Sunday, May 10, 2015

Sunday Snippet: Zanzibar Blues

Happy Mother's Day to all the moms out there. I've been watching a James Bond marathon on Cloo all weekend so yeah, I'm having an excellent Mom's Day. :D

Great week of television. Gotham had a pretty great finale. For a show with something of a wobbly premise, I actually enjoyed most of it. The Flash and Arrow, again, kicked major ass. I don't know, I've really enjoyed how both seasons have played out. Had some reservations about The Flash, but I'm quite pleased with the show.

Orphan Black continues to deliver quality episodes. I kind of love the addition of the Castor collective. Really creeped out by Virginia and Gracie's mom, though. I don't wish either of those ladies a happy day… ever. LOL

Looking forward to whenever Strike Back graces my screen again and patiently waiting for The Last Ship to return. Also about halfway through season three (part one) of Teen Wolf. If I thought the first two seasons were a little crazycakes, I'm totally blown away by the bat shit insanity of three so far. LOL

Tonight's post is from Zanzibar Blues, a novella where my main characters find their passion in the middle of the crazy bar scene.

Here's the tagline:

When Higg Astley is brought in for a clean-up job, maintaining order over a raucous and rowdy crowd, in a roadside tavern, his first goal is to keep the house singer, Liberty Vans, from partaking in the nightly brawl. No easy feat when Liberty is the surrogate daughter of the man who owns the bar.

And a snippety peek…

Liberty grabbed a bottle and drew back to wing it at the big guy lying at her feet.
Higg halted her progress. "Stop. He's down." And from what he could see, probably out for the count, too.
Liberty snorted. "Yeah, for now. I can make sure he stays that way." She smacked the bottle against her hand.
Higg inclined his head. "I have no doubt. But you're the draw that brings people in. If he gets a chance to put his hands around your throat, you'll be out of commission." He met her gaze. "What's the upside to that?"
Liberty immediately shot back. "The satisfaction of taking the asshat out."
Higg barked out a laugh. "Okay, you've got me there." He grabbed hold of her shoulder and steered her away from the fracas. "How about we try this my way and see if we can't keep you on the stage wowing the crowd?" His fingers wrapped around the bottle and he removed it from her grasp.
Liberty narrowed her eyes. "You gonna guarantee I'll get through a whole set?" She made a doubtful sound.
Higg shook his head. "Not tonight. Not yet. But give me another week and you've got my promise." And he'd make sure he followed through.
Liberty tilted her head to the side. "And if you can't make it happen?" She lifted an eyebrow in challenge.
Higg's lips curved upward. "Then I'll get the hell out of the way and you can bash as many bottles over heads as you want." And he'd let her—she fought hard and dirty.
Liberty stuck her hand out. "Deal."
Higg grasped her palm and heat traveled directly up his forearm. Liberty's eyes widened and she pulled away, giving her head a shake. She'd felt the zing, too. He'd bet his entire pay for this job.

This one is a total joy to write. Liberty is feisty and I love her sly sense of humor. Higg has enough smarts to know when to step in and when to get the hell out of her way. LOL

That's it for this week. Happy reading!


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