Sunday, August 25, 2013

Sunday Snippet: Throw in the Towel


It's been a truly long week, but Strike Back remains a bright spot. I'm utterly fascinated by Dalton and how much she's crossing the line (if there is a line LOL)

I've also been rewatching Farscape on Pivot. I love it when newish channels air one of my favorite shows. Farscape ranks in my top five of all time winners.

Tonight's post is from a fun little romp. Throw in the Towel has humor, sexiness, and well, lots of mud. LOL

Here's the tagline:

Taurin Beach and Craig Wallmartin are top competitors on the mud run circuit. When Craig is caught by a reporter with nothing but a towel, it gives Taurin the perfect idea for catching his attention and finally getting what she wants. Him.

And the snippety peek…

"You really need to stop it with the dinky towel thing, Taurin." Craig blocked her path, not letting her leave the room.
She smirked. "Ah, Craig. I thought you liked almost showing everything."
Craig snorted. "You know mine was more accident than anything. Not my fault that stupid lady reporter shoved a microphone in my face before he had a chance to dry off." Taurin tilted her head sideways. "What's your problem, really?"
He pinned her with his gaze. "You're walking around half naked and it's like begging for trouble."
Taurin tsked. "You're not supposed to look, Craig. No one else is."
Craig snorted. "Yes, they are." No unspoken agreement would keep any red-blooded male from sneaking a look.
Taurin lifted a brow. "And you know this, how exactly?"
Craig pressed his lips together. Anything he said would get twisted by her bizarre sense of humor.
Taurin laughed. "Oh, my God, you're acting as the peeping police, now?"
Hell, he didn't have to speak for her to mangle the sentiment behind his actions.
He shrugged. "Someone has to watch out for you. You're too self-absorbed to pay attention."
Taurin let the towel slip a little and invaded his personal space. "Maybe you're just too slow to realize there's a specific someone whose attention I want."
Craig frowned. "Who?" Hell, it figured.
"Come on, Craig. Don't you remember third grade?" The terrycloth fabric slipped a little lower, revealing more skin. "What did girls do when they wanted a boy's attention?"
Craig's mouth opened…and closed again.
She chuckled. "Yeah, you get it now, right?" The towel dropped even lower, gaping open.
He reached forward, flicking the edge from her grip. The fabric dropped, pooling at her feet.
His fingers trailed down her shoulder, raising goose bumps on her flesh. "Why the subterfuge? All you had to do was say something."
Taurin rolled her eyes. "Where's the fun in that?" Stepping forward, she grabbed his shirt in her hands, tugging him inside the room. "I'm naked and you're not. Why not close the door and see what other entertaining things we can come up with?"
Craig grinned, kicking the door shut with his foot. "I'm definitely game for that."

Craig is game for a whole lot more, too. And he'll most definitely show Taurin how much of a good time she can have with him. :D

That's it for this week. Happy reading!


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