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Get Hooked: Reel in a Great Book—Merry and Bright #MFRWAuthors #MFRWHooks

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Welcome to Book Hooks, the weekly smorgasbord sampler hosted by the MFRW Authors Blog.

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Since the holiday season is gearing up, I'm sharing a series of excerpts from Merry and Bright, available now from Resplendence Publishing. Over the next few weeks, I'll post a few pivotal scenes between Presley, Gunnar, and Frazier.

This week, we meet Presley.

Book Tagline: Presley wants to start some new holiday traditions, but waking up in bed with Gunnar and Frazier isn't what she had in mind. Yet… she can't think of a better way to be merry and bright.


Tilting her head to the side, she gazed at the reflection. She had a hazy, dreamy look on her face. "Geez, Pres. Get a grip." She screwed the lid back on the container. "And get dressed, you idiot, or you'll miss the movie."
She entered her bedroom and grabbed her favorite downtime clothes—a pair of comfy yoga pants, a soft T-shirt, and a fleece zip-up. She dropped the towel and pulled the garments on, stuffing her feet into a pair of fluffy socks. Feeling loose and relaxed, she opened her bedroom door and exited, stopping mid-step, stunned by the sight greeting her eyes.
A zillion presents under her tree. Her gaze flew to Frazier and Gunnar, standing in her kitchen with big, fat grins on their faces.
Her head shook back and forth. "Oh, you guys, what did you do?" She walked forward, disbelief working its way through her brain.
Frazier moved into the living room. "What's it look like? We played Santa."
Gunnar followed Fraz into the space.
Presley backed up, moving away from the tree. "It's too much. I can't accept all this stuff." She paced the floor, back and forth, overwhelmed, before she stopped. "Did you two do this so I'd pick one of you over the other?" She leveled her gaze on both men. "I already said I'm not coming between you."
Gunnar shot Frazier a sideways glance. "Shit, Fraz. We're morons."
Frazier nodded. "Yep. We are." He shook his head. "We forgot to tell her about the no pressure thing."

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Book Blurb: After losing her parents, Presley Griffith will be spending the holidays alone, and wishes new traditions were easier to establish. But instead of being by herself, she ends up in bed with Frazier Boyle and Gunnar Stewart. The cop and the firefighter heat things up and cool them down and Presley can't think of a better way to be merry and bright.


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