Sunday, April 9, 2017

Sunday Snippet: Under the Impression

Ugh. This has been a rough week. A nasty stomach virus worked its way through the entire family. So glad we're all back to being semi-normal.

Looking forward to catching Talking with Chris Hardwick tonight. I'm excited to see what he brings to the screen each week.

Legends of Tomorrow had a solid finale. I look forward to seeing how the team deals with the time quakes. Awesome to see Mick pretty much choose his side.

Riverdale keeps getting better and better. I love this show. Watching Archie screw things up makes me happy. It's nice to have a character who gets to grow and change… as long as he actually gets to do both.

Finished up season three of City Homicide and got a start on season four. I'd forgotten how much I didn't like Rhys. Can't remember if he ended up growing on me or not. Took a small break to rewatch Pitch Perfect and do my happy chair dance while viewing.

That's it for television this week. Tonight's post is from Under the Impression, a novella that got a start with the two-word prompt of "bloody hell". A fun one for sure!

Here's the mini-blurb:

Gris Ravenswood, owner of the hot night spot, Impressions, has it bad for his lead bartender, Kari Dans, but she's in a relationship with a semi-pro golfer. When Kari imbibes too much at an after party and puts the moves on Gris, he thinks he's finally got a chance… until Kari receives a text and runs off to be with the guy who always leaves her behind.

And a snippety peek…

Kari Dans propped her arms on the window of her boyfriend's car. "How long this time?" She'd had a whirlwind thirty-six hours with him.
Bernie shrugged. "Probably not until early on Monday next week. You'll be off, right?" He revved the motor, his impatience to take off obvious.
Kari brushed off a quick stab of irritation. "Yes. Always am." She leaned in and kissed him hard on the mouth. "Good luck with your tournaments." Easing away, she barely got her arms free before he sped out of the parking lot.
Bernie didn't stop at the entrance, merging out into traffic to the blare of several horns. Kari shook her head. She probably should've let him go earlier this morning when he'd first suggested dropping her off to get her car.
Heaving a sigh, she turned and stopped short. Gris Ravenswood had a shoulder propped against the brick fa├žade of his bar, a frown marring his normally handsome face. Probably acted as a witness to her public display of affection with Bernie. A hot flush crept up her neck, which she squashed immediately. She could kiss her boyfriend whenever she wanted on her time.
But when had he arrived? "Hey, boss." She strode forward. "Are you in the habit of watching the private moments of your staff?" And making them feel like idiots?
Gris pushed away from the wall. "Only when they occur in a public parking lot." He keyed in the entry code of the bar. "Alcott in a hurry or something?"
Kari shrugged and tugged the door open. "Yeah, sort of. Left my car here Sunday and he had to drop me off." She entered with Gris following on her heels. "He's got a big tournament swing this week. Won't be back until Monday." God, she needed to shut up.
Gris didn't care or need to know about her boyfriend's schedule. Especially when he always looked like he'd eaten something nasty whenever Bernie's name came up. Which didn't make much sense, but Kari rolled with the reaction. She didn't need Gris's approval.
He walked behind the bar and flipped the switch for the neon backdrop. "What does Alcott do on the weekends?" He actually sounded interested.
Kari dropped her bag in the bin behind the counter. "Because those are my heavy work nights?" She laughed. "He usually unwinds from his trip and rests up to be with me." She waggled her eyebrows.
Gris wore an inscrutable expression. At least he didn't grimace or make a comment. She'd left herself wide open for one.
He lifted his chin and changed the subject. "Gonna be down in the cooler doing inventory. If you need anything…" He nodded toward the steps leading to the lower lever.
Kari grinned. "Don't interrupt while you're counting. Got it."
Gris laughed and headed down the stairs.
Kari grabbed an apron and tied it around her waist then got busy with the setup before opening. Gris gave her a lot of leeway with what happened in her domain behind the bar. She'd suggested the backdrop of vintage neon signage and he'd approved the purchase. And he appreciated her streamlined method for storing the liquor, which also received compliments for being visually pleasing. The work surface remained spotless since she'd commandeered two of the sinks for dumping rinds, peels, and mixing equipment. A dishwasher kept glasses clean and at the ready.
He ran a tight ship and treated his employees well. She enjoyed working for him. Didn't mean she had him figured out though.
She snorted. "Yeah, right." So far, he kept most of his personal details under wraps.
Which piqued her curiosity. If Bernie didn't take up her free time, she'd be very tempted to get to know Gris much better.
Although maybe not in the carnal sense. Mixing business and pleasure didn't always work out and she loved her job.
But she'd really like to know why Gris had such a dislike for her boyfriend.

I'm excited about how this one is coming together. Here's hoping the sages keep communicating.

That's it for this week. Happy reading!


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