Sunday, July 22, 2018

Sunday Snippet: How to Tell Off the Boss

I'm coming off another busy week. My youngest is finally doing her driver's training classwork and driving with the instructor. She also had her first week of summer band camp so the back and forth driving to and from kept me busy.

Not a bad week of television viewing. The return of Wynonna Earp and Killjoys topped the terrific stuff. I'm so excited to have both shows back on my screen.

Other than those, I got another episode of Pensacola Wings of Gold in along with the second episode of Lexx. The latter is such a trippy kind of show. I'd forgotten how off the wall it could be.

I caught a Garage Sale Mysteries episode, "A Case for Murder". Not a bad little movie series. Enjoyed my first experience with the Hallmark show.

Also caught my military shows, Band of Brothers and Strike Back. I'm close to finishing up both seasons of each show.

Caught two DVD viewings of Batman: The Brave and the Bold, with season two's first part. I'm kind of looking forward to the second part of season two if only to figure out the whole star-shaped villain thing.

I'm two-thirds of the way through Chicago Fire's sixth season. I'm going to miss Gabby in a big way. I'm almost afraid of what Matt's storyline is going to become. I'm also close to the last episode of Sense 8's first season. Looking forward to the holiday-themed movie that's next up and launches the second season.

Watch some classic television on the Pluto app for Roku. Fun stuff there. I've also been hitting some nostalgia by watching old episodes of Murder, She Wrote and Heat of the Night. I used to watch both shows when I lived with my Gram. We lost her this past March and it's been kind of wonderful to stroll down memory lane by revisiting these two shows.

That's it for television this week. Tonight's post is from How to Tell Off the Boss, a novella that started with a two-word prompt of "bug off". I had a scene pop into my head the moment I read the words.

Here's the mini-blurb:

Orin Murdoch's boss, the newly installed VP of Sales, is driving him insane with new promotions that just don't work. Edda Case, an upstart marketing whiz, takes Orin in hand and teaches him how to tell off the boss with style.

And a snippety peek…

Edda entered the office the next day with her brain on Orin Murdoch. Weird. But she chalked it up to the ass-chewing he received. She firmly believed the jump bag campaign would take off. Hell, it should have taken off. Her work had been on the mark for the target audience.
Sitting behind her desk, she pulled some numbers from her projections. She'd built in a cushion—she always did—for stragglers. There were always customers who came on board later than most—they still had serviceable cases, they always waited until the initial launch and paid full price, or they had to go through a budget process. Marketing might be her forte but she could crunch numbers with the pros.
Like Orin.
The guy might be a little buttoned-up, but he had too much intelligence to suffer a loss of epic proportions. Especially with her kick-ass marketing campaign. Something smelled rotten and she wanted to get to the bottom of what caused the stench.
Printing the report, she got up and grabbed her coffee then headed down the corridor to Orin's office. She wanted to chat with him about the big picture stuff he always had a solid handle on.
She found him sitting with one hand under his chin and the other tapping out a rapid staccato on his desk. "Skyscrapers are too quick of a way for Linna to go. Edda totally got that wrong." He muttered something else about three hours of sleep sucking ass.
Edda made a mock protest. "I'll have you know I rarely get anything completely wrong." She set her coffee on the credenza in front of the window and placed the printed pages next to the cup. "Can you think of anything better?"
He leaned back and she'd never guess he didn't get much sleep. His crisp blue shirt stretched over his chest just enough to show the definition under the fabric. His bold royal and gold paisley-designed tie brought out the warm amber flecks in his brown gaze. Only when his gaze met hers did she see the dull thread of weariness there.
Orin chewed his lip before answering. "A hot sun and about a million fire ants sounds about right."
Edda bit back a laugh. "Wow, that's kind of vicious." She lowered her voice. "And kind of brilliant. Count me in if you need an accomplice."
Orin rolled his eyes. "As if. But she's driving me insane." He leaned forward again. "She's called three times this morning and she's only been here for an hour." A sigh escaped him. "I put her off until tomorrow. I need to do a complete audit of the whole campaign and if she wants the projections for the new launch by lunch today, she has to cut me slack somewhere." He closed his eyes and dragged in a deep breath. "I'm beyond tired of being her whipping boy."

This one is so much fun. I'm thinking it might need to be renamed to 1001 Ways to Wish Death on the Boss. Then again… that might be too bloodthirsty even for me. LOL

That's it for this week. Happy reading!


Sunday, July 15, 2018

Sunday Snippet: Hot Water

Whew. Crazy-busy week. I spent much of the past seven days brainstorming a new business idea with one of my closest friends. We're close to making a decision about moving forward or not. I'll keep everyone posted.

Not a bad week for television. Got in more Batman: The Brave and the Bold. Decent episodes but I'm always thrown by Batman not being Kevin Conroy. Ah, well. That's how it goes.

Got a couple episodes of Constantine in. I'll have one more to watch to finish up the season. Also caught the first episode of Lexx. I remember the original run but didn't get to watch everything from start to finish. Looking forward to seeing the entire story.

Watched another episode of The Coroner. It fits in well with my other mystery shows. Got two episodes of Midsomer Murders and Endeavor in. I'm caught up as far as I can be with Endeavor. Have to wait for season five to become available for binge-watching.

Watched a Hallmark movie, The Art of Us. I had the pleasure of editing the wonderful book from Tule Publishing. The movie turned out really well.

Caught my military shows with one episode each. Band of Brothers and Strike Back. Also followed up with an episode of Chicago Fire.

Sense 8 had another terrific episode. I'm always blown away with the seamlessness of the cluster interactions. I can't wait to watch more of this show. Started The Dresden Files with the first episode. I enjoyed this show when it originally aired. I'm up to episode seven of Canal Road and the twisty turns keep on coming. I'm very invested in seeing how the show plays out with regards to Spencer's wife's death.

I started a classic series in black and white called Medic. There are only twelve episodes available on the app, but I'll see how the second one is before deciding to continue or not.

Finally started the second season of The Sarah Conner Chronicles. I so wish there had been more of this show. Things really jelled in season two.

That's it for television this week. Tonight's post is from Hot Water, a novella that started with a prompt and took a wild-hair turn into something completely different.

Here's the mini-blurb:

When Demi Strange and Nathan Jordan work together at a summer camp, things get heated. The campers use up the water ration, leaving Demi to borrow Nathan's shower and it lands her in more than hot water.

And a snippety peek…

Nate shook off the odd feeling of being brushed aside. Had he offended Demi?
He got up. "Nah. I've offered everyone a chance to use the cabin." Gathering up his paperwork, he filed it in the cabinet and went to meet the kitchen staff to discuss how they could help with the water situation.
He found Carol filling a huge stock pot with water.
She held up a hand. "Don't even bother. I'm filling the pots with cold water and I'll keep them on the stove on a low boil." She lifted the heavy pot with ease and carried it to the range. "Not like I haven't done this before." Her lips spread in a wide smile. "Glad Butch and Linda converted the stove to electric five years ago."
His first summer at the camp. "Such a big deal at the time." But a good decision.
Carol turned the burner on. "You were just a babe way back then." She laughed, obviously enjoying being able to rib him.
Nate shrugged. "Right out of high school with my first job away from home." Man, had he been green.
Carol flashed a smile. "And you loved every moment of being here." She started filling another pot.
Nate nodded. "I did. Still do." Except… he'd be graduating with his master's degree after the fall semester.
Which begged the question… what to do next?
Carol voiced the exact thought. "What're your plans? I'm assuming you won't be here next year." She handed him the pot when he held out a hand and started filling another one.
Nathan put the water on the stove and turned the burner on. "I'm interviewing for a few spots over the summer, the jobs contingent on graduation." He needed something full-time, otherwise, he'd love to return to the camp.
How much longer did Demi have for her degree?
Why the hell did he care?
Because she intrigued him. Her seeming lack of interest piqued his curiosity. In a very good way.
He still had the question in his mind when the counselors and campers gathered around the fire for spooky stories and gooey s'mores. A tailor-made opportunity presented itself when Mitzi got up to get more marshmallows, leaving the space beside Demi open. Nate took the spot, determined to find out more about the beautiful woman.
She quirked an eyebrow when he settled beside her. "Nate." She didn't say more and went back to watching the flames flicker and dance.
He nudged her with his shoulder. "How did the girls take the news?" Might as well open with a common thread.
Demi snorted. "As well as any preteen that loves to primp and pamper themselves would." She laughed. "So not completely well."
He chuckled. "Bart said the guys grumbled and complained, but decided to make a competition out of who gets done the fastest and still manages to get clean."
Demi wrinkled her nose. "And who determines the level of cleanliness?"
Nate shook his head. "I have no idea, but no doubt Bart will get stuck with the task." Nate definitely would not.
Demi only smiled and turned her attention back to the fire. Nathan frowned. What did he have to do to hold her attention?
He asked the question on his mind all day. "So, how much longer do you have to finish your degree?" Crappy transition, but maybe school would open her up.
Demi glanced in his direction, narrowing her gaze a little. "I'm starting my final year this fall. Why?" Her gaze clouded a little like she couldn't believe he'd want to know.
The idea didn't sit well with him. He never treated his counselors like they didn't matter. But she had wariness almost oozing from her pores. Because of him? The notion bothered him. A lot.
He folded his hands in his lap to avoid the urge to get closer to her. "Mainly curious. Your major is…" Aw, hell, why couldn't he remember? "Something with communications?" Geez, I'm an idiot.
Demi rolled her eyes. "Nate, really, you don't have to pretend to be interested. I'm an English major with a minor in communications." She turned her attention back to the fire.
Dammit. He actually wanted to know. And he'd remembered the communications part.
He tried again. "I'm not pretending. Why would you think I am?" He had a guess and could kick himself for it.
She sighed. "Look, I know how this usually goes. You pick someone or someones and lavish your attention on them, inviting them to your cabin for a hot fling that ends by the time our final paycheck clears for the season." Angling toward him a little, she met his gaze. "Let me be blunt. You're extremely attractive, but your role as the director—with your own private cabin—doesn't really interest me. Your previous liaisons kind of speak for themselves as to how this summer would play out." She got up and smoothed her shorts down. "I guess I should thank you for considering me but I'd rather not be in contention for the annual summer bed-partner spot." Turning away, she clapped her hands. "Girls, let's start getting things cleaned up."
Nate blew out a harsh breath. "Geez, she pretty much called it straight down the middle." Except he'd already decided to avoid the whole revolving bed status quo this year. "Figures I find someone that genuinely interests me and I screw up my chances before I even get out of the gate."
Which served him right. The irony kind of smacked him in the face and he laughed. Shot down in flames with scorched-earth precision, he had his work cut out for him.
And he planned to prove Demi wrong; show her his past didn't define his future.
Starting first thing tomorrow.

Heh. Nate got hoisted by his own petard. I love having him at a disadvantage.

That's it for this week. Happy reading!


Sunday, July 8, 2018

Sunday Snippet: Healthy Appetite

Ugh. I love fireworks but my dog… not so much. Seriously, July is a rough month because various places around where I live have events and they're within hearing distance. The poor dog just shakes, trembles, and pants like it's the end of the world. Oddly enough, thunderstorms don't tend to bother her much. When they're really severe she gets a little antsy and won't settle down, but she doesn't tremble and shake. Here's to getting through the midway point of the month when the last show is scheduled. Whew.

Had a decent viewing week for television shows. Caught Endeavor and Midsomer Murders. The mystery shows are always a treat.

Caught the second part of Batman: The Brave and the Bold. Started season five The Batman and it's terrific.

Watched my military shows, Band of Brothers and Strike Back. I'd forgotten how crazy Strike Back gets about midway through season four. I'm looking forward to seeing if season five keeps the frantic pace alive.

I'm almost finished with season one of Sense8. I love the interactions of the group and how the fallout from those is super awkward sometimes. I'd love to have a little more information about the whole conspiracy angle but I'm truly thrilled with how the first season unfolds.

Got another two episodes of The Sarah Conner Chronicles in and, seriously, that was some awesome television. I miss the show a lot.

I only got to episode four of Mutant X before the app pulled the show. Now I'll have to find it somewhere else. Pensacola Wings of Gold had a good episode but I'm not glued to it the way I thought I'd be. I'm almost finished with Constantine. It's a bit of a struggle to stay attached to the episodes but I want the backstory when John joins the Legends lineup.

Last but not least, Canal Road is such a great show. I'm totally invested in Spence's mystery and I want to smack Olivia for telling him to not watch the video on his wife's laptop. I'm certain he'd have the proof his wife and son's death was murder. GAH!

That's it for television this week. Tonight's post is from Healthy Appetite, a novella that started with a writing community prompt of creating a story built around one character discovering the other's healthy appetite and wondering what else they crave.

Here's the mini-blurb:

Thad Nightingale meets Kailey Dent during a weeklong getaway and finds her approach to life refreshing. Not only does she eat with gusto, she has a thirst for adventure that leaves Thad hungry for more.

And a snippety peek…

Thad Nightingale. The man who works hard and plays life safe. That should be his motto. Thad kept his head down, nose to the grindstone, and didn't make a lot of waves. But he had built a considerable fortune. "According to my physician, my motto will end up being my epitaph if I don't learn balance." Between work and life. It's been so long since I had a life I'm not sure what one looks like.
 Hence the reason he'd come to the mountain. He had a meeting with a realtor to look at three investment properties and hoped to get a feel for the snowboarding opportunities. Yeah, yeah, work. But he planned to get some skiing in and spend some downtime enjoying the ambiance of the competition. "No one gets this whole balance thing down in one try."
At least he didn't. Pulling up under the canopy of the lodge, he checked his reservation time. Within fifteen minutes. He'd go in and see if they were ready for him yet.
An SUV pulled in behind him and two people got out. They familial resemblance clocked them as brother and sister or maybe cousins. The duo laughed and headed inside the building, giving Thad a good look at the woman. Average height with a knit hat covering dark hair streaked with a bold magenta. Her eyes were a dark shade, brown or maybe green. The joy on her face sucked him in. Here's a woman who enjoys life. Probably with a healthy appetite for fun.
Getting out of his vehicle, he lost sight of the two after they entered the building. A large group followed behind them and crowded through the main doors. Thad grabbed his suitcase and rolled it along behind him up to the line now formed in the lobby.
The seasoned staff moved through the groups in a quick fashion and Thad didn't have long to wait for his turn. He got his keycard and headed for the bank of elevators. The throng waiting for rides had him staying back a little. He didn't mind hanging around until the cars were less crowded.
Propped against the wall, he caught sight of the woman again. She had her suitcase and an overnight bag and laughed at something the guy said. He had a snowboard tucked under his arm and sent a smirk in her direction.
"I told you. I'm not going anywhere without this while we're here."
She responded with a tart reply. "You're gonna look pretty stupid with a snowboard for a constant companion." Her eye roll added effect.
The guy quirked an eyebrow. "You saying you're not gonna hang around with me?"
She snorted. "No way, dude. Family obligation only goes so far." The doors opened and she shouldered her way into the enclosure.
Her brother followed and wedged in behind her. When the doors slid shut, Thad made a moment of eye contact with the woman. She flashed a twisted half-grin.
Thad blew out a breath. "Damn. Nice." The spark of interest surprised him and he liked it.
"Watch out for that one."
Thad flicked his gaze to the side. "You know her?"
A short, balding guy shook his head. "Used to. She competed here about five years ago." He lowered his voice. "Couldn't cut it and walked away, leaving her trainer high and dry in the middle of the season." A snort of derision followed. "Kailey Dent, that's her name. Her brother is an up and comer now. She must be here to watch him compete."
Thad lifted his chin in a nod but didn't say anything. The next set of doors opened and the little man elbowed his way up through the crowd to get inside. He gave Thad a pointed look and shook his head, almost like a warning.
Instead of taking heed, Thad listened to his gut. Kailey Dent intrigued him. The little spark of interest flamed into something hot and bright.
"Maybe that whole work and life balance thing won't be as hard as I thought."
He definitely wanted to be on the lookout for Ms. Dent.

I've been watching some snowboarding to get a good vibe for writing this one. I'd love to check out some cross-country skiing, too.

That's it for this week. Happy reading!


Sunday, July 1, 2018

Sunday Snippet: Harvest Haven (An Organic Nature Short)

Wow. We've officially completed half a year. Where does the time go? Seriously, it doesn't feel like half the year should be gone already.

Kind of a busy week, but I stayed pretty much caught up on my current slate of shows. I caught the Wonder Woman movie and it was pretty terrific. Looking forward to the next one.

Caught two episodes of Sense8. Really loving this show. I'm looking forward to watching the whole thing.

Also caught two episodes of Mutant X. I'd forgotten how much the wardrobe reminded me of La Femme Nikita. I miss the fashion of the late 90s sometimes.

Watched quite a few episodes of Classic Who this week and ended up about halfway through the Aztec arc.

Two episodes of Canal Road also. I'm finally getting a better feel for the characters and who they are. Really great mix of storylines.

Caught an episode of Midsomer Murders, Endeavor, The Sarah Conner Chronicles, and Constantine. Also watched Pensacola Wings of Gold, Band of Brothers, Strike Back, and Chicago Fire. I love the mysteries and military shows.

Caught part of the first season of Batman: The Brave and the Bold. I've seen several episodes of this show but hadn't been able to see the first season. It's fun but nothing will ever top Batman the Animated Series.

That's pretty much it for television this week. Tonight's post is from Harvest Haven, an Organic Nature Short set in September.

Here's the mini-blurb:

The harvest season is a busy time for Eppie, but with their future set, she and Vin celebrate their life surrounded by family and friends. The couple takes the long weekend to recharge and bask in their brand of love.

And a snippety peek…

Eppie stared out over the arbor. "It's perfect." Dappled sunlight would filter through in the late afternoon.
Dani wrapped her arms around Eppie. "Did you really expect anything less?" Squeezing her, Dani laughed lightly. "You should know better."
Eppie chuckled. "You're right. I do know better." The twinkle lights draped through the arbor branches would provide a lovely setting for the evening festivities.
Once the guests were all gone.
Dani let go of Eppie and strolled to the dais, her hand lightly brushing over each row of chairs on the way. "The bows are lovely. Kristaphie did a terrific job." Navy with an iridescent burnt orange wash, the ribbons would contrast nicely with the flowers in shades of dark peach, rust, sienna, cream, and blue.
Eppie tamped a flurry of excitement down. She still had a list of things to check off before she could give free rein to exhilaration. And maybe let a little nervousness slide in. Not nerves, really. She loved Vin and committing to him wouldn't be a hardship. But being the center of attention? Not exactly her comfort zone.
Dani came back to stand by Eppie's side. "It's going to be a beautiful day." She sighed, the sound envious. "If I could do it all over again, I'd do something like this. Intimate, understated but gorgeous, and utterly divine." Draping an arm around Eppie's shoulder, Dani leaned in. "Has Vin seen this yet?"
Eppie shook her head. "Not since he built the dais. His crew came over and set the chairs up." She laughed. "They're taking the whole not seeing each other thing very seriously. It's like the only tradition they latched onto." Considering she and Vin weren't going the standard route, having a celebration of their love instead of an actual wedding, his employees insisted on a full week apart.
Eppie found their antics amusing and Vin thought having the guys at his house for the week leading up to their non-wedding might be fun. They'd decided the single workers would stay the entire week and the married ones would act as the chauffeurs today, making sure Vin got to the farm on time and without incident.
Kind of sweet, actually. And rather fun because they'd decorated Vin's truck for the occasion.
Dani nudged Eppie's shoulder. "He'll love what you've done here."
Eppie smiled. "What we've done. You and Kristaphie are quite the worker bees." And she couldn't discount Arabelle.
The teen did all the graphic work—invitations, seating chart, the menu items, and the thank-you cards Eppie wanted everyone to take home with them. If she didn't get an A on the project, Eppie would have a not-so-friendly chat with Arabelle's art teacher. Her exceptional workmanship shouldn't go unnoticed.
Eppie took one final look around. "Okay, this is set. I need to check in with Hannah and Emily. They've been preparing food since early this morning." She turned and started to cross the yard.
Dani followed behind. "Drop some hints, will you? When you're too busy to cater events, they'd make an excellent second option."
Eppie rolled her eyes. "Yeah, yeah. I'll steamroll the girls into saying yes." Little did Dani know, Hannah and Emily were already on board with the idea.
Entering the house, Eppie took a brief moment to inhale the lovely aromas swirling out from the kitchen. The guests would be in for an orgasmic food treat. Eppie couldn't wait for the sit-down meal.
Walking into the kitchen, she moaned over the incredible smells. "Ladies, I'd offer you a hand, but, seriously, you have this well under control."
Something Eppie wouldn't take for granted. Not today.

I have so much fun writing Eppie and Vin's story. This couple is one of my favorites.

That's it for this week. Happy reading!


Sunday, June 24, 2018

Sunday Snippet: Hazardous Curves Ahead

June 24, 2018

We had a slightly crazy week of weather. Lots of rain with storms blowing through quickly then the sun popping back out. I love to watch the storm clouds roll in.

Television this week was hit and miss. I got another episode of Mutant X in and I caught a couple of Blindspot episodes but didn't get to finish out the season before they yanked some of the episodes I hadn't seen. I'll have to finish up season three on DVD.

In Classic Who, I finished out the Key of Marinus episodes. Not a bad arc. I'll be starting the Aztecs this week.

Canal Road's third episode was excellent. I enjoyed seeing the group interaction in this episode. I have some thoughts about who killed Spence's wife. Just saying.

Caught a movie on Café Noir. It wasn't the best, but I've been writing some noir-ish-themed stories lately and I liked the ambiance of the movie.

Got in another episode of Midsomer Murders and finished up season three of Endeavor. Gotta say the last episode really packed a punch. Watching Morse realize he loved Joanie ended up being a beautifully acted scene.

Caught the usual episodes of The Sarah Conner Chronicles, Constantine, Pensacola Wings of Gold, Band of Brothers, and Strike Back. Episode four, season four is when Section 20 loses Julia and, ugh, I forgot how much of a kick in the teeth that was.

Watched a crossover of Chicago PD with Chicago Fire. Excellent episodes. I enjoy PD when the focus isn't on dickhead Wood trying to take Hank down. I thought we got enough of that in the first two seasons.

And that's it for television this week. Tonight's post is from Hazardous Curves Ahead, a novella that explores an awkward situation between the main characters.

Here's the mini-blurb:

Sometimes love is a slippery slope and when Imma and Sef almost crash into each other on a hazardous curve, they end up going through physical therapy together. After several weeks of flirty banter, Imma thinks a relationship with Sef might be nice… until her boyfriend shows up.

And a snippety peek…

Sefton Boltager angled his head around after barely missing the oncoming car, barreling straight at him on his side of the road. He downshifted but overcorrected and did a one-eighty on the twisty curves. His tires went off the pavement and spun on the pebbly surface of the side berm whipping his sedan, an old man's car, around a full three hundred and sixty degrees before smashing into the guardrail lining the roadside. The crunch of metal against steel a welcome sound, considering the drop-off looming inches past the barricade.
Airbags had him surrounded and he shook his head. "Stupid idiot. That's what you get." If he'd been paying attention instead of being pissed off at Serena—his former girlfriend—he might have seen the car coming at him sooner. "Shit!" He started shoving at the airbag in front of him. "What happened to the other car?" His stupid seatbelt had locked up and he couldn't freely move.
He got the bag pushed down and the other vehicle had a driver who looked to be unconscious. Damn, damn, damn. He fished around on the passenger seat for his phone to call 911.
"Mr. Boltager, we're showing your airbags have deployed. Are you okay?"
He jumped as much as the stupid seatbelt would let him. He'd forgotten about the OnStar system. At least he didn't have to find his cell.
Trying to unfasten his seatbelt, he answered. "Yeah, yeah. I think I'm fine. There's another vehicle involved in the accident and I can't tell if the driver is okay or not." He gave up on the stupid seatbelt and tried the door.
The operator replied in her soothing voice. "We've called for emergency services and they should arrive on scene shortly. Are you injured?"
He growled in frustration. "I have no idea. I gotta check on the other driver." He finally got the door opened and his seatbelt unfastened.
The voice came back through the speakers. "That's not a good idea. We recommend you stay with your car."
He already had one leg out of the vehicle. "Fuck that. I'm going to see if she's all right." He started to exit the car but wrenched his shoulder when the harness wouldn't give. "Dammit." Pain shot through to his fingertips.
"Mr. Boltager. If you'll wait a few more minutes, help will be there."
He finally got out and ignored the advice. Glancing in both directions, he started to cross the road, wincing at the jolts movement caused. When he got closer to the other car, he hissed out a breath. Damn good thing there hadn't been a passenger. The right side of the car resembled an accordion. The female driver's head rested on her shoulder, her neck stretched out.
He approached the window and gently rapped on the glass. "Hey! Are you okay? Can you hear me?" The distant wail of sirens sounded but Sef couldn't tell which direction they were coming from. "Hey. Help's on the way. Can you hear me?" Finally a movement, a small twitch, but enough to let him know she might hear him.
He tapped on the window again and her eyes popped open.
Thank fuck.

I like to explore awkward situations, especially when it involves meeting the right person at the wrong time.

That's it for this week. Happy reading.


Sunday, June 17, 2018

Sunday Snippet: Harshing the Calm

Happy Father's Day to all the dads out there. And if you're not a dad, happy weekend!

It's been a long week with back and forth temperatures that always wreak havoc with my allergies. Bleh. But… not a bad week for television viewing. I started out with more Mutant X and followed with Endeavor and Midsomer Murders.

Then I hit The Sarah Conner Chronicles. I'd forgotten how dramatic Derek's entrance to the fold was. I'm also a little more than halfway through Constantine and I liked the fallen angel episode.

I finished up The Batman season four and really enjoyed the series. I think there might be a few more episodes floating around but I'm not sure. I caught several episodes of Classic Who up through the third episode in the Key of Marinus arc.

Pensacola Wings of Gold isn't half bad. Fits in with my military-themed shows of Strike Back and Band of Brothers. Chicago Fire is just over the midway point and I'm hoping to finish out the season soon. I caught Sense8's "Demons" episode and really enjoyed it. It's not as hard to keep things straight as I thought it would be. Really, a great show.

Loved seeing Hurst go down on Blind Spot. I need to mainline some episodes because they're getting close to expiration. This makes me a little angry. I realize the season is over but, honestly, unless the DVD is going to be released within a month, keep the episode live, dammit. Just saying.

That's it for television this week. Tonight's post is from Harshing the Calm, a novella about breaking old habits, living outside a comfort zone, and learning to appreciate both.

Here's the mini-blurb:

Gentry and Rayce have a volatile past, one they walk away from to start over. But old habits are hard to break and when their paths cross again, they discover they can repeat their mistakes, or change and grow into something so much better.

And a snippety peek…

Rayce tried to focus on Catie's animated story. A rookie beat cop, she enjoyed every new situation and loved to share each one. Rayce appreciated her enthusiasm and gumption. But… he'd had many of the same experiences, albeit seven years ago.
A lucky break put him on the fast track to making detective and he'd landed in major crimes two years ago. A lull in her chatter had him seeking her gaze. She observed him, her eyes wise for someone so young. Rayce could kick himself for letting Gentry's antics distract him.
He finished off his drink and placed his hand over Catie's. "Wanna get out of here?" The atmosphere still reeked of possessive ownership.
Catie gave him a quirky smile and nodded. "Sure." She gathered her phone and keys from the table.
Rayce held her hand and she followed him through the throng of noisy patrons.
Once outside, she slipped her palm away from his. "It gets easier, you know?"
Rayce glanced her way. "You're what? All of twenty-one?" His lips quirked, hopefully taking the sting out of his words.
Catie chuckled. "Yeah, yeah. I'm young." She angled her head toward him. "But seriously, Rayce, I was the queen of high school drama. Going through two years of college and then the academy opened my eyes. I'm not the only person on the planet and it certainly doesn't revolve around me." She made a snorting noise and rolled her eyes.
Rayce reached out and grabbed her hand again. "You're pretty terrific." He squeezed her fingers. "And I'm sorry. Being around Gentry just irritates me, but not because I still want her." No way did he want her.
Catie wrapped an arm around his waist. "Rayce, I get it. The breakup may have happened six months ago, but she's got a bold personality and would be hard to forget." Her voice lacked snark or sarcasm, stating a known fact.
Rayce snorted. "She's definitely an in-your-face type." He absolutely didn't manage to keep his response scorn-free.
Catie bumped his shoulder. "Like I said, it gets easier." She nodded toward her car. "My place? I work three to eleven tomorrow." Her eyebrows waggled suggestively.
Rayce turned to face her, tipping her chin up and meshing his lips with hers. "Your place sounds great."
She handed him the keys. "Why don't you drive?"
He unlocked the doors and opened hers then went around and got in behind the wheel. Spending the night with a sweet, sexy woman sounded exactly like what he needed. Gentry Cain could have her ballplayer.
Rayce got the better deal tonight.

I'm actually having a lot of fun with this one. Sometimes it's nice to challenge my perceptions and see what shakes out.

That's it for this week. Happy reading!


Sunday, June 10, 2018

Sunday Snippet: Hang Ten

My youngest kidlet is back from her trip to Disney and it's so nice to have her home. It's also terrific she had the opportunity to visit every theme park in Disney's repertoire. She had such a great time. On a proud parent note, she enjoyed Epcot the best and it makes my entire year because that was my favorite when I went to Disney many, many moons ago. I'm resisting the urge to plan a full-on Disney vacation… mainly because I don't have the time. But it would be so much fun!

Had something of an off week in television viewing. I'm battling a nasty cold / allergies / upper respiratory "ick" that's kicking my teeth in. But… I did get quite a bit watched.

I started a new-to-me Australian show called Canal Road and it's rather good. I'm two episodes in and I'm hooked. I also got to finish up Archangel and thoroughly enjoyed it.

In my classic rewatch, I caught Midsomer Murders and several episodes of Classic Who. I finished up the Dalek episodes and started the new arc. I'd forgotten what a shifty guy the first doctor can be. I also caught another episode of The Sarah Conner Chronicles.

Endeavor continues to make me happy. I also got another episode of Constantine in and I'm quite excited for the character to make the move to Legends of Tomorrow. I started a show I only got to watch sporadically when it originally aired, Pensacola Wings of Gold. I actually hope I can catch other late 90s early 00s shows. I missed so much back then.

On DVD, I finished up The Batman's third season and started the fourth. I also caught a few episodes of current seasons of Chicago Fire and Blindspot. Gotta say the whole Hurst arc is turning out to be kind of exciting.

Band of Brothers and Strike Back gave me my military show fix. I continue to be blown away by the casting in Band of Brothers. So many good choices.

I'm five episodes into Sense8 and I'm kicking myself for waiting so long to watch this show. That said, I can binge the entire thing and see the finale in one go so there's that bit of good news. Fearless's third episode kind of broke me a little. It's a dark, dark show.

Krypton's first season proved to be pretty awesome. I have no idea where they'll go for the second season, but the end was kind of chilling. Jana called the whole General Zod ruling over Krypton thing and I'm truly hoping Lyta is now regretting her choice. If she isn't that character is dead to me. Just saying.

And that's it for television this week. Tonight's post is from Hang Ten, a novella with sun, sand, and surfing.

Here's the mini-blurb:

Farren and Penn—professional surfers—have very different styles when competing. Farren goes for broke, taking chances with moves that others won't try. Penn is all about the physics of his craft, sometimes holding back because he can't predict everything. Two different methods, opposite ends of the spectrum, but an interesting mix when they're off their boards and out of the water.

And a snippety peek…

Penn Cobblepot accepted top honors with a brief nod to the judges and jaunty salute to the fans gather around the awards area. He rode to a smooth finish on a wave not quite as spectacular as Farren's. She'd had the perfect swell.
And epically crashed.
He could've predicted the wipe out when she flowed too far into the cusp of the wave. Not that Farren would care. She surfed for the sheer love of the sport.
He stopped to get his paperwork signed for winning the top prize.
Backing away, he bumped into Avery Jones, the runner-up. "Damn, sorry about that." Tucking his board under his arm, he moved out of her way.
She sent him a bright smile. "No problem. You were magnificent out there today." A splash of pink colored her cheeks.
Penn's lips quirked. "Yeah, thanks. Caught a good one." He nodded toward the officials table. "Heard your run was spot on. Go on then. Better collect that prize money."
She beamed and ducked into the small covered alcove. Penn shook his head. Avery had talent and didn't cop an attitude. She'd do well on the local circuit. And hopefully stay away from the dickheads who preyed on rookie competitors.
 Strolling along the beach, he cut up the path that led to the cabins the contestants used. After stowing his board, he grabbed a quick shower then went out to the hammock strung between two sturdy trees. With the ocean breeze and shady limbs, the swinging bed looked more than inviting.
Maneuvering onto the canvas surface, he stretched out. "Catching a few zzzs sounds pretty damn good right now." He'd be awake in plenty of time for the campfire later that night.
 After all, he'd earned bragging rights.

I'm having a good time with this one. Penn and Farren are fun characters.

That's it for this week. Happy reading!