Sunday, August 7, 2016

Sunday Snippet: No Words

Well… a lonely week without an episode of The Last Ship, but the previous episode gave me lots of fodder to make theories about. LOL. I seriously think Blonde Ambition has an agenda we have yet to see. A friend suggested Allison is in cahoots with Jacob the asshat reporter and I love the idea. On the Asian front, Chandler has his hands full. The green mist stuff may make me find a new favorite color. LOL

Killjoys keeps getting better and better. Truly love how lots of threads are working their way together and twisting around each other. This show continues to amaze. And guess what? It's got green plasma goo stuff, so, yeah, maybe orange is going to be my new favorite color. LOL

Dark Matter finally dropped some details about Nyx, one of the new crew members. Looking forward to seeing how the interaction with Four changes when she finds out what he suggested for her brother.

Babylon 5 rewatch continues and I'm almost at the end of season two. I'm looking forward to diving into three because the groundwork from the first two seasons starts building one of my favorite characters arcs of all time.

I viewed more Strike Back and remembered how much I loved all the mistakes they let Stonebridge and Scott make in season two. Seriously, the duo messed up on a pretty big scale… several times. LOL I think that's why it became one of my favorite shows.

And that's it for television. Tonight's post is from No Words, a sexy short that got a beginning with the prompt… A moment of quiet. I added a quick summary to help when I started writing—solitude can be craved, sought, and given.

Here's the mini-blurb:

Colby Mass and Webster Bishop are soldiers in an elite unit and usually go full tilt into action. But when they find unexpected down time, they discover solitude can be craved, sought, and given, sometimes in unanticipated ways.

Here's the snippety peek…

Webster got a boost from being around Colby. Being in meeting after meeting all day nearly drove him mad. By the third briefing, he almost hoped they'd get a call to some random hot spot for a hostage extrication or maybe a target takedown.
But his shit day all but disappeared after ten minutes in her presence.
She didn't bombard him with questions or make random comments about nonsensical topics. Her quiet action of drawing—doodling, she called it—soothed the snarly beast yapping in his brain about wasted, unproductive moments going over the same information again and again.
If they didn't know their shit by now, the whole company would be screwed.
Downtime should be spent away from the job. But they couldn't leave the base. So… finding a spot for relaxation paid off. Colby usually hit the recreation area and Webster joined her when solitude didn't appeal.
He took a tray when she slid one down. "Thanks." An efficiency of movement got their silverware, napkins, and place settings in front of them.
Colby scooped up the main dish. "Want some?" She dumped the chicken and gravy onto his plate.
Webster offered her applesauce and noodles. "Enough? Maybe some of the—" He pointed to the peach cobbler.
Colby groaned. "God, yes." She filled her cup with tea then poured water into his.
He heaped two helpings of the dessert onto their plates and followed her to a corner table.
Settling into the seat, he draped the napkin over a knee. "Smells good." Scooping some food onto his fork, he shoved the bite into his mouth.
Colby grinned. "Yeah, it does." She tucked into her meal, slurping a noodle between her lips.
Webster loved to watch her eat. She enjoyed food and savored every bite. Easy to do when they often went days existing on ration packs. They spent the next several minutes making soft sounds of satisfaction and closing their eyes in bliss. The mess hall only had three other people, not including the galley staff of two, who started carrying the food containers into the kitchen.
Colby kicked back and sipped her tea. Webster rifled around in his pocket and brought out a hunk of partially carved wood. He reached for his blade, but Colby flipped hers open and handed the knife to him.
She nodded. "Just sharpened it this morning. Should do a nice job on the details."
Webster quirked an eyebrow. "You know what it's going to be?" He hadn't actually decided yet.
Colby flashed a smile. "Nope. But you always do intricate stuff."
Her observation surprised him. He put the tip to the wood and made a long slice along the edge. She made a good point. He often did swirls and curls on his carvings.
Colby chuckled. "Didn't think I noticed, did you?"
He glanced up, pausing the knife. "Not really. But I should have." He went back to smoothing out the line he'd created. "You see and sense things most people don't."
Colby send him a knowing smirk and leaned back, propping her feet up on the opposite chair.
Settling into a comfortable silence, Webster continued working with the wood until the mess hall emptied and the lights were cut to single row behind the serving area. Colby nudged his thigh and jerked her head toward the exit. Webster carefully closed her blade and returned the knife. Colby grinned and pushed away from the table before standing up.
Webster rose, slid the carving back into his pocket, and went to gather up their trays. He blinked when he found the table empty and shot a quick glance in Colby's direction.
She laughed. "You were kind of absorbed with the work." Turning, she started for the nearest door.
Webster caught up and fell into step beside her. "You're all right, Mass."
Colby bumped her shoulder into his. "I know." Letting out a bark of laughter, she made a sharp left and lifted her hand in a wave.
Webster paused, shaking his head. Then he chuckled. His earlier crappy mood completely gone, he gave Colby all the credit. She didn't beg for attention or clamor for responsiveness. Instead, she offered quiet support and sly humor, letting him unwind at leisure. And by doing something he loved, which she became part of by sharing something personal.
Colby might be the perfect woman.

Another longer look, but I liked the flow of this scene. This may end up tying into another sexy short called Fantasy Exchange, but I'm not sure if the worlds will mesh yet. Stay tuned.

That's it for this week. Happy reading!


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