Sunday, February 26, 2017

Sunday Snippet: Tell Me More

February in Ohio can be an angsty monster. Two days ago we hit almost eighty degrees. Yesterday, we had a fifty-degree drop in temperature and snow. Seriously… Mother Nature has a warped sense of humor. Just saying.

I'll be skipping this week's The Walking Dead but thoroughly enjoyed last Sunday's episode. I'm always up for Daryl and Carol being in the same space.

The Flash ended up being pretty good, but I need to rewatch. Too many distractions going on while it aired. I did get to see most of Legends of Tomorrow and I'm torn between really hating Rip as a bad guy and kind of enjoying it. I'm very fickle sometimes.

Arrow ended up being awesome! Thea moving behind the scenes to protect her brother is terrific, even when she goes too far. The Merlyn blood is strong in her. I loved Oliver comparing her to Moira, too. A nice, subtle reminder of her other role model in life.

Riverdale got real with the Blossom family secrets. I loved getting some dark background on them. Also enjoyed some of the other undertones pinging in the background. I'm a little confused about Fred's marital status… didn't he say he and Mary split up but they're civil to each other? Oh well, whatever adds more drama, right?

I'm halfway through season two of Daredevil and still enjoying it. It's not as tightly written as the first season, but I love where things are going.

And that's it for television this week. Tonight's post is from Tell Me More, a novella that started with a two-word prompt of "don't stop".

Here's the mini-blurb:

Shannon Tewes and Webber Dillon work for a premiere event planner and don't always see eye to eye. Shannon has a knack for putting Webber on the hot seat whenever their boss is around and Webber has several ideas of how he'd retaliate if he ever got Shannon in a compromising position.

And a snippety peek…

Shannon Tewes jolted awake and sat up, scrambling for her sketchpad. "Holy crap. This is perfect." Her fingers traced out a design, lightly shading in the gauzy effect that her brain conjured while sleeping.
She wanted to get as much detail on the page as possible before adding the new concept to her presentation.
Five minutes later, she leaned back and held up the pad. "Wow. This will be amazing." She'd drawn a long tunnel draped in a crepe-like fabric. "Add some lights, probably red, and some candelabras to line the path and, viola, a stunning entry for the guests." The Halloween-themed wedding would go down as one of her favorites.
Crawling out of bed, she crossed over to her small workspace and got her laptop going. She opened the project file and scanned the sketch into the computer. She'd flesh out the idea after she made some coffee.
She'd pay for this burst of inspiration when she came down from the creative high. And she didn't need Marjorie to lose faith in Shannon if she nodded off during the meeting later today. She'd already be pushing the limits of Marjorie's patience by adding in a large-scale, last-minute stroke of genius.
Mercurial by nature, Marjorie walked the gamut when they made changes close to a deadline. Which they did all the time. Fantastic Fetes earned its reputation for pulling off the impossible.
Working the mouse to fill in the color, Shannon grinned. "It's a good thing Marjorie could sell snow to Santa Claus." Unlike Shannon.
She preferred to be well behind the scenes. But Marjorie had mad people skills when it came to clients and getting them to part with their money. With her employees, she created friendly—usually—rivalries that garnered terrific ideas from her design teams.
Ugh. "Webber's not gonna be thrilled with me." Her counterpart for the Halloween nuptials had cranky down to an art form.
But, damn, between the smokin' hot body and the way he worked miracles by bringing her ideas to life, she hated working with anyone else. She kept her serious crush buried deep and under wraps. Marjorie liked to taste-test the help, but Shannon tried to maintain the separation of personal and professional.
But if Webber ever eased up on the grouch factor, Shannon might consider crossing the line.
She snorted. "Yeah, right. As if that'll ever happen."
Especially when he got a look at her new presentation.

I think I'll fun finishing this one up. Shannon and Webber have a ton of chemistry.

That's it for this week. Happy reading!


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