Sunday, June 26, 2016

Sunday Snippet: Lucky Seven

So… premiere for The Last Ship? Everything I expected and more. I have so much love for this show. I'm also going to have a huge bar tab by the time the season ends if episode one is any indication. I almost sit on the edge of my seat hoping like hell none of my favorite characters will meet their end.

And of course, some of them do. LOL

I've got a bunch of theories about this season, which I won't share to avoid possible spoilage… but I don't trust the president at all. One specific moment in the premiere episodes turned the table with how I feel about that guy. Just saying.

Currently watching the finale of Wynonna Earp and my fingers are crossed for a second season. Have no clue if Syfy will be cooperative and make that happen or not.

Still rewatching Babylon 5 and Strike Back. I'd forgotten how much Strike Back crammed into each episode, especially during the first season. Contrast the breakneck pace with Babylon 5's slower build in its first season. I sometimes miss having a nice, long arc to settle into a show and really get to know the characters.

Killjoys and Dark Matter return soon and I'm patiently waiting to get back into the gritty realm of both. Bring it on.

Tonight's post is from Lucky Seven, a novella that started as a writing exercise. I was challenged to write ten lines of dialog between two characters who had drunken sex the previous night and weren't going to talk about it… ever. Then build the story from there.

Here's the mini-blurb:

Daisy and Shae work for the same company and they end up overindulging at a corporate casino night, waking up next to each other the following morning. What starts as an awkward one night stand turns into something neither expects, or is really looking for.

And a snippety peek…

Shea wandered down the corridor toward the elevators. Daisy Helm. Hot damn.
He paused, his finger hovering over the button. Brief flashes of last night auto-played in his mind. Daisy in her sweet, sexy silver dress. Everyone else has a little black dress, but not me. I need some shimmer and shine when I'm on the town. His lips curved. She had such a sassy mouth on her. An image of said mouth wrapped around his dick popped up onto the big screen in his brain. Blood rushed to his groin and his cock expanded, making an obvious outline under the tuxedo pants. He draped his jacket over his arm and held it at waist level. No need to show anyone his aroused state.
Arousal. Daisy almost glowed when engaged in passionate pursuits. An image of her splayed out under him, a fine sheen of perspiration covering her skin had his eyes sliding shut. Jesus. A painted canvas of her au natural would look incredible, hanging in his bedroom. But only if he could play a recording of the breathy, gasping sound she made during an orgasm.
He punched the button. "Christ, I need to get a grip." Reliving the night with Daisy only served to rev up his libido.
Not good when less than twenty-four hours from now he'd face her in the workplace, fully clothed and all prim and proper. He'd have to forget how they were beautifully naked, rolling on the sheets having smoking hot sex. Or how perfectly Daisy fit against his body and how exquisitely she received his hard thrusts.
Exquisitely? Geez, she'd turned him into a damned poet. And yet he wanted more.
Turning on his heel, he strode back to the room they'd shared and used his keycard to open the door. The sound of the shower greeted him, along with the tangled sheet Daisy must've tossed haphazardly on the bed. He considered leaving, but his feet walked toward the bathroom.
Propping a shoulder against the jamb, he waited until the water turned off before clearing his throat. Daisy gave a startled yelp and popped her head around the edge of the curtain. Her eyes went wide and she opened her mouth to speak, but then she surprised him by tugging the barrier all the way open, revealing her delectable nude form.
She stepped out of the tub and grabbed a towel. "Why are you here?" She nodded toward the empty enclosure. "Did you want a shower, too?"
He pushed away from the wall. "In a moment. I want—" He didn't know what the hell to say.
More time? To drag her back to bed and keep her there for another few hours? What sounded great in his head sure wouldn't impress her if he spoke the words aloud.
A slow smile curved her lips. "Get a shower, Shea." She dropped the towel. "I'll be waiting in bed." Strolling out of the bathroom, she left the door open.
Shea blinked but stripped off his clothes. No way would he argue.

Gotta say this one is fun to jump into. I love how it's all coming together.

That's it for this week. Happy reading!


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