Sunday, March 15, 2015

Sunday Snippet: Wind It Up

Ugh. A full week later and I'm still moving files and cleaning up the older computers. Then again, several editing deadlines crept up on me and I got hit with a couple of scenes for two WIPs, so yeah, not going to complain. LOL I also had to take an online course and finished it up today. YAY!

Banshee had a great finale! Without spoiling too much, I'm glad to see the end of one particular character, sad to see the end of one, and very intrigued about the fate of a few others, including Hood. I can't wait for the next season!

Happy to say The Walking Dead didn't lose anyone important last week. We'll see if the streak continues tonight.

Still waiting on the return of The Flash and Arrow, back this week. WooHoo! Getting a few glimpses of Strike Back and Orphan Black, which can't get here soon enough. Found out the US premiere date for Bitten, April 17, if memory serves. The latest episode ended up being way better than I expected. Looking forward to next week's.

I think that's it for TV news. Tonight's post is from Wind It Up, a ménage novella where past and present mix to make a lovely future.

Here's the tagline:

Garner Mason enlists in the military and leaves Rae Manilow behind—breaking her heart. Rae meets Sheriff Felix Reynolds and falls hard, settling down with him in his mountain cabin. When Garner rolls into town intent on making amends with Rae, she's trapped between two men she deeply loves and can't see a way out of her predicament.

And a snippety peek…

Garner Mason cupped Rae Manilow's cheek. "I have to do this, Rae. You know I have to do something." He brushed his thumb over lower lip. "I'm twenty-two and the next time I get sucked into something stupid, it won't be county lock-up. I'll be headed for the state pen." He rested his forehead against hers.
Rae wanted to cry. "Dammit, Garner, why can't you ever say no to your friends?" But she already knew the answer.
Garner had no other safety net. How did he refuse the very people who helped him when no one else would? He didn't. Ever.
She eased away. "When do you leave?" Basic, then whatever other special training before a permanent base assignment. "How much time do we have?"
His gaze filled with sadness. "Less than twenty-four hours. I catch my ride tomorrow night at six." He grabbed her hands. "I'm sorry, Rae. I don't know what else to do."
She squeezed his fingers, the need to reassure him outweighing the pain in her heart. "Well, let's make the most of our final hours together then, okay?" She led him to her bedroom, pausing outside the door. "I wish I could hit fast-forward and be done with school. Then I could meet up with you after you're done with training." She entered the room, tugging him in behind her.
Garner jerked his head back and forth. "No way. Not that I don't want you, because I do, but your dad would flay me alive if I took his daughter away from Rock Falls. He already hates you being less than sixty miles away for college." He followed her to the bed and settled on the mattress beside her. "He's gonna throw a party when he finds out I'm gone."
Rae wanted to disagree, but her dad barely tolerated Garner. George Manilow might just toss some confetti when she broke the news about Garner's enlistment. Then he'd break out the tissues and give her space to cry her eyes out before offering up some sage-sounding advice about moving on to better stock.
Stupid man. But one she loved as much as she loved Garner.
She shook her head and shoved thoughts of her dad away. "Yeah, well, maybe he will, but let's forget about him for now and focus on us." She turned toward him, leaning in close. "Make this a night for just you and me." Her mouth hovered a breath away from his.
Garner's lips curved. "We can definitely do that." He slanted his lips over hers, pouring nothing but love into the kiss.
Rae gave in, pushing everything else aside. So easy to do with Garner. The guy could make her forget her name when he wanted to.

Remember Boys II Men? I had the whole "It's so Hard to Say Goodbye" song playing on loop in my head when I wrote this. LOL

That's it for this week. Happy reading.


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