Sunday, June 8, 2014

Sunday Snippet: Little Black Book

Orphan Black. If you're not watching this show, why aren't you? LOL I rave about Arrow and Bitten, but in all honesty, Orphan Black hits every single one of my hot spot kinks for television. The writers always throw something into the mix that catches me completely by surprise and seriously, with the amount of television I watch, that's hard to do. LOL

Truly, if you're looking for something awesome to sink your teeth into, find the first season and don't look back. The acting is top notch—any show that has a lead actress who can pull off no less than nine different roles, usually at least four to five simultaneously, is worth its weight in gold. And the supporting cast is stellar. Go. Find. Watch. You won't regret it.

Tonight's post is from Little Black Book, a short story with a bit of a gender twist on the adding names to the list thing.

Here's the tagline:

Kalyn Miles is footloose and fancy free and likes it that way. She does what and who she wishes. Her current object of desire is Sid Mortimer, but he'll have nothing to do with her—especially since she wants to add him to her little black book.

And a snippety peek…

Kalyn kept her face buried in her arms, but her Sid sense kicked in the moment he walked into the pool area. She battled the urge to either punch him or groan out loud. If only he'd stuck around last night… she wouldn't be the subject of the retreat grapevine.
Her head shot up. Had Sid heard… yep. One look at his carefully schooled features said more than anything he'd utter. Okay, not more. The man would either cut her to shreds with snark and biting sarcasm, or totally rip on her about the faux pas she'd managed to get tangled up in with Brad Bradley.
God… Brad Bradley. What had she been thinking?
A local celebrity on the fast track to being mayor of the city, the double named Brad landed on the most eligible bachelor lists throughout the state.
Kalyn groaned. Not much of a prize by her standards, and she did have them.
Sid plopped down on the chair placed at the arm of hers and kicked back. His board shorts fit well, hugging his thighs while riding low on his waist. Kalyn licked her lower lip, fighting the urge to stare.
He slid his gaze sideways. "Sounds like you have a new name for your little black book." His lips twitched. "Did you move him to the top of the list?"
Kalyn shuddered. "Shut up, Sid. Right now." She put a hand to her throbbing head. "If you don't, I'm going to hurt you."
Sid laughed. "Hey, I'm just saying. Bradley's quite the coup." He nudged her shoulder. "You can add a celebrity to your checked column."
Kalyn snorted then sobered. "You know who I want in that top spot, Sid." She laid a hand on his forearm.
His face went serious. "And you know what it'll take to make it happen."
A commitment. More than she could do.
Stalemate. Again.
She sighed. "One of these days, you're going to cave and I'll get what I want." She nodded with confidence.
Sid's mouth thinned. "Be very careful, Kalyn." He leaned in close. "You might get what you want, but no one can promise it'll be the way you want it." Leaning back, he scooted his chair away from the table and rose. "Don't bite off more than you can handle."
He strolled over to the bar and Kalyn frowned, hating to give him the last word.

Ahhh. I love writing conversations. Sid and Kalyn are particularly fun to create dialog for. :D

That's it for this week. Happy reading!


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