Sunday, March 29, 2015

Sunday Snippet: X Marks the Spot

AHHHHH! Season finale for The Walking Dead tonight and I'm excited and actually a little frightened. Last week's ending kind of hurt, right?

Let's see… what else from this fairly big week of TV? The Flash messing with the timeline proved kind of interesting. I have to wonder if maybe Wells didn't get split, or possibly has an evil twin wandering around. Not sure how I feel about the idea, but I could probably get behind it. Arrow blew my mind again. So in love with this show. I won't get into too much detail, but every actor is pretty much spot on and giving their all. I LOVE it.

Bitten also brought the goods. Watching Greyston Holt go really creepy as Sean Rogerson's Alestair proved to be great. Nice bit of acting there. I have one small quibble. For all the times the witches have claimed to know everything, they sure get shit wrong an awful lot. Frankly, I expect more from Ruth, but I also like the huge changes in storyline deviating from the books, so… yeah, there's that. I'm just not sure I like how they come across as so uninformed, yet give off the vibe they know it all. But hey, I love Paige and Nick, so hopefully the witches can stick around. :D

And, that's it for TV this week.

Tonight's post is from X Marks the Spot, a sexy romp about a resort catering to my couple's carnal cravings.

Here's the tagline:

Nydia Vreeland takes her boyfriend, Declan Morris, on an adult adventure vacation where sexy fun and games ensue. Their final game is a treasure hunt where 'X' marks the spot and the winner gets to choose the evening's pleasure. The way Nydia figures things, there's no way she can lose.

And a snippety peek…

Nydia Vreeland clicked the 'chat' button and waited for a response. The nervous flutter in her belly amped up her excitement. If she could book the weekend she wanted, she and Declan would be one step closer to their dream vacation.
Filled with sun, sand, and lots of intimate moments…
Where anything goes.
A video window opened on her monitor and an incredibly handsome face greeted her. "X Marks the Spot Private Island Resort, catering to couples with carnal cravings. You've reached our video chat booking service. How can I help you today?"
She pressed the reply button and her webcam kicked on. Nydia fought the urge to smooth down her hair. She looked more than fine, even makeup free.
She smiled. "I'd like to schedule a weekend retreat. Can you provide your first available opening?"
The gentleman grinned. "From your registration details, I'm assuming you're Nydia Vreeland?"
She nodded. "Yes." She gave him a waggly-fingered wave.
His lips twitched. "I'm Grant and I'll be happy to help you get situated. Our first available opening is three weeks from now. Will that date work for you?"
She gave him a wide smile. "Yes, it will. Perfectly." Declan had the next month off and her plans would fall into place exactly how she'd wanted. "I'm going to finalize the deposit and look forward to your island escape." She clicked through the prompts on her screen. "That should do it."
Grant glanced away then back again. "Yes, all set. While I have you on chat, do you have any questions?"
Nydia bit back a laugh. She had a zillion, but would only ask one.
She met Grant's gaze. "Will you be listed in the private section of the website?" She'd lay money he always got that particular query.
He chuckled. "As a matter of fact, I am. Once you log in with your secure password, you'll find me and a dozen other attendants along with our profiles and special services. We'll have ten other couples on the island the same weekend, but our staff is very good at accommodating everyone." He gave her a slow once over. "I'll look forward to meeting you and—" He did a quick scan of her registration again. "Mr. Declan Morris."
Nydia's imagination went a little wild and she suppressed a shudder. "We'll do the same, and we'll see you in three weeks."
Grant signed off. "Thank you for booking with X Marks the Spot."
The video chat window closed automatically and Nydia's webcam showed her flushed face and dreamy expression before it also shut down.
Grabbing her phone, she scrolled to Declan's number and swiped her finger over the call icon.
He answered on the second ring. "Hey, babe. What's up?" The thumping bass in the background dulled to a low throb and she pictured him kicking the door to his office shut.
She couldn't keep a giddy tone from her voice. "X Marks the Spot, Dec. We're booked in for three weeks from today." Her breath whooshed out. "You, me, and as many fantasies as we can come up with."
He laughed. "Hot damn, Nydia. Give me twenty minutes to finish up here and tell Brad he's got the reins for the next four weeks and I'll be on my way home."
Nydia got up and walked into their bedroom. "In that case, I'll be naked and waiting when you get here."
Declan groaned. "Make that ten minutes."
Nydia grinned and ended the call.

Dylan and Nydia are a blast to write. I love couples who like to be adventurous and bold.

That's it for this week. Happy reading!


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