Sunday, June 12, 2016

Sunday Snippet: Liar's Lament

YAY! The Last Ship premieres tonight and I’m very excited! In other television news, it's definitely summer and I've only got two active shows going until later this evening.

Wynonna Earp is crazy good. I need to watch this week's episode, but last week's twist caught me off guard. In a totally great way.

Orphan Black's lead-in to the finale proved excellent as always. Rachel continues to grate on my nerves, but kudos to her for playing Evie Cho and outmaneuvering her with such brutal precision. And, of course, the surprise at the end made the episode kick ass awesome.

I started a rewatch of Babylon 5 and Strike Back. I know, opposite ends of the spectrum but both are terrific shows. I need to find something else to watch after these. Any suggestions… let me know.

Tonight's post is from Liar's Lament, a novella built around the prompt of writing a story that involves a lie.

Here's the mini-blurb:

Harper Scrytch kicks Rhett Barrison to the curb and runs like hell to avoid a romantic entanglement. Four years later she arrives back in town to make amends only to discover Rhett has moved on… unless he hasn't.

And a snippety peek…

Dani wrapped an arm around Rhett. "She seemed to buy the couple act." She took a long swallow of her beer. "You sure you want to play it this way?"
Rhett glanced down. "For now. Yes." He cut through the crowd of people, making a hole for Dani to follow through. "I don't even want to think about getting tangled back up with Harper Scrytch. The woman leaves a trail of blood wherever she goes." He placed his beer on the table.
Dani clicked her tongue against her teeth. "I don't know, Rhett. I get why you're wary, I do, but she doesn't strike me as stupid. She'll figure out we're not together sooner or later." She stepped away and took a seat.
Rhett lifted a shoulder. "Yeah, she will. But she'll twist herself for a couple of days first." He could use the time to wrap his head around her return.
Thank the universe for Dani. When he'd called, asking for a huge favor, she didn't hesitate to agree. A lot could be said for ending things on good terms—something Harper might want to think about.
He settled onto the chair across from Dani. "I'll take the extra time to decide how to handle her return." His lips quirked. "Not like I can up and sail out of town like she did." Picking his beer up, he took a long swallow.
Dani covered his hand with hers. "Looks like you’re the one tied up in knots. It might be simpler to hear her out and see why she came back." Pushing her bottle toward him, she got up to brush a kiss over his temple. "Call me if you feel like talking about it." She angled around the table and made her way to the exit.
Rhett shook his head. If only he and Dani didn't work better as friends. She had her head on straight and didn't flit off to unknown parts when something freaked her out. But Harper plied every string Rhett had, playing him like a maestro. He had to admit he did the same with her.
He drained his beer and reached into his pocket, pulling the five out. Tracing his fingers over the bill, he contemplated his next move. Dani's advice to hear Harper out made sense, but his gut roiled with tension.
Or maybe anticipation. Sometimes he couldn't tell the difference when it concerned Harper.
Sitting the five on the table, he got up, leaving the remaining bottle on the table and making his way to the door. If he planned to face Harper, he needed a clear head.
And about two more days to come to terms with the fact he still and always would love her.

I'm kind of excited to see where Rhett and Harper take me. And considering they're keeping secrets and not being honest with each other, the journey should be a lot of fun.

That's it for this week. Happy reading!


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