Sunday, April 16, 2017

Sunday Snippet: Under the Influence (South of the Border)

Happy Easter to those who celebrate. I'm always down for baked ham, mashed potatoes, and noodles. Also, the weather couldn't be more beautiful today.

Thoroughly enjoyed Talking with Chris Hardwick last week. I truly enjoy his casual approach to interviewing. He's such a fan of everything and it shows.

Not much on television this week. I'm looking forward to the return of my lineup.

Riverdale had a great episode. Secrets and sins run deep in the small town and it's so cool to see the interesting ways both get exposed. It'll be fun to see how Archie's mom mixes it up with everyone.

Had a busy work week but had some time to look forward to some returning shows. It looks like Syfy on Fridays will be awesome this summer. Killjoys, Dark Matter, and Wynonna Earp all in one block? Doesn't get much better.

And that's it for television. Tonight's post is from Under the Influence, a South of the Border novella. I'm really hoping to dive back in to this world and finish up a couple of related books.

Here's the mini-blurb:

When her father dies, Lilith Jans inherits a piece of hotly sought after property in Mexico. She also unknowingly takes on an unpaid debt, which puts her life in danger. Hayden Knoxville makes her an offer she wants to refuse, but can't—sell to him and he'll deal with the men coming to collect payment.

And a sneaky peek…

Lars Rademacher blinked and shook his head. "Wait, Kier, back everything up a moment." He grabbed her hand and tugged her down beside him. "What does Maria need our help with?" He'd happily give the woman a kidney if necessary.
After all, she took Kiernan in when she had no one else. And she welcomed him with open arms—something he didn't take for granted.
Kier curled up on the lounge chair and got comfortable. "Her niece, Lilith, inherited her father's bar two towns over. Maria is beside herself. She's so happy Lilith is coming down, hopefully to stay, but…" She paused a moment, frowning.
Lars prodded for more. "But… what? Kier, what's going on?" Not like his Kier to keep things bottled up.
Not since they'd reunited and got their lives back.
Kier angled toward him, heaving a sigh. "Maria thinks a big problem will keep Lilith from sticking around." She snagged his beer and took a drink.
There's a story here. "Start at the beginning, Kier. How is Lilith related to Maria? Mom's side? Dad's side?" He retrieved the bottle and emptied the contents.
Kier reached into the cooler and grabbed another. "Her mom, Jauanita, is—was—Maria's sister." A smile twisted her lips. "According to Maria, they were different as night and day. Maria likes the slower pace of her cantina. You know, steady flow of customers, mostly locals who she's known her whole life. Jaunita preferred bigger crowds, a faster pace. She opened a beachside bar and gained quite a reputation for good food, great service, and primo events." She popped the top off the beer and handed it to Lars. "Juanita met Lilith's dad down here when he was on vacation. Two months later, he bought in to the bar and they got married."
Lars tilted the bottle and took a long swallow. "Okay, what happened to Juanita?"

It's so much fun to revisit Lars and Kiernan, the couple who started the South of the Border series.

That's it for this week. Happy reading!


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