with how everything turned out. Theo received a just fate and, as usual, Scott's side had all the bases covered. I was a little disappointed I didn't get to see how things turned out for Parrish. I have my own personal head canon for his future. Agents of SHIELD returned and not a bad effort.

Legends of Tomorrow is still putting on a good show. I have a few, small quibbles with some aspects of the development, but I'll save those for my fandom blog where spoilers are discussed openly.

Murdoch Mysteries ended up being pretty great. I love how the show, even after being on for almost ten years, still finds new ground to cover. Seriously, can't ask for more than that in a long-running favorite.

And that's it for TV this week.

Tonight's post is from Hazardous Curves Ahead, a novella that started from a discussion about a play on words. The premise here begins with an accident then adds more twists and turns after the wreck.

Here's the mini-blurb:

Sometimes love is a slippery slope and when Imma and Sef almost crash into each other on a hazardous curve, they end up going through physical therapy together. After several weeks of flirty banter, Imma thinks a relationship with Sef might be nice… until her boyfriend shows up.

And a snippety peek…

Imma Rusch loved loud music and an open road.
When her Bluetooth indicated she had an incoming call, she growled when the stereo automatically lowered the volume. "This better be good." She pumped the breaks, flying around a curve.
"Does calling to say I miss you count as good?" Her current flame's voice boomed through the speakers.
She laughed. "Ha. Considering I'm currently out driving way too fast because you're not around to keep me entertained, yeah." Taking the next bend in the road, her tires squealed due to her speed. "But we gotta keep this short."
"Just wanted to let you know I'm gone for another two weeks. The old man has me flying over to Berlin to meet with the distributors. Thinks it'll help smooth over the transition."
Imma shrugged. "Yeah, okay. Call me when you get there, alright?" He'd been gone a full week already. She could live with two more.
"Will do. And, Imma, when I get back, maybe we talk about where we're headed." He let the question dangle, a good move on his part.
Imma gave a noncommittal answer. "Let's get you through taking over for your dad, first, yeah?"
He sighed, but agreed and signed off to catch his flight.
Imma hated to disappoint him, but she shied away from the big moment conversations.
Mainly because she feared moving beyond casual dating into full-blown relationship territory. Her parents sucked at the whole happily ever after deal—a long string of stepparents on both sides proved their lack of expertise. Why would she do any better?
She probably wouldn't and didn't want to attempt anything deeper than staying overnight a few times a week. But she had a small reprieve from worrying about a discussion of more for now.
The music cut back in, blaring one of her favorite songs. Her foot jammed down on the accelerator and she let out a wild yell, shaking off the downer mood. A roadside sign showed a series of curves ahead and she took the first turn without letting off the gas, whipping her car around the bend, her head thrown back and a bark of laughter escaping her lungs.
When she straightened, her eyes went wide and she swerved to miss the oncoming vehicle, careening onto the side of the road. She skidded on the shoulder, the rear end fishtailing in the loosely packed gravel, spinning the car sideways. Imma lost control, the steering wheel wrenched from her hands when the car finally crashed to a stop against the side of rocky outcropping.
She blinked several times then promptly passed out.

I'm still working on a good blurb for this one, which is always the hardest part for me. LOL

That's it for this week. Happy reading!


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