Sunday, October 13, 2013

Sunday Snippet: Busted in Bubbles


So…. Walking Dead is back!! Arrow premiered!! The Tomorrow People is pretty awesome. Strike Back is one episode away from the finale and ripped my heart out Friday. And Sons of Anarchy is batshit crazy, which I totally love.

TV is good right now, people. So very good. Oddly, when I've got great stuff to engage my mind, I tend to write more prolifically. This is not a bad thing. LOL

Tonight's post revisits a recent release, Busted in Bubbles. I'm thrilled to pieces with how this manuscript turned out and hope everyone else enjoys it as much.

Here's the tagline:

Emsley and Rayne turn up at the same conventions several times a year and Emsley always short sheets Rayne's bed. Imagine her surprise when she lets herself into his cabin to follow tradition and discovers Rayne soaking in a tub full of bubbles. Busted, she can flee the scene or… join a very hot man for some bath time fun.

And another snippety peek…

Rayne settled back in a tub filled with loads of frothy bubbles and lifted a glass of champagne to his lips. He sipped the contents slowly, allowing the sparkling fluid to tease his taste buds. Closing his eyes, he sank down to enjoy the soak, letting the warm water and alcohol work their magic.
Jorn Pestle had made it possible for Rayne to finally take a night and truly kick back and relish life. He'd worked non-stop over the past three years, putting in long hours first with smaller sized companies then moving up to medium ones, always doing the job from start to finish, building his reputation as a man who followed through. He didn't sub-contract anything, preferring to consult, plan, train, and install all aspects of the security systems he recommended and usually built to custom specifications. He rarely went with one particular brand, mainly to avoid becoming complacent. He liked to tweak the product and add additional layers, too.
The work challenged him and he'd set the bar high for his end goal. Today's contract put him one step closer to reaching his objective. Now came the tricky part. After being a solo act, he'd arrived at the point where he needed to bring on a partner—and he had the exact person in mind. He only needed to make an offer and have the individual accept.
Sitting up, he drained the champagne from the glass and refilled the flute. He smiled and closed his eyes. He'd make the proposal soon. This weekend even, if all played out the way he expected.
And it would. He'd done his research. In fact, the candidate he had in mind would probably make an appearance very soon.
Taking another sip, Rayne expelled a satisfied sigh and sank back, letting the bubbles cover him again.
He only had to wait.
And he doesn't have to wait for long… stay tuned.

That's it for this week. Happy reading!


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