Friday, March 13, 2015

Smokin' Hot—Hot and Bothered: Creative Ink

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This week we're tasked with sharing a scene with sexual tension to leave us hot and bothered. Nice! Especially if you live in a cold climate… like Ohio in March. Seriously, I have to remind myself I was wearing shorts and flip flops in October sometimes. LOL

For my feature, I'm posting a scene from book one of my Black Unicorn series, Creative Ink.

For a little background, here are the series and book taglines:

Black Unicorn Comics—collective genius or creative madness—follow the adventures of Brian, Lucy and their friends and decide.

Brian and Lucy are on the verge of mainstream success—watch it happen in Creative Ink.

Bring on the tension…

Chelle trapped her prey by the water cooler. "Brian, how about lunch?" She lifted a hand and smoothed away a non-existent speck of lint from the well-defined chest of her quarry. "We can go over the new promo for Xavier." She added the flirty eyelash thing she liked to whip out on him.
Lucy gritted her teeth and her monitor flashed again.
::She shoots…::
Brian stepped back and shook his head. "Not today, Chelle." He lifted his blue gaze and leveled it directly at Lucy. "I've got plans for lunch."
::Oh snap! Someone's gonna score and it ain't Miss Thang. You go, girl!::
Lucy bit back a laugh, but couldn't suppress the delicious little shiver Brian's words caused.
::Think about it. You live five minutes away. Lovely day… a lot you can do in an hour::
Lucy shook her head and keyed a quick reply. ::Shut up::
Zapf grinned while he typed his next missive. ::Aww, come on. You know he's hot for it. Give him some, babes::
::Shut. Up::
::Plenty of time for wild monkey sex. Just saying::
Brian sidestepped Chelle and slowly made his way toward Lucy's desk.
Brian's eyes did a slow once over, making Lucy hot and leaving no doubt what he wanted to feast on during lunch.
Brian stopped at the edge of her desk and lifted a brow.
Her fingers furiously typed out a message.
::Taking a long lunch, Z Man. Later::
She closed the window, grabbed her bag, and practically ran out the door with Brian.


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Book Blurb: Lucy and Brian—creative rivals and romantic partners—are pushing the boundaries of their work and stepping into the realm of indie success. They're challenged with keeping their relationship strong and hot when leading their friends up the ladder.

Series Blurb: Black Unicorn Comics is on the cusp of huge indie success. Brian Wells and Lucy Sanderson are the driving force behind the accomplishment. Friendly rivals and romantic partners, they push each other to do great work. Surrounded by a close knit group of co-workers, the ups and downs play out on a daily basis.

Brian's ex works in the office and his best friend owns the press. Lucy's brother lives next door and has the major hots for the ex-girlfriend. A competitor wants to buy the company and convention season is just around the corner.

Brian and Lucy act as the calm in the crazy storm of creativity and keep their relationship burning hot—usually in spite of the antics going on around them. They follow where the muse leads and it's worked out successfully so far.


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