Sunday, August 14, 2016

Sunday Snippet: Oceanfront Villa

Wish I had commentary about The Last Ship. Looking forward to the new episode tonight. Where's Rachel when we need her to figure out the science? I'm actually wondering if her former flame has something to do with the green mist stuff. Can't wait to find out who's behind that.

Killjoys continues to intrigue me. I'm so excited to see where this season ends up. I love how the various factions all seem to have pieces to a puzzle but no one knows what the puzzle looks like yet.

Dark Matter had a terrific episode. Great to see Five get some screen time to remind us of her mad skills. Three and Four make a fun team. I'm interested in finding out what else is going on behind the scenes.

Babylon 5 has two episodes left in season two… I think. Can't remember if they did a standard twenty-two episode season or not. I'd forgotten how much of an impact Talia's betrayal had, even if she had no idea what happened.

No Strike Back this week. Had way too much other drama going on to be able to watch. *sigh* Maybe I'll get to it this week.

That's the TV update for this week. Tonight's post is from Oceanfront Villa, a novella started with the prompt of characters vacationing together.

Here's the mini-blurb:

Danielle Finch is a hardworking doctor who rarely takes time off and her relationship with Vince Darkholme, an in demand attorney, suffers for the lack of face time. When Vince's client offers the use of his oceanfront villa, Danielle readily agrees to take two weeks to rekindle the passion she sorely misses with Vince.

And a snippety peek…

Danielle's cultured voice confirmed her schedule with her office then went on to discuss setting an appointment for one of her patients. The one whose test results Danielle needed to personally receive.
Vince frowned. Why hadn't she said anything about the trouble with the lab? Usually she kept him in the loop, especially when she had frustrating things happen.
When have you been home to listen?
He hadn't been lately. At least not before Danielle had gone to bed for the night. He slid his gaze sideways and blinked. She had vivid burgundy streaks woven throughout her raven-colored hair and the ends were tinged with silver. The combination should have looked edgy and maybe harsh, but it gave Danielle a fun, modern vibe.
How had he missed a striking change? What an ass. If he said anything now, he'd be a total dick.
Making the turn into the parking lot of her office suite, he pulled into her space. "Dani, we're here."
She glanced up and laughed. "I'm right outside. See you in a few." She clicked off the call then turned to face him. "Thanks for the ride. Home for dinner, tonight?" Gathering her bag and attaché, she popped the door open.
He had a late meeting on tap, but cancelling sounded damn good right now.
Reaching out, he grabbed her shoulder. "Yeah. Want me to bring something home?" Maybe he'd get spice beef noodles from their favorite Asian restaurant.
Danielle sent him a harried glance. "Sure, whatever you want." She leaned in and pressed a quick kiss to his lips. "I've gotta go. Expecting those test results." Scurrying out of the car, she made a waggled finger wave and dashed into the office.
Vince sat behind the wheel, gazing at nothing. "We're distracted and unconnected. When did Danielle and I stop communicating?" The idea didn't sit well.
Putting the car in reverse, he backed out and drove on autopilot to his firm. Taking the elevator up to his floor, he couldn't tamp down the tension creeping along his spine. What else had he missed with Danielle?
Maybe he should find out over dinner tonight.

I'm enjoying this one. Writing the disconnect between the characters is an interesting endeavor. Looking forward to seeing how they work their way back to each other.

That's it for this week. Happy reading!


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