Sunday, March 17, 2013

Sunday Snippet: Bikini Beach

Happy St. Paddy's Day to all of Irish descent. And well…to those not, too. LOL

Been fighting an all-day headache, the kind that kind of just hangs there and acts annoying. Will keep the post brief because of that. L

Tonight's preview is from another manuscript I just got started, Bikini Beach. Again, the idea came from a prompt posted to one of my writing comms. Seriously love getting a spark from those.

Here's the tagline:

Talia Ashe loves her job, but she's ready to kill her partner, Hugh McVey because he's pushing hard to get a project done and they're down to the wire. She takes a mental health day, to keep from doing Hugh bodily harm, but he ruins it when he shows up on her patch of beach.

And here's the snippety peek…

6 am

Talia Ashe threw her pillow to drown out the obnoxious sound of her alarm. Flinging an arm over her eyes, she decided she couldn't face getting up and going in to work. And considering she'd worked past midnight the night before, she shouldn't have to.
Four hours of sleep just didn't cut it and one day couldn't possibly hurt. The delay would piss her partner off, but Hugh could suck donkey balls. If she had to deal with his constant push-push-push to get the job done attitude another day she'd lose her mind.
Or run the risk of maiming him with sharp objects.
Not his fault their client died mid-project and his widow decided to take the reins and change everything. The woman had no clue about production schedules, order fulfillment, or what it took to change the packaging at the very last possible moment. Or what missing the launch date would do to her bottom line. But she didn't have a board of directors to worry about so she could do whatever she pleased.
Stifling a huge yawn, Talia grabbed her phone from the bedside stand and dialed Hugh's number. Expecting the call to go to voice mail, she got a surprise when he answered on the second ring.
"McVey." He sounded tired, but alert.
Shit. She'd have to scramble fast to sound ill.
"Hugh. Ughhh…" She hoped the feigned moan added the right touch. "I think the clam chowder from yesterday's lunch is trying to kill me. Can you manage on your own today?" She braced for the explosion.
"What!?" Hugh didn't disappoint. "Dammit, Talia. Why didn't you have the cobb salad like I did yesterday?"
She rolled her eyes. "Look, it could've been the Thai food we ordered in for dinner. Whatever the culprit, I'm two seconds away from heaving again, so unless you wanna watch me puke all day, I suggest you soldier on and I'll be back in on Thursday." She firmly tamped down the guilty kick in her stomach.
Hugh gave a terse response. "Fine. But your timing couldn't suck worse. Deadline is next week and we still have details to nail down." He heaved a sigh. "Do you need anything? I can stop after I meet with Barclay's widow."
The woman had a name, Minerva, but she and Hugh almost exclusively referred to the bane of their existence by her grieving status. Probably because the woman rarely started a sentence that didn't begin with 'As Paul's widow'…
"Talia, are you okay?"
The genuine concern in Hugh's voice had remorse creeping up again.
Talia quickly answered, "Yeah. Just needed a moment." She definitely didn't want him to stop by…she had no intention of being home. "I don't need anything, but thanks for the offer. See you Thursday."
She didn't wait for a response and pressed end. The unexpected gesture from Hugh threw her a little. They worked for a co-op and had been partnered up for this project based on their individual skills. She'd known him by reputation for a couple of years, but after working with him for a straight six months, he still surprised her sometimes.
The guy didn't have an 'off' button and she could usually deal with it, but the last two weeks had put a strain on her ability to play nice. And after listening to him snap and snarl about everything, most of it directed toward her, she wanted a twenty-four hour break. Hugh acted as the project head and she had more or less been following his lead—working nonstop—but not today.
Today, Bikini Beach called and Talia fully planned to enjoy the sun, sand, and surf, giving her brain a much needed vacation. She'd go back to work on Thursday, fully recharged and ready to face whatever new kind of hell the Widow Barclay could throw at them.
She grabbed her pillow and reset her alarm for 8 am. Settling back down, her eyes fluttered shut and she drifted back to sleep.

Hugh and Talia will find getting out of the office can be a great thing to get the creative juices flowing. But first…they have to clear the air a little. LOL

That's it for this week. Happy reading!


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