Sunday, December 11, 2016

Sunday Snippet: Rescue Me

December 11, 2016

Is the holiday season in full swing at your house? It's definitely rockin' at mine. LOL

Holiday shows were something of a theme this week. The Flash and Arrow had their Christmas shows and I thoroughly enjoyed.

Teen Wolf is creeping me out with the riders. I kind of love the blend of old and new but really need to see some Stiles on my screen. Agents of SHIELD threw a total twisty twist in at the end of their episode. Can't wait for the hiatus to be over to see what's going to happen next.

The Librarians continues to make me happy. Also love The Talking Dead, especially when I skip the episode of The Walking Dead. I'm just not at all interested in Neegan and his machinations.

Legends of Tomorrow introduced the Legion of Doom and that makes me happy. Having Merlyn and company pop up now and again should keep things very interesting.

MacGyver also makes me happy. I love the reboot of Jack's character more than I can say.

The Great Holiday Binge Watch continues. I've made it through the complete Whoverse and look forward to the new special on Christmas Day. Started on NCIS and have the first two holiday episodes watched.

Also caught up on Murdoch Mysteries. I'm loving this season so much!

And that's it for television this week. Tonight's post is from Rescue Me, a novella that started with the two-word prompt, "let's roll".

Here's the mini-blurb:

After twenty-four hours of non-stop runs in two busy station houses, Skylar Darns and Hayes Parrison, two extremely good paramedics, are ready to throw in the towel and have someone rescue them. The one saving grace? They spend the day planning their anniversary celebration—one they may be too exhausted to attend.

And a snippety peek…

She lifted her butt and positioned her cleft over the tip of his cock. "One of the many things I love about you." He thrust upward and she gasped before settling down and taking him deep.
Hayes groaned. "Mmm. You're hot and wet this morning, Sky." His arm banded around her waist, his palm splayed over her tummy.
Skylar rocked her hips. "Busy fingers do the devil's work." The play on words had a harsh breath from Hayes fanning her ear.
Hayes inched his hand lower. "In that case, I'd better get busy." His fingers swirled over her clit before rubbing back and forth.
Skylar moaned. The combination of his slow, easy thrusts and the external stimulation nudged her close to the brink. She tightened her core, a move designed to bring Hayes with her. He growled his appreciation then pressed harder on the bundle of nerves.
Stars exploded behind her eyelids. "Oh, yeah, right there." The pressure burst and spilled outward, raising goose bumps on her skin.
Her nipples puckered, tingling with awareness. Warmth spread from the base of her spine, blossoming along her nerve endings. Hayes flexed his hips again, thrusting deep, and her orgasm shuddered through her.
Hayes hummed with satisfaction. "Yeah, Sky. Ride it out. Squeeze my cock with your pussy."
His lewd words bumped her pleasure up a notch. She got off on his descriptive requests.
Reaching around, she grabbed his ass, urging him to go faster. "Give me more, Hayes. I want everything."
He complied, speeding up his thrusts, bucking his groin against her butt. "Almost there. You're so hot, I can't last much longer."
She didn't want him to. Craving his release, she pushed back, rolling her pelvis to pull him deeper. "Now, Hayes, come with me now."
He gasped out a harsh breath and let go, his raspy exhalations cooling her nape. His strokes slowed, but he didn't stop until his cock softened and gently slid out of her. Trailing his lips along her temple, he basked in the afterglow with her until their breathing returned to normal.
The alarm on her phone went off and she reached for the device, quickly dismissing the alert. Shifting her position, twisting around and sitting up, she braced her arms on either side of Hayes's torso.
Leaning down, she brushed her lips over Hayes's. "Best wakeup call ever." If they didn't have to work, she'd drag him into the shower for round two.
He flashed a smile. "I aim to please." Holding her gaze, he caught her face between his hands. "I love you, Sky. It's been a great year." His chin lifted and his mouth moved over hers.
After a toe-curling kiss, she eased away. "It's been better than great. More like the best and only getting better." Sitting up, she trailed her fingers down his chest. "Looking forward to celebrating with you this weekend."
He caught her palm with his. "Me, too. Just have to make it through the next twenty-four-hour shift then we're off and ready for action."
Skylar rolled her eyes. "You realize you just guaranteed we'll have the worst calls ever today, right?" She got up and started for the bathroom.
Hayes smacked her lightly on the ass. "You're too superstitious for your own good."
Skylar's lips curved. Just you wait, Hayes. Just you wait.

This is a fun romp and Skylar and Hayes are a blast to write.

That's it for this week. Happy reading!


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