So many stories, so little time... 

Honestly, I won't complain. When the sages start throwing stuff my way, I scribble, type, and sometimes draw whatever pops into my head. The total number of WIPs on my computer is ridiculous, but these are at least semi-close to having the whole, beginning...middle...end necessary. :D

I hope you enjoy reading about them. Please feel free to comment on any that grab your attention. The sages are fickle little imps sometimes and need a good, swift kick every once in a while.

Writing as Skylin, this is more contemporary fare than ML Skye or Skye Ritchey.

Academic Challenge
Holly Patz, the newest TA for Professor Sam Ingali, wants to enjoy the experience. But when rumors start swirling about her relationship with the handsome instructor, she has to decide whether to stick around and become his latest conquest or turn the odds in her favor.

1890 / 10000 words. 19% done!

All Bets Off
Kellen Bairds and Pierce Abbotson make friendly wagers on a regular basis until Kellen won't admit Pierce won their latest round of True Confessions. When he calls her on the lie, she gets angry because no amount of money on earth will make her reveal her feelings for him.

1159 / 7500 words. 15% done!

All Day Sucker
Brian and Lucy have competing comic book series, a friendly rivalry, and a terrific, sexy relationship. When Brian is blocked on his next installment, Lucy provides some steamy inspiration to help him get through it.

421 / 3000 words. 14% done!

Along the Shore
Vail Ericsson, a freelance security expert and skilled tracker, can find anyone for a price. But when he trails Ellery Quantrell to Mexico, he discovers she's not an escapee but target and his role changes from pursuer to protector, whether Ellery wants him as a shield or not.

7216 / 15000 words. 48% done!

Anything Goes
On the eve of Olivia Barton and Luke Johnston's wedding, their friends and co-workers at the twelfth precinct throw a rehearsal 'roast' for the couple. Their unconventional courtship is chronicled for everyone to enjoy and none of the name are changed to protect anybody.

1458 / 10000 words. 15% done!

Baring Skin
Rachel Maddox and Jack Luthor work together and avoid acting on their attraction, until they catch each other in compromising positions. But when they do finally hook up they have to decide if they can maintain their professionalism on the job or start looking for a place to transfer.

1940 / 7500 words. 26% done!

Bedroom Chronicles
When Birk musters out of the military, he drops in on his best friend, Klint and his wife Elsie. They welcome Birk into their home and eventually their bed because Elsie can't think of anyone better than her husband's oldest friend to fulfill their deepest fantasy. But sometimes the best laid plans go awry and dealing with the fallout is a challenge.

4032 / 15000 words. 27% done!

Bikini Beach
Talia Ashe loves her job, but she's ready to kill her partner, Hugh McVey because he's pushing hard to get a project done and they're down to the wire. She takes a mental health day, to keep from doing Hugh bodily harm, but he ruins it when he shows up on her patch of beach.

2190 / 7500 words. 29% done!

Blatant Affair
Valley Cruz and Flynn Boatman fall for each other and don't hide their feelings. But when company policy dictates they can't be together, they'll start a blatant affair no matter the consequences.

2083 / 10000 words. 21% done!

Bonus Score
Zeva and Bo meet through a gaming community and hit it off. They start spending time together and a series of wagers over who the better gamer is takes an interesting turn when sexy distractions become part of the strategy. When they decide to settle up once and for all, a bonus score leads to an unexpected win and the crown is claimed.

1862 / 7500 words. 25% done!

Breaking Ice
Bailee and Oakes have a long history of breaking each other's heart and leaving a long trail of personal drama everywhere they go. But they finally have a shot at being on the same page after going one on one in a charity sparring match, if they can trust themselves to get it right this time.

1514 / 9500 words. 16% done!

The Cabin
Whip meets the woman of his dreams when tries to convince Kari to give his brother another shot at her art class. But when she can't accommodate the request, Whip still wants to pursue a relationship… until his brother tries to get in the way and Kari decides she won't come between them.

1464 / 12000 words. 12% done!

Call of the Ripper
Two 'Ripperologists' take a working vacation to experience the essence of Jack's madness. But when a modern day stalker takes an interest in their excursion, the call of the ripper hits a little too close for comfort.

1459 / 15000 words. 10% done!

Calling Bull
No one knows Ivy better than Ward. A fact she truly hates sometimes. But when he pushes her into a corner, she either comes out swinging or learns to forgive and forget.

1381 / 6500 words. 21% done!

Camden General
Jayden and Whit, two of Camden General's best emergency department staff, come together after losing a patient. Trying to navigate the fallout becomes even more difficult when their one-time hook-up turns into a very personal relationship.

1807 / 10000 words. 18% done!

A Castle Christmas Carol
Ebony Schrool, the daughter of a toy magnate, is summoned to a meeting at Halliday Castle in the first week of December. She's surprised to find three men—each representing her past, present, and future—all bearing news she doesn't want to hear. Ebony is used to doing things her way, even when her decisions wreak havoc on SchroolRules Toys employee morale. Foley Norton, Patton Gates, and Pearson Beatty have to show Ebony the error of her ways before the holiday season is beyond saving and they're not above using seduction to make their case.

584 / 15000 words. 4% done!

Curiosity Kills It
Pagan and Chuck push each other's buttons... and not in a good way. But Pagan has a moment of clarity when she spies Chuck in the shower--they argue so much because they fight a powerful attraction. Hooking up may not be the answer, especially since they work together, but Pagan's curiosity gets the better of her and she has to find out.

1518 / 10000 words. 15% done!

The Deep End
Raelin is six months into a relationship with Eames, but isn't feeling the spark... until she meets his brother, Eric. The sibling rivalry takes an ugly turn and Raelin steps way back so the men can mend fences.

1616 / 12000 words. 13% done!

Dodging Bullets
Sable and Gage live on the same street and survive their childhood by having each other's backs. When they grow up, they're still looking out for each other, but instead of ducking verbal barbs and flying objects, they're dodging bullets.

2547 / 10000 words. 25% done!

Down the Middle
Bounty hunter Ursa Goode always gets her man... if Jake Weatherwax doesn't beat her to him. But when a target escapes and comes after Ursa, she has to take Jake up on his offer to work together a split the reward right down the middle. The need for a partner rubs her wrong, but Jake definitely doesn't.

1707 / 12500 words. 14% done!

Drag Out the List
Velma and Kade have loads of sexual tension, but Velma keeps him at arms' length. Kade gets the why, but when she pushes him a little too far, he turns the tables on her and she ends up in a compromising position--number seventeen on his list.

2426 / 10000 words. 24% done!

Drowning Pull
Lane Addison drowns his grief over losing his brother in alcohol until a blonde distraction sits down beside him. Injured and off the circuit, Weslee decides to have a pity party for one until she sees someone deeper in the well than she is. One hot hookup later, Lane thinks he's found the perfect woman in Weslee, until she mentions her fiance.

3229 / 10000 words. 32% done!

Elective Campaign
Mac is running for reelection and needs a logistical planner on his roster to win. Yancy has the training and the background, but she presents a problem... Mac is very attracted to her. They fight the pull, but give in, and once it's discovered, Mac may lose more than the election.

1635 / 12500 words. 13% done!

Enforced Confinement
After a breakup, Baylee and Noah get trapped in a confined space and neither is happy about the situation. But the enforced intimacy gives them a chance to meet their issues head-on in a place they can't each other for granted.

1931 / 10000 words. 19% done!

The Ex Files
Effie Stone helps Reed Rettos avoid an ugly scene with his ex-girlfriend and halfway falls for him over coffee. When an old flame contacts Effie, she asks him to return the favor. Reed hesitates, not sure he wants to get tangled up in more drama, but he's smitten with Effie and agrees to make it clear she's got a new man in her life... if only for one night.

2765 / 10000 words. 28% done!

Exit Stage Left
Sage Winesboro, the new director for his local playhouse, doesn't always see eye to eye with his current set designer, Georgie Freed. When she proves her worth, but exits stage left, Sage realizes he's missing out on what could be a great working and personal relationship.

2188 / 10000 words. 22% done!

Fair Play
Rand Allerdyce takes Holland Dukes by surprise, bringing their sexy games to her office when she's working late one evening. Rand plans to engage Holland's voyeuristic side and give her the thrill of possibly being caught. Holland loves the idea as much as she loves Rand.

117 / 8500 words. 1% done!

Feeling Alive
Maddox loses her partner in a bomb explosion and shuts down emotionally. Wakefield arrives to interrogate Maddox about his brother's death, but she refuses to discuss the trauma. She ends up in another explosive situation and Wake finally breaks through her defenses, but he also opens up the floodgates, which may get both killed.

2258 / 10000 words. 23% done!

Fits and Starts
After escaping from a madman's clutches, Pru Stark can't quite find her footing again. She pushes her man, Dane Callaway, away and refuses to see the little girl she saved. Dane gives her space, but he won't stay on the sidelines, not when Pru needs him the most, even if she can't quite admit it.

1771 / 10000 words. 18% done!

Five Minutes
Remy Deeds never welshes on a bet, until she loses to Eli Rogers, who can't understand why she back out. But five-minute kiss, with tongue, isn't something she wants to risk, because giving up her last pack of coffee is so much easier than possibly losing her heart.

1912 / 10000 words. 19% done!

Follow Instructions
Risa Pym and Ford Thrummond, fellow paramedics, enjoy playing one-upmanship with each other with each other, using sexy to bank the fires of their attraction. A slight mishap occurs when Ford exits their squad, and Risa decides it's time he learns the ins and outs of how to use the grips properly... and not so properly.

1921 / 7500 words. 26% done!

Forever Young
Gabe McTavish meets the woman of his dreams. Too bad she's his brother's date.

4004 / 10000 words. 40% done!

Fuel for the Fire
An arsonist wants investigator, Sadie Kyle's attention and burns the home and business of Greg Desoto to get it. When Sadie shows up to investigate, she hits it off with Greg, which only adds fuel to the fire for her pyromaniac. When Greg gets hit a second time, Sadie digs in and calls the burner out.

1386 / 10000 words. 14% done!

Get a Room
Talon and Haim have a complicated past. When she returns and asks Haim for a favor, they're ready to act on their attraction again... except they keep getting interrupted.

2512 / 8500 words. 30% done!

Getting Schooled
Tamsin and Ike are resident leaders at neighboring summer camps. Tamsin works with upper-crust girls and Ike has underprivileged boys. When a grant program director suggests bridging the gap, neither is very excited by the prospect, but once they meet, both get schooled in how well the kids get along.

1829 / 10000 words. 18% done!

Ghost of a Chance
Valerie Queen and Jay Pennyworth meet through Chad Adsworth, Jay's best friend. When Chad is killed in a plane crash, Valerie reunites with Jay after five years. When the chance meeting leads to a long discussion, they end spending the night together... but the specter of Chad hovering between them may be more than they can overcome.

2512 / 10000 words. 25% done!

Glutton for Punishment
Willa and Karl have issues. She acts out to keep him at bay and he finally calls her on the destructive behavior, stepping into the ring so she can work out her aggression. A glutton for punishment, Karl pushes Willa into making a choice between risking her heart, or losing him for good.

2457 / 10000 words. 25% done!

Going All Out
Lance and Xola work together and have a solid friendship, but there's always a little something more between them. Lance proposes a date, something other than a movie or grabbing a bite to eat at the same time. Xola accepts and the fun--and nervous tension--begins.

1678 / 10000 words. 17% done!

Going Downhill
Zetta and Mace have a messy break-up and dive into relationships with other people. Two years later they bump into each other and both are worse for being apart.

2488 / 10000 words. 25% done!

Going Native
Workaholic Adam Beaubier is supposed to be vacationing with his girlfriend. But after a harsh breakup, he's traveling alone, pondering his epic failure at relationships. When he meets Zerrin Kord, a helicopter tour pilot, he thinks going native might be just the thing he needs and Zerri will make an excellent guide.

2543 / 10000 words. 25% done!

Green-Eyed Monster
Dani works undercover sting operations and inadvertently shoots the girlfriend of Neal, one of her co-workers. When the green-eyed monster of jealousy rears its head, Dani isn't sure how to help Neal with the trauma, but she'll move whatever stands in the way to make him happy.

1893 / 10000 words. 19% done!

Hang Ten
Farren and Penn --professional surfers--have very different styles when competing. Farren goes for broke, taking changes with moves other won't try. Penn is all about the physics of his craft, sometimes holding back because he can't predict everything. Two different methods, opposite ends of the spectrum, but an interesting mix when they're off their boards and out of the water.

1812 / 10000 words. 18% done!

Harshing the Calm
Gentry and Rayce have a volatile past, one they walk away from to start over. But old habits are hard to break and when their paths cross again, they discover they can repeat their mistakes, or change and grow into something so much better.

2638 / 10000 words. 26% done!

Harvest Haven (An Organic Nature Short)
The harvest season is a busy time for Eppie, but with their future set, she and Vin celebrate their life surrounded by family and friends. The couple takes the long weekend to recharge and bask in their brand of love.

712 / 9500 words. 7% done!

Hazardous Curves Ahead
Sometimes love is a slippery slope and when Imma and Sef almost crash into each other on a hazardous curve, they end up going through physical therapy together. After several weeks of flirty banter, Imma thinks a relationship with Sef may be nice... until her boyfriend shows up.

1563 / 10000 words. 16% done!

Healthy Appetite
Thad Nightingale meets Kailey Dent during a week-long get away and finds her approach to life refreshing. Not only does she eat with gusto, she has a thirst for adventure that leaves Thad hungry for more.

2767 / 15000 words. 18% done!

Hot Water
When Demi Strange and Nathan Jordan work together at a summer camp, things get heated. The campers use up the water ration, leaving Demi to borrow Nathan's shower and it lands her in more than hot water.

2476 / 10000 words. 25% done!

How to Tell Off the Boss
Orin Murdoch's boss, the newly installed VP of Sales, is driving him insane with new promotions that just don't work. Edda Case, an upstart marketing whiz, takes Orin in hand and teaches him how to tell off the boss with style.

1755 / 10000 words. 18% done!

The Hunt
Megan and Guy, corporate retreat directors, stage a scavenger hunt for their client's team building exercise. After a major disagreement, the couple spends most of their time making up and trying not to get caught in compromising positions.

1515 / 9500 words. 16% done!

Holland Dukes and Rand Allerdyce like to play games. When Holland decides Rand needs to stimulate his imagination, she uses a blindfold and makes him rely on his other senses. Rand gets payback, pulling the same scenario... in Holland's office.

1802 / 8500 words. 21% done!

Just Dessert
On Brian and Lucy's anniversary, they receive a gift from his gran that has the couple reliving their first night together.

2330 / 8500 words. 27% done!

Just One Moment
A life-threatening situation. A couple in love. Just one moment to say everything that needs to be said for Kiernan and Lars.

A bonus scene from each of my pseudonyms.

1733 / 3000 words. 58% done!

Justice is Served
Derby Stack is a cold-blooded killer, but not by choice. She's convicted of her crime, but makes a last-ditch appeal to Nate Mobius's legal firm. He takes the case and together they uncover a trail leading back to her childhood therapist.

2226 / 25000 words. 9% done!

Killing Time
Landry comes up with a great idea to kill time while on a stakeout with her hot co-worker. Her biggest challenge? Getting Thryn to participate in a lively game of truth or strip.

1356 / 8500 words. 16% done!

Kings of the Con (A Black Unicorn Adventure)
Brian Wells and Lucy Sanderson are the creative duo behind the rising success of Black Unicorn Comics. Surrounded by a close-knit group of coworkers, they have fun and crazy adventures, keeping their relationship hot in spite of it.

3584 / 9500 words. 38% done!

A Kiss is Just a Kiss
A kiss is just a kiss... except when it's not. Betsey Roark shares a brief lip-lock with Wash Mulligan and can't stop thinking about it. He's got her all twisted up and turned sideways and she aims to make him feel the same.

2065 / 10000 words. 21% done!

Late Summer Engagement (An Organic Nature Short)
Vin's ready to spend his life with Eppie, but he's not sure she wants to be the marrying kind. Instead of proposing, he suggests something a little different. As usual, Eppie surprises him with her response.

593 / 9500 words. 6% done!

Laundry Night
Dixie Stores has a thing for her hot neighbor, Neece Bovary, but he's heard all the rumors about her series of bad--and sometimes loud--breakups. Determined to win him over, Dixie breaks a cardinal rule and folds his laundry, mismatching the socks to get his attention, but gains the wrong kind when the innocent prank goes awry.

1693 / 8500 words. 20% done!

Liar's Lament
Harper Scrytch kicks Rhett Barrison to the curb and runs like hell to avoid a romantic entanglement. Four years later, she arrives back in town to make amends only to discover he's moved on... or has he?

1904 / 15000 words. 13% done!

Little Black Book
Kalyn Miles is footloose and fancy-free and likes it that way. She does what and who she wishes. Her current object of desire is Sid Mortimer, but he'll have nothing to do with her--especially since she wants to add him to her little black book.

1274 / 9500 words. 13% done!

Lonely Heart Mountain
Author Hettie Blackwell returns home to care for her ailing mother, because her two brothers aren't up to the task. But when Hettie bumps into Winslow Whittaker—the hot new sheriff—she's got more trouble, especially when her younger brother lands in county jail on Valentine's Day.

1777 / 10000 words. 18% done!

Lucky Seven
Daisy and Shae work for the same company and end up overindulging at a corporate casino night, waking up next to each other the next morning. What starts as an awkward one night stand ends up turning into something neither expects or is really looking for.

1561 / 10000 words. 16% done!

Meet Me by the Mistletoe
Presley Griffith wants to create one more new holiday tradition with her men, Gunnar Stewart and Frazier Boyle, and celebrate their one-year anniversary with style. With hectic schedules revolving around the hospital, fire station and police department, she's not sure she can pull it off. A cryptic message to meet her by the mistletoe at a secluded bed and breakfast brings both men calling with bells on.

948 / 10000 words. 9% done!

Mistletoe Madness
After burying her mother right before the holidays, Delaney Nixon comes back home to deal with the estate and decide what to do with her future. Two former beaus offer condolences and help, each hoping the spark might reignite even if they've agreed to leave old feelings alone while getting Delaney through the merry season.

701 / 15000 words. 5% done!

Mixed Signals
Avery and Trigg, both undercover cops, can't keep their relationship going. Their work makes it hard to stay connected. When mixed signals result in Avery shooting Trigg in a friendly fire incident, she wants to set the record straight and maybe test the waters to pick up where they left off.

1373 / 10000 words. 14% done!

Monumental Headache
Cadee Walsh has a high-stress job and needs to blow off steam. She spends the night with Worth Pettigrew, recharging from the incredible sex. Imagine her mortification when she finds out he's her new boss.

2417 / 12500 words. 19% done!

Muse It Up
Nate Shaunessey can't get in the groove to write his new supernatural series. When he meets the new bartender, Hunter Gant, at his local pub, a muse is born. The only problem? Nate's afraid to tell her she's his new inspiration.

1410 / 15000 words. 9% done!

New Year's Nip
Eppie Collins has a terrific guy, one who gave her a wonderful Christmas holiday. She's returning the favor on New Year's Eve, making surprise last minute plans to watch the midnight fireworks in the city. Vin's not the only one who can pull out all the stops.

2420 / 7500 words. 32% done!

Next Year, Same Time
Lita Vonn is a bookstore owner who gets caught up in a bank robbery and makes a connection with the negotiator, Saber Reyes. Saber questions her desire to get together and offers an alternative suggestion--next year, same time, they'll meet at the coffee shop across the street.

1717 / 10000 words. 17% done!

A Nice Gesture
Marah Timm and Teague McCallister work at Humpberry Farms for their summer break. Marah is prickly and standoffish, but Teague recognizes a lonely soul in need of a nice gesture.

987 / 9500 words. 10% done!

No Words
Colby Mass and Webster Bishop are soldiers in an elite unit and usually go full tilt into action. But when they find unexpected downtime, they discover solitude can be craved, sought, and given, sometimes in unanticipated ways.

1233 / 7500 words. 16% done!

Oceanfront Villa
Danielle Finch is a hardworking doctor who rarely takes time off and her relationship with Vince Darkholme, an in demand attorney, suffers for the lack of face time. When Vince's client offers the use of his oceanfront villa, Danielle readily agrees to take two weeks to rekindle the passion she sorely misses with Vince.

1681 / 10000 words. 17% done!

On the Bench
Peyton Bice comes of age around the mixed martial arts sporting events her dad sponsors and her past comes calling in the form of one of his former starfighters, now a leading trainer. Rookie Cliff Westfordson offers her a shoulder to lean on, but Peyton fears getting tangled up with the newest recruit on her dad's roster.

2090 / 10000 words. 21% done!

Once in a Lifetime
Evan McCoy overhears Sasha Knepf shout his name when she's in the throes of passion with another man. He confronts her the next day in the hotel suite and demands an explanation, which she's not inclined to provide since he ditched her after their second dance at the annual ball.

1247 / 10000 words. 12% done!

One Time Thing
Sometimes a wicked, powerful attraction isn't always a good thing. Vickie South and Grant Magnus have an instant spark, but Vickie is dating Grant's best friend. A stormy night and loss of power sets the stage, and the duo can't resist the strong pull, which makes for an awkward situation all around.

1769 / 10000 words. 18% done!

Open Shelter
Jay Hestwick meets Weslee Noss at the open shelter his mom operates and sees through Weslee's sarcastic front to the scared kid underneath. He decides to become her new best friend. Fifteen years later, Jay runs the program and Weslee comes home, ready to assist, but she doesn't realize she's bringing a dangerous menace out of hiding now that she's back.

1265 / 12500 words. 10% done!

Parade on Main
Eppie and Vin help the brother of Vin's best friend find his footing when he arrives in town to be the honored speaker at the Memorial Day parade. Vin recounts his brief stint in the military and Eppie plays matchmaker—something she swore she'd never do.

158 / 9500 words. 2% done!

Past All Limits
Scarlett Jayne and Dare Humphries have issues. Scarlett can't commit and Dare won't wait around. After a nasty break-up, the former couple is thrown together for a groundbreaking at a new food pantry. Six months isn't quite enough time for them to be sharing space.

1766 / 10000 words. 18% done!

Photo Ops
When Mace McKenna decides not to participate in the annual Officers of the City charity calendar photo shoot, Nina Dean won't let up until he caves. But when Nina loses a bet and has to pose for the women's version, she soon finds out Mace is the orchestrator of the whole thing.

956 / 10000 words. 10% done!

Pregnant Pause
Nora Dunne and Logan Rider are wildly attracted to each other and doing a stint in a remote location for a research project. When sexual tension gets in the way of work, their decision to act on the magnetic pull leads to unexpected consequences.

1402 / 12500 words. 11% done!

Pumpkin Patch Honeymoon
Eppie and Vin unconventional journey comes full circle when they marry, surrounded by friends and family, in the pumpkin patch where their story began. They decide a staycation will be the perfect honeymoon and discover during their idyllic week is that passion only grows the more in love they fall.

72 / 9500 words. 1% done!

Quick Draw
Utah Slace has a constant stream of male visitors coming and going from her apartment and Hoyt Lancelot, her neighbor, draws the quick conclusion he's moved in next to a prostitute. Utah decides he needs a lesson in why making snap judgments is not a good idea.

1079 / 9500 words. 11% done!

Quick on the Draw
Willa Hown opens her place up to paintball enthusiasts on the weekends and enjoys the antics of grown adults finding their inner child. Kip Jarvison rarely takes time off but his brothers drag him to Willa's place for a weekend of fun and messy sport. Kip's not thrilled--until he meets Willa and she shows him how much fun paintball can really be.

2169 / 9500 words. 23% done!

Quid Pro Quo
When Abel Reynolds gets injured and laid up for a couple of days, Lark Munroe decides to provide a little quid pro quo and check in on him, except she's got way better ideas to pass the time than Abel ever has.

1117 / 9500 words. 12% done!

Quit the Music
Prosper Bates, bartender and music lover, hears Drew Langerford play and his songs haunt her. Drawn to the gorgeous musician, she falls hard for him, but when his mentor shows up, the new relationship may end before it truly gets started.

1039 / 12500 words. 8% done!

Quitters Never Cheat
Robbin Rhayne, a talented sculptor, believes she has to suffer for her art. Ewan Arther makes her almost reconsider the concept--sex has never been better with anyone else--until he wants more and she won't commit. Several years later, she runs into Ewan again and the spark is still there... too bad they're both in relationships with other people.

1439 / 10000 words. 14% done!

Quixotic Cake Capers
Tori Plum decides making a cheesecake for Gray Calhoun isn't beyond her capabilities even though she's definitely not a domestic goddess. Seventeen tries later, she's ready to call in the troops or throw in the towel.

1106 / 9500 words. 12% done!

Read Between the Lines
Lexa Bode finds a letter Kers Jarvis wrote to his father at the tender age of seven. Her heart breaks for the handsome pilot. The missive covers so much, but the young Kers leaves a lot unsaid, things his old man wouldn't see, but Lexa does--she considers subtext her second language.

1244 / 10000 words. 12% done!

Reality Bytes
Libby Cowl and Bourne Levision, on-air hosts of a web series, Reality Bytes, snark and snap at each other on screen. But when the cameras aren't rolling, they're all about the hot and sexy, something their producer is not happy about.

903 / 9500 words. 10% done!

Reflex Reaction
Rory Crame longs for more than her small hometown can provide. She escapes, leaving her childhood sweetheart, Gib Larrison, behind. Seven years later, she returns, older and wiser, with a better appreciation for what she walked away from--especially Gib, who doesn't seem at all interested in rekindling their romance.

1827 / 12500 words. 15% done!

Rescue Me
After twenty-four hours of non-stop runs in two busy station houses, Skylar Darns and Hayes Parrison, two extremely good paramedics, are ready to throw in the towel and have someone rescue them. The one saving grace? They spend the day planning their anniversary celebration--one they may be too exhausted to attend.

882 / 12500 words. 7% done!

Ring It In
Recovering from post-holiday family drama, Paris Lightful wants to spend New Year's Eve in her uncle's cabin with nothing but her laptop and a ton of action movies. When near blizzard conditions strand Deputy Kelton Pine at her location, Paris doesn't welcome the intrusion, especially since Kelton has a major chip on his shoulder. But once the ice breaks between the couple, things heat up rather quickly.

1759 / 7000 words. 25% done!

Rise and Shine
Abram Purdy sees the same barista, Whitney Boone, every day of the week. She always knows exactly what he needs to get his day started. He runs into her on a Saturday morning jog and discovers she's taking a position at the local university and Abram decides to see if she'll still make his morning coffee--at his place.

913 / 12500 words. 7% done!

Running Dialog
Margo Miln and Del Lamberto, two of a remote outpost's best paramedics, argue all the time. Sometimes their rapid-fire disagreements can be a pain... and occasionally their lively discussions lead to truly awesome things.

1073 / 7500 words. 14% done!

Rustic Affair
Necia Sands and Falcon Seaver, two mercenaries for hire, finally retire from the life and try to settle down. Being opposites draws them together, but it also makes them clash over simple things--like finding the right house.

775 / 12500 words. 6% done!

Selling Tickets
Kurt Trevarthan owns a popular night club and trusts Winnie Clay, one of his oldest friends, to keep things running smoothly. He never dreams he'll have to rely on her when his old man shows up--after a decade away--on the anniversary of Kurt's mom's death, but Winnie comes through and keeps the Trevarthan men from killing each other.

1481 / 10000 words. 15% done!

Severing Ties
Lucky Block and Booker Severn provide all the crazy antics their small town can take. But when they finally sever ties, the community pulls out all the stops to who the couple they belong together.

657 / 12000 words. 5% done!

A Simple Thing
River Cyd loses a bet and has to have a lip-lock with Gus Berkeley. No big deal--they've shared them before. But the simple kiss goes from zero to smokin' in less than a second flat and River isn't quite sure when complicated became the norm between her and Gus.

1631 / 10000 words. 16% done!

Sparkle and Boom (An Organic Nature Short)
Eppie Collins and Vin Derbish head back to the city for another fireworks extravaganza. Margie comes through with comping the VIP suite again, but right before the thrilling show, the couple is interrupted by the last minute arrival of the registered occupant, much to Margie's dismay.

116 / 9500 words. 1% done!

Spring Chickens (An Organic Nature Short)
A four-day weekend over the Easter holiday puts Vin Derbish in the mood for some alone time with Eppie Collins. A family emergency sees Eppie taking in her niece and nephew, which gives Eppie and Vin some perspective on parenthood.

190 / 9500 words. 2% done!

St. Patrick's Day Seduction (An Organic Nature Short)
Eppie Collins and Vin Derbish survive a visit from Eppie's nefarious ex and she's ready to try something new with Vin—something she's never done before. Eppie takes some time to prepare then sets the stage for the romantic encounter—where else but in the chic shed Vin made for her.

214 / 9500 words. 2% done!

Steamed Up
Raina Forbes and Huck Holloway are forced to work together after a spectacular break-up. Their close-quarters job has sparks flying between the former couple, and shaky new relationships are tested, with Huck's going down in flames. And contrary to popular opinion, Huck doesn't always play nice when he truly wants something... or someone.

1438 / 10000 words. 14% done!

Stone-Cold Sober
When Tansy Jons meets West Tamesin, they have an instant connection, but she's dating one of his oldest friends. A drunken evening and almost hook-up with West has Tansy examining what she feels as soon as she's stone cold sober.

1888 / 12500 words. 15% done!

Summer's Eve (An Organic Nature Short)
The beginning of summer means Vin Derbish is chest-deep into his busy season. Eppie Collins is used to not seeing much of Vin during the month of June but suggests a spontaneous camping trip when the weather turns nasty with thunderstorms. A few days in a cabin with pouring rain as their soundtrack can't be a bad thing.

207 / 9500 words. 2% done!

Surf's Up
Marla Siff and Farley Osbourne protect a wealthy businessman as part of his entourage. People assume tech geek Farley is the muscle, but Marla is the combat-trained protective detail. When a threat looms, they retreat to the private shores of their client's own island and Marla and Farley fight their attraction to keep their boss safe.

1463 / 12500 words. 12% done!

Tell Me More
Shannon Tewes and Webber Dillon work for a premiere event planner and don't always see eye to eye. Shannon has a knack for putting Webber on the hot seat whenever their boss is around and Webber has several ideas for how he'd retaliate if he ever gets Shannon in a compromising position.

2123 / 12500 words. 17% done!

Throw in the Towel
Taurin Beach and Craig Wallmartin are top competitors on the mud run circuit. When Craig is caught by a reporter with nothing but a towel, it gives Taurin the perfect idea for catching his attention and finally getting what she wants. Him.

1690 / 12500 words. 14% done!

Toying With Desire
Carly Johnson, a savvy business owner who sells sex toys, isn't looking for love... her track record is terrible. But when she meets Zeke Moran, under less than stellar circumstances, sparks fly and Carly wants to take a chance... but first Zeke has to get over his preconceived ideas about her career.

11470 / 17500 words. 66% done!

Leslie Karr is packing her meager belongings to move into a new apartment and finds a letter from Granger Unger, explaining why their night of shared grief over the loss of his brother can't go anywhere. After three years, Leslie still wonders if he may have been wrong and decides to test the waters by looking him up before she leaves town.

1664 / 10000 words. 17% done!

Ugly Drunk
Pippa Rice is a problem solver and when she takes a job at a local watering hole, her natural skill defuses quite a few tricky situations. Too bad she can't figure out how to fix her boss, Wood Finnian. The guy has more baggage than an airport, but Pippa isn't one to give up on people, ever.

1377 / 10000 words. 14% done!

Unacceptable Behavior
Blain Donahue wants to buy into a fight club and decides to invest when he meets the main attraction, Roxane Kewes. He's known her a long time--since high school where she constantly got into trouble--and thinks it's great she found an outlet for her unacceptable behavior.

1265 / 10500 words. 12% done!

Under the Impression
Gris Ravenswood, owner of a hot nightspot, has it bad for his lead bartender, Kari Dans, but she's in a relationship with a semi-pro golfer. When Kari imbibes too much at an after party and puts the moves on Gris, he thinks he has a chance... until Kari receives a text and runs off to be the guy who always leaves her behind.

1188 / 10000 words. 12% done!

Under the Influence
When her father dies, Lillith Jans inherits a hotly sought after piece of property in Mexico. She also unknowingly takes on an unpaid debt, which puts her life in danger. Hayden Knoxville makes her an offer she wants to refuse, but can't--sell to him and he'll deal with the men coming to collect payment.

894 / 12500 words. 7% done!

Nona Rack, a footloose artist and Jane of all trades, breaks down beside reclusive author West Wentworth's house at two a.m., during a blinding snowstorm. The cranky writer lets her stay, even though she's underfoot, and before he knows it, he's discovered a new muse.

2102 / 22000 words. 10% done!

Up the Ante
Mutual satisfaction starts at the poker table when Vianca Berry and Fritz Hattenfield begin a flirtatious game that ups the ante of their new relationship.

1312 / 7500 words. 17% done!

Using Tongue
Joss Hellenburg hates licorice and Lisa Getz aims to show him why he should love it--by using her tongue during a hot and steamy kiss--which sets up a series of sexy embraces while the two try to outdo each other.

1021 / 6500 words. 16% done!

Tillie Cruz has a moment of veritas when she shoots Faxon Jarvis in a friendly fire incident. The realization she wants a life with him may be too late because Faxon has a new relationship and Tillie doesn't want to mess it up. She may not have to--her bullet may have done the trick.

823 / 15000 words. 5% done!

Very Awkward Evening
Vi Palona's rock star mom wants a sit down meeting with Garwin Noth's academic parents, which Vi keeps putting off because her mother, Mina, has no edit button. When Mina crashes a birthday dinner, Vi figures her mom can't do much damage... but five minutes into the meal, Vi learns how wrong she is.

1064 / 10000 words. 11% done!

Vicarious Living
Sometimes adversity can be overcome and vicarious living through fantasy proves to be a good thing. Lola Humes and Wright Wesslop discover a mutual way to cope when they meet at their group counseling sessions. They're not supposed to interact outside the anonymous therapy gatherings, but neither is very good at following the rules.

1095 / 12500 words. 9% done!

Vin's Valentine (An Organic Nature Short)
After Eppie revealed her kinkier side to Vin, their trust and bond is deeper and better than ever. But there's someone else who knows how Eppie likes to play and he's hell-bent on worming his way back into her life.

1083 / 9500 words. 11% done!

Violating Space
Reese Claymore has it bad for Eric Matthews but they work in the same department and can't really get together. Doesn't mean Reese can't express her interest—to the point of driving Eric a little insane over it. He decides to prove a point and invades her personal space, but his plan goes awry when he can't resist acting on his crazy impulse.

760 / 9500 words. 8% done!

Voices Carry
Summer Blaine is a struggling artist who always listens to Detective Fitch Falconer's tales of triumphs and woes when he drops by the diner she works in to make ends meet. When she gets a chance to display her art, she invites Fitch to the gallery to see her true passion. Unfortunately, a ghost from her past tries to get in the way and it's up to Fitch to find out who wants her dead.

1595 / 22000 words. 7% done!

Weathering the Storm
Gabby Carns and Tim Appleby live in a remote, mountainous region. When the weather report warns of massive snowfall, the couple prepares for the coming blizzard. But instead of being fearful, they're looking forward to the alone time—nothing brings out the steamy romance like a plunge in the temperature.

729 / 10000 words. 7% done!

Wind It Up
Garner Mason enlists in the military and leaves Rae Manilow behind—breaking her heart. Rae meets Sheriff Felix Reynolds and falls hard, settling down with him in his mountain cabin. When Garner rolls into town intent on making amends with Rae, she's trapped between two men she deeply loves and can't see a way out of her predicament.

1830 / 15000 words. 12% done!

Winning Hand
A night of poker takes a sexy turn when Hahn Canedy ups the ante and wagers a night of hot sex as his tithe. Tawni Capps can't resist calling the bet—either way she'll have the winning hand.

1123 / 9500 words. 12% done!

X Marks the Spot
Nydia Vreeland takes her boyfriend, Declan Morris, on an adult adventure vacation where sexy fun and games ensue. Their final game is a treasure hunt where 'X' marks the spot and the winner gets to choose the evening's pleasure. The way Nydia figures things, there's no way she can lose.

1326 / 10000 words. 13% done!

X Out the Date
Preston Ayl and Elliot Newman are on the verge of making a strong commitment. Attending conferences on opposite ends of the country, the week away from each other is proving more difficult than either expects and they're crossing out the date until they're back together.

1237 / 12500 words. 10% done!

Your Move
Reilly Mounts returns to her hometown after an impulsive marriage and a divorce that's turning ugly. Caden Bromley, her high school flame, wants to pick up where they left off, but Reilly needs some time to figure out where he fits in her life… and she has to deal with her soon to be ex.

1626 / 12000 words. 14% done!

Youth is Overrated
Tatum Moore and Fisher Vogler have three grown children and their oldest is considering divorce. When he seeks advice from his parents, they try not to interfere but provide insight into a passionate opposites-attract marriage and how to make it work.

1335 / 12500 words. 11% done!

Zane's Ghost
When Zane Warchild goes down in the line of duty, Kella Fine blames herself—after all, she realizes her mistake when she crosses a personal line and steps way back from Zane. Gray Warchild grows quickly tired of Kella wearing her guilt like a badge and putting his brother's ghost between them.

2082 / 12500 words. 17% done!

Zanzibar Blues
When Higg Astley is brought in for a clean-up job, maintaining order over a raucous and rowdy crowd, in a roadside tavern, his first goal is to keep the house singer, Liberty Vans, from partaking in the nightly brawl. No easy feat when Liberty is the daughter of the man who wants the land the bar sits on.

1156 / 22000 words. 5% done!

Zipline and Sinker
Vaughn Dyson is a relic hunter who goes out of her way to save old treasures and preserve their place in history. But when Faulkner Roush gets word she's trying to smuggle a priceless artifact out of South America, he has to track her down before a rival, out for profit, group gets to her.

1311 / 10000 words. 13% done!

Mackenna Sycks is looking to raise money for a wildlife refuge in Africa. When Walton Conley offers to back her project, she balks, thinking the hot shot playboy has ulterior motives. He does, but he's also a whiz with fundraisers and surprises Mackenna with gala affair dubbed Zootropolis.

1927 / 12000 words. 15% done!

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