Sunday, February 8, 2015

Sunday Snippet: A Very Awkward Evening

February 8, 2015

WooHoo! Bitten is back and Elena is pissed off. All I'll say for now since it's not airing the US yet. Season two opened with a great episode. Looking forward to seeing how everything plays out. And The Walking Dead returned. I’m watching as I type. Interesting episode so far, very different, which I like.

Over on The Flash and Arrow, good efforts by both shows. I'm happy to see Oliver back in Starling City and the angst factor cranking up to a zillion. Gotham and Sleepy Hollow were okay, especially that ending on SH.

Now I just need Orphan Black to return and make my brain explode. LOL

Tonight's post is from, A Very Awkward Evening, a novella where my heroine's mom keeps everyone entertained.

Here's the tagline:

Vi Palona's rock star mom wants a sit down meeting with Garwin Noth's academic parents, which Vi keeps putting off because her mother, Mina, has no edit button. When Mina crashes a birthday dinner, Vi figures her mom can't do much damage… but five minutes into the meal she learns how wrong she is.

And a snippety peek…

Vi bit her cheek and told a bold-faced lie. "Sorry, Mom. This weekend isn't good." She stared out the window, the drizzling rain coming down harder. "Gar's folks are headed to an academic retreat."
Mina jumped back fast. "I thought they were divorced." Her voice took on a knowing tone. "Still spending the weekend together, huh? Weird."
Vi rolled her eyes. "They split up amicably. And they're adjunct professors at the same university. Not so strange." And before she could dig a deeper hole, Vi added. "Look, why don't Gar and I stop by your hotel after the show?"
Mina sighed. "Fine. But one of these days, I am coming to visit you and I will meet your man's parents."
Vi shuddered at the thought. "Yeah, okay, Mom. See you Saturday." She ended the call and blew out a relieved breath.
She jumped when Gar wrapped his arms around her, but relaxed into his embrace.
He pressed a kiss to her temple. "My parents are not going anywhere this weekend." His lips curved against her skin.
Vi shrugged. "I know, Gar. But your mom and dad are not—in any way—ready to meet Mina Vesper." Hell, no one should be considered ready to meet her mother.
Gar turned her so she faced him. "Vi, your mom isn't that bad."
Vi backed up, poking her finger into his shoulder. "Says the man she tried to get naked, backstage, after one of her shows." She turned, walked into the living area, and dropped down onto the sofa.
Garwin chuckled and followed behind. "But she didn't succeed." He settled in beside her. "And in her defense, you were in the ladies' room when she bumped into me."
Vi shook her head. "That's so not the point, Gar, and you know it."
Poor Vi never quite knows what to do with her mom. LOL

That's it for this week. Happy reading!


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