Sunday, February 15, 2015

Sunday Snippet: Vicarious Living

Once again, Bitten turned in a great episode. I'm loving the subtle shift to more dark and scary this season. Arrow and The Flash both had great episodes, too. I'm really looking forward to watching Oliver and Thea train together. I'm also thrilled Laurel finally told Lance about Sara. That particular storyline dragged on a lot longer than it should have.

A few new teasers have been airing for Orphan Black and my interest is growing by the day. Here's hoping be get some backstory for Paul. I'm really looking forward to seeing more of him this season.

Tonight's post is from Vicarious Living, a novella where hitting rock bottom and climbing back up brings my characters together.

Here's the tagline:

Sometimes adversity can be overcome and living vicariously through fantasy proves to be a good thing. Lola Humes and Wright Wesslop discover a mutual way to cope when they meet at their group counseling sessions. They're not supposed to interact outside the anonymous therapy gatherings, but neither is very good at following the rules.

And a snippety peek…

Lola entered the group therapy session and sat in the first empty chair she spotted. The nervous tension and desire for a stiff drink warred with each other, making her stomach churn in painful knots. She needed the meeting, but being around new and strange people always freaked her out.
Thanks, Mom.
An older woman took the seat next to Lola, leaning in to whisper. "Relax, dear. You've found a good group here." She handed Lola a peanut butter cookie.
Lola offered the woman a weak smile and took the treat. "Thank you, ma'am." She eyed the food, but couldn't bring it to her mouth, fear of hurling it up outweighing the nice gesture.
The lady patted her on the hand. "My name's Belinda. And you won't throw up, I promise." She nodded toward the cookie. "The nerves go away and you'll settle in just fine."
Lola nibbled a little then nodded. "Lola. And it's not really my first meeting. I just haven't been for a while."
Belinda smiled. "And we've all got new people smell, don't we?"
Lola laughed, liking the woman a lot. "I'm that obvious?" Of course, thanks to her mother, Lola didn't doubt she appeared terrified.
Belinda shook her head. "No, dear. But I've been around more than a few blocks. You just looked like you needed a kind face." Belinda winked. "I've been told I have one."
Lola nodded. "Oh, you do. And again, thank you." She finished off the cookie and grinned. "I'm going to take your word I won't be making a dash for the ladies' though."
Belinda chuckled, but broke off when the door opened and a blast of cold air swept through the room.
She shivered, but perked up. "Well, hello there, gorgeous."
Lola glanced toward the door and blinked. Gorgeous didn't quite do the man who walked through justice. Tall, dark hair, and piercing green eyes, something of a trifecta for Lola. She took in the entire package. Dark jeans, a hint of flannel under a black, leather jacket, with a red scarf knotted at his throat. His hands held her attention. Work worn and chapped from the cold, his long fingers curved around each other when he blew on them to warm them up.
Belinda patted Lola on the knee. "Dear, it was lovely to meet you, but I'm going to vacate this chair and hope that handsome guy take the hint."
Lola shook her head. She didn't need a truly hot man sitting next to her. Too late, he caught sight of the empty seat and made his way over, a tentative smile on his face.
Lola sucked in a deep breath and prayed she wouldn't say something stupid.
So far, I'm quite enjoying how the story is unfolding on this one. J

That's it for this week. Happy reading.


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