Sunday, July 16, 2017

Sunday Snippet: X Marks the Spot

Coming off a very rainy week with lots of thunderstorms. That means I need to save after every paragraph I type. LOL

Watched another episode of Killjoys and, yeah, this is a great season! I love the banter and snark and pretty much everything.

Dark Matter is truly messing with everything and I'm quite enjoying it. I wouldn't mind if the pacing moved a little faster and I'm not completely sure I like having Four off on his own. That said, I'm willing to exercise patience and see where everything goes.

Wynonna Earp keeps blowing my mind. I'm excited to see what happens now that the baby news is out. The season feels a little off kilter but I like that because Wynonna is off kilter. My fingers are crossed for a third season because there's no way this story is over at the end of two.

Got another few episodes of Young Justice watched and still very much enjoying the dynamic of the group. I'm hoping the whole mole thing is wrapped up by the end of the season or at least the person is revealed. Should finish up in the next week and move on to the second season.

Can't wait for next month when I can start talking about The Last Ship. I'm so bummed they delayed the start of this season.

That's it for television. Tonight's post is from X Marks the Spot, a novella where the main couple pushes past their boundaries with some sexy fun at an island resort.

Here's the mini-blurb:

Nydia Vreeland takes her boyfriend, Declan Morris, on an adult adventure vacation where sexy fun and games ensue. Their final game is a treasure hunt where 'X' marks the spot and the winner gets to choose the evening's pleasure. The way Nydia figures things, there's no way she can lose.

And a snippety peek…

Declan managed to keep his speed under the limit but still made it home in the allotted ten-minute timeframe. He started shedding clothes as soon he entered the loft apartment he shared with Nydia. Naked, he entered the bedroom to find Nydia in a sexy pose on the chaise by the huge windows on the north wall.
He admired the view. "Damn, Nyd. You're so hot." Her curves always got him revved and ready.
Crossing the space separating them, he drank in her sultry grin. She tilted her head to one side and gave him a slow once-over. His dick jumped to attention when her tongue flicked over her lower lip. Nydia did wicked, wonderful things with her tongue.
She sat up and moved to the end of the chaise, spreading her legs wide. "And you're so hard. Can't wait to feel you buried deep." A low hum of desire rumbled in her throat.
Declan placed a knee on the edge of the seat. "As of right now, you'll have me as deep as you want as often as you want for the next month." He braced his hands on the back of the chaise, bracketing her between his arms. "I'm all yours." Swooping forward, he caught her lips in a steamy kiss.
Nydia moaned and wrapped her arms around his neck. "You'll always be mine, Dec." She nipped at his jawline. "And I'll always be yours." Rolling to her side, she made space for him to spoon in behind her.
Declan ran his hand along her thigh, lifting her leg up and over his hip. Nudging in, he positioned his cock at her core. Reaching around, he cupped a breast, tweaking her nipple.
Nydia shuddered. "Don't make me wait." Her hips bucked, seeking his hard shaft. "I've been anticipating this all day and the video chat made my imagination run wild."
Declan grasped her pelvic bone and thrust smoothly, splitting her labia to slide in deep. "Mmmm. You're on fire and so slick." He pumped back and forth and used his palms to stimulate her tits.
Nydia gasped and pushed to meet each stroke. "This is gonna be fast. Think you can keep up and join me?"
Declan huffed out a laugh. "Not gonna be a problem." The way she tightened her inner walls never failed to make him come hard. "Almost… there."
Her body tensed and he followed right behind her.
Spent, he nuzzled her temple. "Now that we've taken the edge off… it's time for you to fill me in on our sexy getaway."

Nydia and Declan have their adventure of a lifetime and discover some secrets about each other along the way.

That's it for this week. Happy reading!


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