Sunday, March 26, 2017

Sunday Snippet: Ugly Drunk

Some nice weather, not too hot or cold. No snow, which is always a bonus. Fingers crossed it stays mild. Of course, everyone knows not to hold their breath. It's still March.

Didn't pay much attention to The Walking Dead, but did catch The Talking Dead. Definitely going to have to check out Hardwick's The Talking because it should be loads of fun.

How much longer is the hiatus for Gotham? I'm missing the dark, crazy ride.

The Flash had another crossover with Supergirl and, I have to admit, the mash-up ended up being fun and worth the watch.

Arrow… wow. I guess I'm going to assume Oliver's last buried deep secret is finally out there for, well, the viewers at least. Kudos to that walk down memory lane. That said, I've got a crap-ton of questions and need to watch again with zero, I mean absolutely no interruptions or distractions. I do have a hope some of the bad guys are now going to ripple out from Oliver's past transgressions, especially Talia. I would love to see an Oliver / Nyssa / Talia meet up. That would be worth an entire episode, right?

Looking forward to a new episode of Riverdale. I've missed seeing my new favorite group of actors.

Finally finished Luke Cage and thoroughly enjoyed the first season. I'll admit I'm not thrilled with how it ended but I'm assuming all will be addressed soon. Continued the City Homicide rewatch and have most of season two out of the way.

Still need to catch up on a few other shows and might get to those this week.

That's it for television. Tonight's post is from Ugly Drunk, a novella that got its start with the two-word prompt, "of course".

Here's the mini-blurb:

Pippa Rice is a problem solver and when she takes a job at a local watering hole, her natural skill defuses quite a few tricky situations. Too bad she can't quite figure out how to fix her boss, Wood Finnian. The guy has more baggage than an airport, but Pippa isn't one to give up on people, ever.

And a snippety peek…

Wood sobered up fast, easing away from Pippa. Her lips, lush and swollen, remained open, inviting him back for more. He cupped one side of her face and went back for another kiss.
Home. She tasted like home and great things and a future he wanted so badly he might kill to have it. And marshmallows.
Okay, maybe the alcohol still burned in his brain.
Didn't make their chemistry any less potent.
He pulled away from her, blinking several times. "Whoa."
Her lips twisted in a wry smile. "I know, right?" She moved a few feet away, putting some space between them.
Wood shook his head, still dazed and very hot for her. "I didn't. Not until just now." His tongue flicked over his lower lip and caught a hint of her flavor again. "Whoa."
She grinned, wide and full. "You're repeating yourself." Her husky tone went straight to his dick.
And realization dawned. He affected her the same way.
He met her gaze. "So that's why…" His voice trailed off.
She nodded. "Yes, that's exactly why." Pippa glanced away, wrapping her arms around her waist. "I got the vibe right away. Felt the pull almost immediately." She blew out a breath then raised her gaze to his again. "You have the power to break me, Wood. And I ran scared."
He didn't want to break her. Destroying furniture while he slaked his lust with her body wouldn't be off the list though. Carnal images of her in his bed with her fingers wrapped around the headboard filled his mind. Jesus. Could his cock get any harder? But her admission cut through the fiery haze heating his blood.
He lifted his chin. "Looks like I'm not the only one with issues." Maybe she understood better than he gave her credit for.
Her lips twisted again. "Nope. I'm attracted to danger. It's like catnip for me." She spoke with quiet purpose. "You… are super dangerous." Her eyes flashed with a spark of determination. "And you should be off-limits." A quick dart of her tongue over her top lip showed her indecision.
Wood struck fast. "That's not what you want, is it?" He closed the space between them, reaching out to grasp her hips. "You want me. Dangerous or not." Tugging her close, he met with resistance when she planted her hands on his chest.
Pippa edged away. "Doesn't matter, Wood. We're at cross-purposes." She put some additional distance between them. "You're thinking spectacular sex, which is great and all, but you're not ready for me. Not yet." Darting around him, she made a beeline for the door.
Wood quickly beat her to the exit. "What if I am? We won't know unless you give me a shot."

It's decision time for Pippa. Take a chance on Wood and the possibility of something terrific or stay safe in her comfort zone. She's a brave woman…

That's it for this week. Happy reading!


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