Sunday, November 3, 2013

Sunday Snippet: Bonus Score


YAY! Strike Back got a renewal even though it'll be the last season. I can live with one more ten episode run with Stonebridge and Scott. I'm torn between wanting to see them go out with a bang—Butch and Sundance style—and hoping like hell my two heroes find a way to be happy and live long lives. :D

And Arrow… holy crap. I can't even form coherent thoughts about last week's episode yet. Without getting too spoileriffic, I'm usually not keen on recasting a primary character, even if they've had almost zero screen time, but I'm definitely reserving judgment on this one. Mainly because I can't wait to see where they take the character and how they tie her into the DC 'verse. *rubs hands together gleefully*

Haven keeps impressing me and doesn't always do what I expect. If I haven't mentioned it before, I LOVE shows that keep me guessing. J

Anyway, time for the actual post. Bonus Score is a manuscript in the beginning stages, but one I hope is going to be so much fun to write. Zeva and Bo meet in an unconventional way and have a spark… but their competitive nature may bring them down before they get started. :D

Here's the tagline:

Zeva and Bo meet through a gaming community and hit it off. They start spending time together and a series of wagers over who the better gamer is takes an interesting turn when sexy distractions become part of the strategy. When they decide to settle up once and for all, a bonus score leads to an unexpected win and the crown is claimed.

The snippety peek…

Zeva Bloom sat at a secluded table in her local coffee shop, her knee bouncing up and down with nervous energy. "Geez, Zeev, you're insane to meet a guy you've seen before." She had a vague idea of what Bo Schneider should look like, but not exact.
She angled her head, taking a quick glance for a guy about six foot tall, with sandy blond hair and a lanky frame.
And noted at least a dozen men who fit the description. "God, I'm such an idiot."
She started to rise, ready to duck out, but her gaze landed on a fairly hot guy wearing a T-shirt a well-known geek logo emblazoned on the front and faded jeans riding low on his hips. Please let him be the guy I'm supposed to meet. She tossed the silent wish to the gaming gods and settled back in her seat, observing his interaction with the barista. He bantered with a flirty vibe, but didn't act like a pervy creeper. Zeva's lips quirked. He'd just earned bonus points, even if his name didn't happen to be Bo. But she sure hoped otherwise.
She took a sip of her iced coffee and slid her gaze sideways. Oh, yeah. He cocked his head to the side and gave her a once over before starting toward the table. Zeva smiled and stood, huffing out a short breath then taking a step forward.
Bo held out his free hand. "Zeva? You look even better than your online avatar."
She grinned and shook. "I just had the same thought about you." She sat back down and nodded toward the empty chair.
Bo dropped down and angled to the side, kicking his long legs out, blocking the floor a little.
He shrugged. "I always bang my knees on the pedestal. It gets old after a while."
Zeva took another sip of her drink, at something of a loss. "Er, it's nice to meet you in person."
Lame. That sounded truly bug ass stupid. Why did she end up agreeing to meet Bo again?
His lips twitched. "Same. I love it when the online persona seems to match the flesh and blood version."
Ah… she remembered the reason. She so wanted to see if the snarky, bantering online gamer resembled the real man. So far, he didn't disappoint.
She leaned forward, resting her forearms on the table. "Did you clear that last level? The one you were on when I had to sign off last night?"
His face split with a huge grin. "Yep. And I got every object so the bonus level opened up."
Zeva rolled her eyes. "You always clear the area, don't you? I don't have the patience for it. I wanna get to the next section and see what's there."
He chuckled. "So you skip all the bonus levels? My roommate does the same thing." He lifted the cup to his mouth and smirked around the lid. "We have a big contest to see who get through with the highest score."
Zeva snorted. "Let me guess, you win, right?" Her lips took a big drag on her straw.
Bo shook his head. "Not always. We've got a tie-breaker going on right now."
Zeva tilted her head. "When you get through, you should find a new challenger."
Bo's eyebrow quirked. "You volunteering?"
Zeva smiled. "I might just be persuaded to kick your ass, yes."
Bo stuck out his hand. "You're on."
And so the game begins. :D

(Not Bo or Zeva)

That's it for this week. Happy reading!


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