Sunday, September 17, 2017

Sunday Snippet: All Bets Off

September 17, 2017

The Last Ship continues with its excellence. The tough love from Captain Meylan and Master Chief is something Chandler needed. I loved the twisty twist of "Hello, Fletch". I'm very interested in seeing what he does. Can't wait for tonight's episode.

Teen Wolf continues bringing old faces back and I'm so happy! At this point, I'm ready for the guidance counselor to die already. Truly, I pretty much hate her. Gerard is a love to hate character, but the counselor… not so much. She's just annoyingly irritating.

I got started on The Defenders and quite like it so far. The way the four main characters are coming together is pretty terrific and the snark is spot on. Should get at least one more episode in today.

Also started season seven of Hawaii Five-0. I'm enjoying the episodes so far. Not sure I'll be down with a season eight without Chin and Kono so this might be my last season.

I'll be starting the British show Fearless soon. Can't wait to watch Jamie Bamber on my screen again. Which means… I'll probably be binge watching the BSG marathon on Syfy next weekend. LOL

Oh! Terrific news. Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries is going super-sized and coming to the big screen. The crowdsourcing campaign reached its initial goal within forty-eight hours and the funds are still rolling in. Can't wait to see what the movie brings.

That's it for television this week. Tonight's post is from All Bets Off, a sexy short where the main characters face their attraction and navigate through a pile of baggage to examine how they feel.

Here's the mini-blurb:

Kellen Bairds and Pierce Abbotson make friendly wagers on a regular basis until Kellen won't admit Pierce won their latest round. When he calls her on the lie, she gets angry because no amount of money on earth will make her reveal how kinky her dreams are. Or her feelings for him.

And a snippety peek…

Pierce dropped down beside Barret, which put him across from Kellen. He flashed a quick smile and she returned it. The entire after-party idea came from her and he'd balked at first, but the events brought the crew together and profits rose because of their camaraderie.
Nice for his bank account not to mention helping restore his faith in humanity.
No small feat.
But something about her remained elusive. She engaged with the other but also held back. It made him a little crazy sometimes.
Barret nudged Pierce's shoulder. "Wanna go first, boss?" He waggled his eyebrows for good measure.
Pierce shook his head. "I'll go last. Executive privilege." He chuckled when a chorus of groans greeting his pronouncement.
Truth told, he had an edgy feeling about the night and wanted to go last to see if he could pinpoint the reason.
An hour later, by the end of the first round, he hadn't managed to figure it out.
Winnie turned her shot glass over. "I'm out, guys. Barret's gonna fall over if one of us can't walk back home." She slid her chair out and waited a moment before standing.
Barret had seven glasses lined up in front of him. His propensity for telling tall tales taking him out of the game in the first round. Pierce helped Winnie get him out the door and relocked it behind them. Luckily, they lived the closest to the bar, one street over and a block up.
When Pierce returned to the table, Kinley snorted. "Think those two will ever hook up?"
Kellen lifted a shoulder. "Let's let them figure it out. Barret's not ready to be a one-woman man just yet."
Pierce quirked a brow. "Speaking from personal experience?"
Kellen pinned him with her gaze. "Is that an official question?" Her lips twisted in a sly smirk.
Pierce shrugged. "Sure, why not?"
Her mouth widened into a grin. "Drink up, boss man." The implication being she'd never hooked up with Barret.
Pierce narrowed his gaze. "You're sure?" She dead-eyed him and he picked up the shot.
Yeah, no hooking up with Barret for Kellen.
He downed the liquor. "Next question."

I thoroughly enjoy watching my characters dance around feelings and then get all tangled up in their emotions. So much fun to write.

That's it for this week. Happy reading.


Sunday, September 10, 2017

Sunday Snippet: Academic Challenge

I'm hoping anyone in the path of a hurricane is hunkered down and safe. I have family in Florida and a best friend in Texas—who survived Harvey relatively unscathed—and they haven't seen the last of the crazy, intense storms.

From what I'm seeing on previews, it looks like The Last Ship will have a huge storm to deal with on screen. They're oddly in step with real world events, which is one of the bizarre yet cool things. Last week's episode ended up being way better than I thought it would be. And Mike didn't die so bonus points for that.

I'm completely caught up on Teen Wolf and, wow, things are getting super intense. Gerard is batshit, per usual, but on a whole new level. And the guidance teacher chick, whose name I never remember, is annoyingly single-minded. Looking forward to tonight's episode to see what new blast from the past appears.

I caught the finale of Killjoys and it didn't disappoint. I'm so happy we get two more seasons of this cast and crew. I'm very interested in where the storyline involving the lady will go. And, of course, I need my Jacobi brother fix… sandwiched or not.

I also got caught up and watched the finale of Wynonna Earp. This show… is total gold. Somewhat like Lost Girl, the show hasn't met a genre rule it won't break and I love it even more because of that. I'm excited to see what next season brings.

I should be starting The Defenders this week and catching up with season seven of Hawaii Five-0. I'm also thinking about starting the British drama Fearless, which stars one of my favorite actors.

That's it for television this week. Tonight's post is from Academic Challenge, a novella with main characters who face the challenge of working together with a powerful attraction.

Here's the mini-blurb:

Holly Patz, the newest TA for Professor Sam Ingali, wants to enjoy the experience. But when rumors start swirling about her relationship with the handsome instructor, she has to decide whether to stick around and become his latest conquest or turn the odds in her favor.

And a snippety peek…

Holly gathered up the papers the designated student turned in from the class. She stuffed them into her satchel and got up, ready to head to her office to start grading. Sam had a trio of female coeds peppering him with questions and trying to flirt at the same time.
Holly's lips curved. The man definitely had a fan club. She hefted the strap of the messenger bag over her shoulder and lifted a hand in a quick wave.
Sam ended his conversation, disappointing the three women, and caught up with Holly. "Do you have plans tonight?" He pushed the door open and let her precede him through.
She tilted her head, glancing at him sideways. "Not yet. Why?" A bag of microwave popcorn and action movies didn't qualify as plans, right?
He paused a moment, a rare hint of indecision on his face. "I'm working on a new lecture but can't quite nail it down." His gaze met hers. "Would you be willing to have a working dinner and act as a sounding board?"
She barely kept her mouth from dropping open. After their initial banter-filled meeting, they'd transitioned to a smooth working relationship. She made it a point to have everything required waiting on the professor when he arrived, just as he'd requested. Going above and beyond, on clinic days, she assigned the groups working together and avoided the need for questions about organization and expectations, giving Sam time to start assessing progress almost immediately.
If he noticed her efficiency, he didn't mention a thing about it.
"Holly? If tonight doesn't work or if you're not comfortable with helping, let me know."
She shook her head. "Sorry. Tonight's fine." Her lips curved in a quick smile. "Your place or mine?" The cheeky question brought out a brief grin on Sam's face.
He mulled his reply over a few moments. "How about I pick up some dinner and bring it over to your place."
She nodded. "Sounds good. My last class is over at seven. We can meet at seven thirty if that works for you?" Pausing outside the office door, she waited for his response.
He stopped beside her. "Seven thirty works. I'll see you then." With a quick wave, he continued forward, heading toward the exit.
Holly entered the small space and settled behind the desk. Instead of pulling papers out to grade, she propped her chin on her hands and contemplated what a working dinner would look like with Professor Ingali. Food and casual conversation first? Or a start with the lecture and discuss over cuisine?
Did it really matter? She gave it half a second of thought.
"Not like it's a date, Holly." She didn't have to dress to impress…
Or clean her apartment.
Holly grabbed her satchel and pulled the papers out. "Okay, maybe I should at least straighten up." If she hurried through the grading, she'd have just enough time to run home, clear the clutter and make it back for her five o'clock class.

I'm having fun with this one. Holly definitely isn't Sam's usual type and that throws him off more than a little.

That's it for this week. Happy reading!


Sunday, September 3, 2017

Sunday Snippet: Zootropolis

Hello, September. I'm always caught off guard when the calendar flips over to September 1. It's like, wait, wait, I'm not ready for the insanity to start yet. Sadly, the universe doesn't care and the days keep marching on anyway.

The Last Ship's second week provided entertaining fare. I can't wait to see what happened after the end of last week's episode.

Caught the finale for Dark Matter and truly hope it's not the actual series finale. Way too many questions left up in the air. Fingers crossed someone picks up the series and it continues on some way.

Killjoys is renewed for two more seasons! I'm up to the episode before the finale and I'm so, so happy we'll get more of this terrific cast and show.

Wynonna Earp keeps blowing me away. I only have a few more episodes to watch before the finale. I'll honestly be glad to see the last of the widows.

I'm caught up on Teen Wolf and ready for tonight's episode. More familiar faces are returning and I'm excited to see what happens this week.

That wraps up television for this week. Tonight's post is from Zootropolis, a novella that started with a writing community prompt of one main character is a caretaker of exotic animals and the other meets them through their work.

Here's the mini-blurb:

Mackenna Sycks is looking to raise money for a wildlife refuge in Africa. When Walton Conley offers to back her project, she balks, thinking the hot shot playboy has ulterior motives. He does, but he's also a whiz with fundraisers and surprises Mackenna with gala affair dubbed Zootropolis.

And a snippety peek…

Walton braced an elbow on the open window of the car door. "Carrie, thanks for the ride out to Mackenna's sanctuary and for her contact information." He paused a moment. "I'll, uh, give her a call when I have the time set for the fundraiser meeting." He didn't comment on Mackenna's prickly disposition.
The two women were polar opposites, which meant they probably complemented each other in their rescue endeavors.
Carrie gave him a wry smile. "Mackenzie's bark is worse than her bite. She'll grow on you. Give her time." She leaned toward the window. "Don't think I didn't notice your interested perusal of her when we pulled up. She's not as far off base with the whole playboy persona as you'd like her to be, is she?"
His reputation often became inflated by the gossipmongers, but he couldn't deny the kernels of truth. He worked hard and played accordingly.
But he hadn't expected the direct questioning of his character. "Perhaps not. But this is one instance where I won't be mixing business with pleasure." As if Mackenna Sycks would let him.
Carrie laughed. "Somehow, I don't think you'll stay true to your word on that front." She put the truck in gear. "But Mackenna's bullshit detector rarely fails her. You've got your work cut out with her." She let her foot off the brake and waved, wearing a wide grin, when she backed out of the parking space.
Walton frowned. Okay, he'd own the once-over and even admit an attraction to the leggy Mackenna. The woman had a terrific set of gams. Actually, she impressed the hell out of him overall.
Yet she couldn't have made it more obvious he didn't rate high on her list at all.
He turned and started toward his office. Arriving in jeans and a casual shirt should set the topic of conversation among the staff. He hadn't pulled anything other than a suit from his closet in ages.
 Cutoff cargo pants and a form-fitting t-shirt flashed through his mind.
He shook his head. "Get over it, Conley. She definitely only wants your money." Sort of… and only after he mentioned his grandparents.
Why had he even mentioned them? He never talked about his grandparents. They meant too much to him.
What would it take to bring Mackenna around? To see something other than derision in her gaze?
He stopped, his hand poised to open the door to his office. "Why the hell do I even care?" He snorted and entered the building, greeting the stable of receptionists with a nod, and ignored their open-mouthed reactions.
Strolling to his office, he pushed Mackenna Sycks aside and turned his thoughts toward creating a kick ass fundraising event. Foregoing his desk, he settled in at his drafting table and grabbed a pencil. Clearing his mind, he started sketching.
"Let's see if I can create something wild and wonderful for Ms. Hard-to-Impress."
He blithely ignored the fact she'd crept back into his headspace again.

I like having two characters that find each other attractive but don't start out on the right foot.

That's it for this week. Happy reading!


Sunday, August 27, 2017

Sunday Snippet: Zipline and Sinker

So… The Last Ship has a beyond awesome two-hour season premiere. I'm so happy this show is back on my television! I love where the characters are and I've added Meylan to my "do not kill" list. The showrunners better be listening or they're paying my bar tab at the end of the season. Just saying.

I'm making headway on my catch-up viewing of Killjoys, Dark Matter, and Wynonna Earp. Totally love where all three shows are going. Killjoys just makes me happy with the twisty turns it takes when I'm least expecting them. I didn't know if I'd be on board with the whole Aneela shtick, but I really like the small revelations we get here and there. Dark Matter can be uber confusing sometimes, but I like the overall arc of where things end up. Wynonna Earp blows my mind. The cast interactions are amazing and I'm so happy another season will be on tap.

Catching up on Teen Wolf and, yeah, Gerard being back makes things very interesting. I love the element of fear being almost personified. Looking forward to where everything ends up.

In casting news, one of my favorite actresses signed on to be a villain on The Flash. Looking forward to seeing what Katee brings to the table as a baddie.

That's it for television this week. Tonight's post is from Zipline and Sinker, a novella in the South of the Border collective.

Here's the mini-blurb:

Vaughn Dyson is a relic hunter who goes out of her way to save old treasures and preserve their place in history. But when Faulkner Roush gets word she's trying to smuggle a priceless artifact out of South America, he has to track her down before a rival, out for profit, group gets to her.

And a snippety peek…

Vaughn Dyson tucked the carved jaguar into her satchel and whirled around, a bullet narrowly missing her. "Dammit. Should've known this was too easy." Retrievals always had a way of going south on her.
And when they were priceless artifacts that should be preserved for display by government sanctioned museums, all the nasty predators—the for-profit hunters and sleazy black market, private collectors—came crawling out of the woodwork. Or course, the hunters and collectors sent four-man teams after her. Especially when she didn't have backup.
Vaughn huffed out a harsh breath. "Your own damn fault you're going it solo these days." Ducking and rolling, she scrambled to the wall of the tomb and got to her feet.
She would not think about how nice it would be to have Faulk—
Another bullet whizzed past her ear.
Vaughn took off, darting between two large columns for cover. If she could make it to the entrance, she could trigger the failsafe and trap the goons inside, buying her a little time. She'd give anything—except the artifact she'd come for—to know which rival collector wanted her head this time. Either Bishop Cramer or Gardner Hart. She'd bet her nonexistent house on it being either one of those men.
She hustled, weaving in between the pillars, doing her best to avoid the ricochet of bullets. "Not much further." A few dozen meters… she could make a run for it.
Taking off, she crouched as low as possible and made a beeline for the arched doorway. Who cared if she threw caution to the wind and took the shortest route possible? The crazy strategy worked, her attackers weren't expecting her to make a straight shot for the exit. She skidded into a slide when gunfire started again and managed to get her feet headed in the right direction to kick out and activate the secret lever.
Her booted toe nudged the slot and a loud rumble echoed through the chamber she'd entered. She turned in time to see a heavy stone slab crash to the floor, effectively cutting her off from the black-clad assailants.
She collapsed, heaving a heavy sigh. "Thank you, whatever rules the universe." Rolling to her side, she didn't waste time catching her breath.
She got up again and rushed out into the bright sunshine. The stone slab wouldn't stand up for long under a heavy array of bullets. She needed to find a place to lay low and regroup long enough to figure out how to get back to the states.
Making her way down to the river, she carefully pulled her small kayak out from under the brush and got it into the water. An old mission stood about a mile downstream. She should be able to take shelter until she could come up with a plan to get home.
 If her rivals didn't have the place surrounded.

Vaughn is up a creek… but at least she has a paddle to navigate her course. Doesn't mean she won't need some help along the way.

That's it for this week. Happy reading!


Sunday, August 20, 2017

Sunday Snippet: Zanzibar Blues

I'm so excited for The Last Ship season premiere tonight! I can't wait to see where my favorite sailors are and what they're doing.

I'm an episode behind on Teen Wolf, but should be caught up later tonight or tomorrow.

Got another episode or two in of Dark Matter and Killjoys. Still need to catch up on Wynonna Earp. I'm truly loving Killjoys this season. I'm totally wondering if any additional traitors will be revealed. New nerd is on my super watch list. Just saying.

Hoping to start The Defenders this week. So far, I'm reading positive reviews… not that I wouldn't watch if they all tanked the show. I like too many of the characters to not see what they're up to.

I might have to break down and watch Midnight Texas, but it'll be on Demand. I have such a negative hate on for NBC as a network… which truly sucks because they own one of my favorite channels. <sigh>

That's it for television this week. Tonight's post is from Zanzibar Blues, a novella that got a writing community prompt to write a story with a bar setting making the female main a  singer. I really liked that prompt.

Here's the mini-blurb:

When Higg Astley is brought in for a clean-up job, maintaining order over a raucous and rowdy crowd, in a roadside tavern, his first goal is to keep the house singer, Liberty Vans, from partaking in the nightly brawl. No easy feat when Liberty is the surrogate daughter of the man who owns the bar.

And a snippety peek…

Marko Rivera observed the wild mess of his roadside bar. Once again, he'd spend the night cleaning up the broken chairs, shattered glass, and God only knew what the liquid spilled all over the place would turn out to be.
Heaving a sigh, he grabbed a broom. "I need to invest in hazardous material gear." He started a long sweep in front of the curved bar.
A bucket landed beside him, the mop swinging dangerously close to his head.
The lead singer of his house band, Liberty Vans, grabbed the handle, angling it toward her. "You know, you might want to consider keeping a skid of barstools in reserve, too." Her lips twitched before she soaked the floor with warm, soapy water.
Marko's heart kicked. She reminded him so much of her dad… the best friend Marko ever had, a brother in arms. When she showed up on Marko's doorstep two years ago, he'd welcomed her with open arms. He'd never had kids, watching Liberty grow up pretty much gave him bragging rights as her surrogate dad.
Her head lifted. "You gonna stand there all night or finish sweeping?"
He started pushing the broom again. "You know, Lib, I will make this better." A promise he'd been making for over a year now. "I've got some new muscle coming in tomorrow, er, well, later today now." In about six hours, which meant he'd only get a quick catnap before he opened again.
Liberty continued scrubbing the floor. "How's that gonna work?" She didn't look up, her motions quick and efficient, following the cleared path he made with the broom.
Marko paused, grabbing her shoulder. "Well, they'll offer some additional protection, help keep a barrier between the stage and the troublemakers."
Liberty shook her head. "Marko, that's not going to help much."
He nodded. "I know. But it'll buy me some time. I know Henry Caver is behind the constant problems. He's the one who hired Stanic Klemper—your ex—to start all the brawls and fights."
Liberty slapped the mop on the floor again. "Dammit, Marko. Stanic is not my ex."

I'm having so much fun plotting this one out. I love all the conflict the characters face.

That's it for this week. Happy reading!


Sunday, August 13, 2017

Sunday Snippet: Zane's Ghost

Wow. I so look forward to my Sunday posts, mainly because the crazy that is the real world makes discussing fictional television shows and books a nice, lovely interlude.

Teen Wolf followed up with a terrific episode. I literally laughed for a good, long while during Stiles's FBI scene. The return of Old Man Crazypants didn't disappoint either. Just saying.

Had a seriously busy week playing taxi driver for the kids. Didn't get to catch up on anymore Killjoys or Dark Matter. I have to throw Wynonna Earp in there, too.

Now that the end of Orphan Black happened, I'll be adding that show to my queue to binge watch the entire final season. Can't wait!

The Last Ship premieres next week!! Really looking forward to having my favorites back on the screen. And crossing my fingers that I don't lose my super-secret top few this season. Won't be holding my breath on that one. LOL

That's it for television this week. Tonight's post is from Zane's Ghost, a novella that started with a very cool writing community prompt. Create a story with the conflict centering on another character. Example: Because of [insert character here].

Here's the mini-blurb:

When Zane Warchild goes down in the line of duty, Kella Fine blames herself—after all, she realizes her mistake when she crosses a personal line and steps way back from Zane. Gray Warchild grows quickly tired of Kella wearing her guilt like a badge and putting his brother's ghost between them.

And a snippety peek…

"God dammit, Zane. Why are we still talking about this?" Kella Fine threw her hands up in frustration.
Her ex-partner drove her crazy sometimes. The ninth precinct might not be big enough for both of them anymore.
Zane Warchild quirked a brow. "Because my brother is being a raging asshole and he's directing his pissed off attitude at me." He crossed his arms and kicked his feet up onto her desk.
Kella bit back a growl. She hated when Zane got overly comfortable. Made it a lot harder to find stuff when she needed it. And, dammit, Gray Warchild had plenty of reasons to be angry with Zane and most didn't have a thing to do with her.
She dropped down to the armrest of her desk chair. "Look, you and I crossed a line we shouldn't have. Your brother has nothing to do with why we'll never be sleeping together again." Okay, not exactly the truth.
Gray had a lot to do with why she wouldn't be twisting the sheets with Zane again. But Zane's attitude, his possessiveness, and his utter disregard for their safety when out on cases topped the list of why she'd put in for a transfer three months ago.
Zane snorted. "Bullshit. He's got everything to do with why." His tone descended into the almost snotty petulance she abhorred.
Kella sighed. "No, he doesn't. I told you we made a mistake before I met him." She paused, once again wishing she'd met Gray first. "Gray and I aren't even dating at the moment." And they probably never would.
Zane rolled his eyes. "Right. Work schedules, blah, blah, blah." He moved his feet off the desk and leaned forward. "You know he's not going out with anyone else. He just won't get involved with you because of me." His lips twisted with a small triumphant smirk.
Kella lifted a shoulder. "Which is fine by me. It's awkward as hell anyway." Mainly because Zane made things that way, but Gray could ignore his brother if he chose to.
He didn't.
Zane leaned back again. "Yeah, well, you should've thought of that before dumping me as your partner and screwing my brother." He crossed his arms over his chest.
Kella exhaled slowly, tamping down a rise of anger. "You know damned well Gray and I didn't sleep together." They'd come close, but Gray backed off from going full-on horizontal, opting for a not-quite-as-satisfying oral conclusion instead.
At least he'd let her return the favor. A moment she frequently relived.
Unlike the one and only time she'd slept with Zane.
He didn't get why she considered that slip a huge mistake. He'd let their one night of passion morph into something it couldn't be. Kella loved him as a partner. Before… when Zane played by the rules. Before he'd assumed they had couple potential and didn't appreciate her differing opinion.
Before he'd left her alone in an alley during a tense situation because he didn't about a nothing disturbing the peace bust. Not when another call came through several blocks away with a better chance of getting a collar with narcotics. Their disturbing the peace turned into an armed altercation that almost got Kella shot and left one of the participants wounded.
He swore he didn't leave her because she'd earlier told him, in no uncertain terms, they wouldn't be hooking up on a regular basis, but the timing reeked of Zane lashing out to prove a point. She couldn't trust he wouldn't pull the same thing again, even after he promised to be on his best behavior.
Kella explained, again, why she'd wanted out. "We're not partners anymore because we crossed a line and you take too damned many chances." She couldn't bear to watch him push the envelope anymore and risk him leaving her stranded without backup again.
Zane hand-waved her reasoning. "Now you sound like Gray. He's so damned jealous because I pull in more collars and I'm on the fast track for promotion."
Kella shook her head. Gray didn't give two shits if his brother made the grade before Gray did. Sure he had three years on Zane, but Gray went to college and entered the police academy after his younger brother. Only Zane made a big deal out of moving up the ranks at a faster pace.
She opened her mouth to… honestly, she had no idea what to say anymore.
Zane's superior officer popped his head into the bullpen. "Warchild, let's go. Wheels roll in five."
Zane straightened and flashed a smile. "Task force duty tonight. We're on standby for the union protesters at the dock." He puffed out his chest. "Should add a few more feathers to my cap tonight." He almost strutted across the room.
Kella stood and followed him. "You know, one of these days a bullet is going to find you, if you're not a little more careful."
Zane snorted. "No way, babe. I'm untouchable." He strolled out the door and fell into step beside the task force leader.
Kella appreciated the necessity for full confidence, but Zane had her worried. Bravado did not equate to self-assurance. She had no doubt Zane brazened his way onto the task force roster, probably using his old man's name to gain entry. He lacked the full-training he should have to participate in the raids, meaning he should be hovering in the background, learning from the others.
So not a Zane thing to do.
Grabbing her jacket, she closed the door to the bullpen and made her way outside. She'd have her new assignment in a few days and finally be off desk duty. Her mind drifted to Gray. Maybe he'd be willing to revisit going out together after a few months of her being Zane-free.

I love the possibilities with this one. Family dynamics are so much fun to write.

That's it for this week. Happy reading!


Sunday, August 6, 2017

Sunday Snippet: Youth Is Overrated

Hello August! So many things going on this month. School starts for my one and only daughter and one and only student this year. She's involved in the music and athletic departments and the fall tends to be very busy. She's already started her golf season and band practice started also. She had a busy week with band camp from 8 to 3 and then golf qualifying from 4 to 6. She's got the number three spot right now and is happy being there. They have almost twice the amount of girls this year and everyone is excited about growing the sport.

Teen Wolf's premiere didn't disappoint. I'm excited to see how everything wraps up. I loved the surprises and can't wait for more. Keep them coming!

Got a few more episodes of Killjoys in and really like how the season is shaping up. Here's hoping there's a renewal in the future.

I'm also almost caught up on Dark Matter. I continue to enjoy the interactions and character arcs.

Need to catch the last two episodes of Wynonna Earp and I hope I can get that done this week.

Seeing more promo for The Last Ship… looking forward to the premiere in two weeks!!

That's it for television this week. Tonight's post is from Youth Is Overrated, a novella that got a start with the writing community prompt of "family drama; divorce". I liked the idea of parents facing the dilemma when one of their children considers getting one.

Here's the mini-blurb:

Tatum Moore and Fisher Vogler have three grown children and their oldest is considering divorce. When he seeks advice from his parents, they try not to interfere but provide insight into a passionate opposites attract marriage and how to make it work.

And a snippety peek…

Fisher walked into the kitchen to find Jamie staring out the window over the sink. He had his hands jammed in his back pockets, his shoulders taut with tension. Fisher's eldest had something gnawing at him. No doubt about it.
After pouring two mugs of coffee, Fisher propped a hip against the counter. "Talked to your brother lately?" Reece had a case of hero worship for Jamie and usually stayed in touch by text message on a daily basis.
Jamie didn't move from his spot. "He sent me some images of his final project yesterday." He still didn't budge, keeping his gaze on the yard outside.
Fisher hoped Jamie found some comfort by gazing at the scene before him. Tatum worked hard to make the garden and landscaping visually appealing. She mixed serene colors with fragrant blossoms to create a pleasant oasis.
Tatum entered the kitchen, got a look at their son, and shot a questioning gaze in Fisher's direction. He shrugged, indicating he had no idea what Jamie had on his mind. She snagged her mug from the counter and took a bracing sip.
Moving to stand in front of Fisher, she leaned against him. "Okay, Jamie. We're presentable." She brought the cup to her lips again. "Thanks for making the coffee, by the way."
Jamie didn't respond and Tatum's shoulders squared. Fisher placed an arm around her waist, preventing her from thwapping their oldest on the back of his head. They'd taught him better manners.
Fisher spoke quietly against her ear. "Give him a minute, yeah." Jamie had a lot of Fisher's personality traits, meaning he took time to think about what he wanted to say.
Unfortunately, Tatum's patience didn't exist until she had at least two cups of coffee. Pushing away from Fisher, she handed off her mug and planted her palms on her hips. Fisher gave her credit for the silent ten-count she managed before pushing hard for a reply.
She heaved an angry huff. "Jamie Malcolm Vogler, you'd better snap out of whatever rude funk you're in in the next ten seconds or be ready to face my wrath." She opened her mouth to start a countdown but snapped it shut when Jamie whirled to face her.
"I'm not trying to be rude, Mother. I'm trying to figure out how to tell you guys I'm asking Risa for a divorce."

And… that's not how Tatum and Fisher thought their morning would begin. LOL

That's it for this week. Happy reading!