Sunday, February 1, 2015

Sunday Snippet: Veritas

February 1, 2015

One more week until Bitten returns with season two. I can't wait!! Banshee is amping up the tension and I'm looking forward to the next episode. Makes me miss Strike Back and look forward to whenever it comes back to my television screen.

My usual fare, The Flash, Arrow, Gotham, and Sleepy Hollow had good showings. I'm enjoying the story arc on Arrow even if my twitter feed seems to hold a different opinion. I love the flashbacks and how they reveal information about Oliver's time off the island.

Also need to take a moment to mention Lost Girl. It's the final season and I'm so going to miss the show when it's gone. Thankfully, I'll have Orphan Black to look forward to soon and will get to see Ksenia Solo in a new role. J

Tonight's post is from Veritas, a novella where a friendly fire incident brings a couple home to their truth.

Here's the tagline:

Tillie Cruz has a moment of veritas when she shoots Faxon Jarvis in a friendly fire incident. The realization she wants a life with him may be too late because Faxon has a new relationship and Tillie doesn't want to mess it up. But she may not have to—her bullet may have done the trick.

A snippety peek…

Tillie spun around and faced Faxon. "You know what? We're done here." She gathered up her gear. "Don't bother stopping by after your shift is over, because you're no longer welcome."
Faxon crossed his arms over his chest. "Cut and run? Why doesn’t that surprise me?"
Tillie fought the urge to punch him. "Because you know how goddamned annoying you are?" Biting words worked just as good as physical violence.
Faxon's nostrils flared, but he didn't speak.
Tillie smirked. "Exactly. You don't have the right to get in my way. I know what I'm doing out there." She flung her jacket over her shoulder. "If you'll remember, I graduated from the academy." She angled her around. "At a higher standing than you, I might add."
Faxon's mouth thinned to a slash across his face. "Yeah, you did. But you're too cocky out there, Tills." He turned and opened his locker. "And someday that's going to bite you on the ass." His gaze met hers. "Hard."
She snorted and headed for the exit. "Whatever. I get the job done." She strolled out the door and left Faxon behind, putting him firmly out of her mind.
She had a solid reputation and he had no business raking her over the coals for putting herself in danger. They were cops. Peril came with the work.
Nothing like a little conflict to get things started. J

That's it for this week. Happy reading.


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