Sunday, December 4, 2016

Sunday Snippet: Reflex Reaction

Tis the season! The final month of the year filled with joy, happiness, and insanely crazy schedules. LOL

I'm working on a little something I hope to share throughout the month, with the idea dependent upon how many hours I have left over during the day.

Television this week had the best almost full week crossover in the DC universe. Supergirl, The Flash, Arrow, and Legends of Tomorrow went up against the dominators and came out on top. Pretty great stuff!

The Librarians had a fun episode. I like it when Jenkins and Eve have adventures. The Walking Dead's Tara-centric episode ended up being pretty terrific, too.

Gotham got interesting with the introduction of Selena's mother and Gordon landing in another hot mess. Of course, Barbara and company teaming up with Nygma can only be a good thing.

Agents of SHIELD took a twisty turn having Mac inhabited by the fiery vengeance seeker for a brief period. I'm liking where everything is headed.

For fun, I started what I’m calling my Great Holiday Show Binge Watch. I started out with all the holiday episodes of JAG then dove into the Doctor Who Christmas specials. I'm up to "The End of Time" when David Tennant hands over the TARDIS to Matt Smith. Hoping to finish out the Whoverse episodes and maybe start on NCIS next.

And that's it for television this week. Tonight's post is from Reflex Reaction, a novella that started with the scene prompt of "write one of your characters interrupting another when they're on a date."

Here's the mini-blurb:

Rory Crame longs for more than her small hometown can provide. She escapes, leaving her childhood sweetheart, Gib Larrison, behind. Seven years later she returns, older and wiser, with a better appreciation for what she walked away from—especially Gib, who doesn't seem at all interested in rekindling their romance.

And a snippety peek…

Gib held her gaze a moment then leaned in, nuzzling against her ear. "Why don't I take Ava home then stop by your place?" He swiped the pad of his thumb over her clit one last time then eased his finger from her.
Rory straightened her clothing then fisted a hand in his shirt. "When? What time can you be there?" The needy thread in her voice annoyed, but the lust in her brain crowded everything else out.
Gib adjusted his still hard erection before zipping up. "I don't know, Rory, you interrupted a date. Just because my dick is hard for you doesn't mean I'm going to act like one." He glanced away, his mouth pressed into a flat line. "Gimme thirty minutes."
Rory bit back her frustration. "That better be a promise, Gib. Any longer and I'll come find you." She let go of his shirt, smoothing the wrinkles.
Gib cupped the side of her face. "Thirty minutes. I'll be there." He leaned in, kissing her quick and hard.
Rory's gaze followed him when he made his exit. The man had an ass to die for. Swinging back around, she faced the mirror and debated about splashing cold water on her face to cool down a little.
A stall door popped open and Amber Caranova sauntered out, wearing a sly smirk. "Damn, you've got some brass ones, Rory."
Rory rolled her eyes. Didn't it just figure she and Gib had an unwitting audience. A loud-mouthed, big-titted blonde who lived to define the sexpot stereotype. Rory had zero use for the catty woman.
Amber strolled to the sink, turning the tap on. "I gotta give you credit, hon. Not many women can literally lead a guy around by his big dick." She pinned Rory with her gaze in the mirror. "I mean, metaphorically, yeah, but you had your hand wrapped around that big piece of heaven and took him right where you wanted him to go." Another smirk twisted Amber's lips. "Kudos, my dear, kudos."
Great. Just what Rory needed, Amber's big yap spreading every little detail about length and girth. And she'd embellish. Amber couldn't stick to the facts to save her life.
Rory braced her palms on the basin. "Shut. Up. Amber." Her fingers, itching to make a fist, curled over the edges of the porcelain.
Amber shut the water off and reached for a paper towel. "Mm-mm-mm. He's a prime specimen. Wouldn't mind having some of that action." She waited a beat. "Even if it's after you're done." She tossed the trash into the canister.
Rory turned to face Amber, crossing her arms over her chest, and pinned the other woman with her gaze.
Amber quirked a brow. "What? You barged in on his date." A wily smile crossed the woman's face. "Then dragged him into the ladies' and practically drooled over his dick. That takes some hutzpah, sweetie, but you're not a one man woman and I can be very patient." She turned to the mirror and smoothed her eyebrows before finger-combing her hair.
Rory narrowed her gaze. If Amber thought she stood a chance, she needed a solid dose of reality.
Relaxing her stance, Rory laid things out. "Look, you can be as patient as you want. You don't know jack about me, Gib, or anything else." She shrugged. "There's no need to say a damned thing to anybody. Got it?"
Amber laughed, making her way to the exit. "Oh, honey, you couldn't be more wrong. I know all I need to and I'm going to enjoy every moment of sharing every detail about this juicy scene." Pushing the door open, she glanced back over her shoulder. "You'd better hurry or you'll be late. I'd tell you not to do anything I wouldn't do, but with a man like that nothing's off limits, right?" She left with a wicked chuckle trailing behind her.
As much as Rory wanted to growl with frustration, Amber made a good point. Rory needed to get moving if she wanted to arrive at her place before Gib. And she definitely wanted be there first. She wouldn't give him a chance to have second thoughts.
Not when the whole world would know about their hookup come morning.

I'm seriously having a great time with this one. Here's hoping the sages keep delivering the goods.

That's it for this week. Happy reading!


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