Sunday, May 22, 2016

Sunday Snippet: Kings of the Con: A Black Unicorn Comics Adventure

Whew. Some great television this past week. Gotham's episode ended up being pretty terrific. Fish Mooney rocks!

I missed The Flash, but plan to catch up before the finale this week. Agents of SHIELD went out with a bang. I'm rather liking how the movie 'verse affects the small screen 'verse.

Arrow's episode ended up being so awesome. Can't wait for the final showdown between Team Arrow and Darhk.

I was thrilled with Legends of Tomorrow. Still hoping to see great things next season. Orphan Black blew my mind as usual. So many things going on! I have a sneaky feeling the creepy engineer chick did something truly terrible to Sarah. Here's hoping she meets an untimely end very soon.

Still have Wynonna Earp and Banshee to watch from the past week. I'm saving Banshee for last since it's the final episode ever. I know how I want things to end, but have a strong doubt I'll get what I want. LOL

Watched the finale for Marcella and, eh, not as good as I hoped. That said, if there's a second series and Jamie Bamber is a cast member, I'll be there. :D

That's it for the television this week. Patiently waiting for The Last Ship to premiere and looking for new stuff to dive into over the summer.

Tonight's post is from Kings of the Con, a sexy short from The Black Unicorn Comic Adventures 'verse.

Here's the mini-blurb:

Brian Wells and Lucy Sanderson are the creative duo behind the rising success of Black Unicorn Comics. Surrounded by a close knit group of coworkers, they have fun and crazy adventures, keeping their relationship burning hot in spite of it.

And a snippety peek…

Lucy manned the booth while Zapf finished up his junk food feast. She laid out new packs of freebies for the next onslaught of visitors. A shadow fell across the table and Lucy glanced up.
Gray swooped in and planted himself in front of her. "Do you know where your lesser half is?" He picked up a Mistress trading card and turned it over in his hand.
Lucy heaved a dramatic sigh. "I don't know… getting up close and personal with Chelle?" She almost laughed when Gray's eyes went wide and his mouth dropped open.
Gray made a choking sound. "And you're not going after them with sharp objects?"
He looked like the world had just tilted sideways and started to spin backwards.
Lucy kicked back in her seat and nodded toward the empty one beside her. "Relax, Gray. I promise no blood will be spilled by my hand."
Gray moved around the table and sank down into the chair. "Well, it might be spilled by mine. Brian had better keep his grubby paws off my dominatrix."
Lucy leaned in close to Gray. "Let's get a couple of things straight." She jabbed a finger at his shoulder. "First, Brian's paws are not grubby. Second." She snagged the card from Gray's hand. "This is the Mistress. Chelle DuPres is a marketing and promo person. You have got to get that straight in your head."
Gray opened his mouth to argue and Lucy held up a hand. "I'm not done yet. Third—and most important—nothing is going on between Brian and Chelle. He's trying to get some information and appealing to her ego is the fastest way." Lucy leaned back. "So don't get all bent and twisted up about it."
Gray's mouth thinned. "You mean he's tricking her into it. That hardly seems fair." He rose from his chair.
Lucy yanked him back down. "Uh uh. You will not ride to her rescue." She lowered her voice. "I never promised I wouldn't do bodily harm to someone. You're the closest person to me right now."
Gray slumped. "You're evil, Lucy. Don't let anyone ever tell you otherwise."
Lucy grinned. "Coming from you, I'll take that as a compliment."

Honestly, I wish I had more time to devote to writing Brian and Lucy's adventures. I have so much fun with this group of characters. LOL

That's it for this week. Happy reading!


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