Sunday, May 24, 2015

Sunday Snippet: Zootropolis

For all those in the US, Happy Memorial Day when it gets here tomorrow.

Now for the good stuff. Orphan Black… I'm so very angry with you, right now. *side eyes the show runners* All I have to say is the loss better be worth it, which I figure it will be, but yeah, still sad.

The Bitten on Friday was one of my favorite episodes from season two. I'm thinking they planted some seeds for season three, which we are getting. Yay!!

Finished season three, part two of Teen Wolf and wow… I'm going to miss a few characters. I'd rather have both back and NOT have to insane Kate to deal with, but okay, I'll reserve full judgment. LOL

Looking forward to the new episodes of my previously listed shows. Bring on June!

Tonight's post is from Zootropolis, a novella where my main characters work through some issues while working together. Always fun.

Here's the tagline:

Mackenna Sycks is looking to raise money for a wildlife refuge in Africa. When Walton Conley offers to back her project, she balks, thinking the hot shot playboy has ulterior motives. He does, but he's also a whiz with fundraisers and surprises Mackenna with gala affair dubbed Zootropolis.

And a snippety peek…

Mackenna Sycks finished mucking out a stall and stepped outside to clean the rake. A trail of dust rising on the lane piqued her curiosity. She didn't have appointments set for this morning.
Turning the hose on, she rinsed the dirt and debris from her equipment and her shoes, waterproof clogs she wore when cleaning out the barn and outdoor habitats. She'd just finished when the red truck skidded to a halt on the circular drive.
A wide grin spread across her face when Carrie Headles hopped out of the driver's side, leaving the door hanging open. Her best friend drove like a wild woman on a good day and an insane person on the bad ones.
Carrie ran over and grabbed Mackenna's biceps. "Kens, you'll never guess who's interested in helping you raise money for your rescue program." Her hands practically vibrated with excitement.
Mackenna laughed. "Okay, I won't try then. Who wants to help my cause?"
Carrie's shoulders slumped forward. "You're no fun, Kens. You don't want one little guess?" She stepped back, a huge smile plastered to her face. "Never mind. I can't wait to tell you." After a pause for dramatic effect, she blurted. "Walton Conley."
Mackenna frowned. "The guy who's always in the news and on the social media outlets? With his latest conquest, or hot new car, house, boat, or whatever huge ass thing he can spend his butt loads of money on?" The man wouldn't be her first choice for a backer.
Carrie bounced up and down. "Yes! Isn't it awesome?" She spun around facing the truck. "And he should be getting out any time now."
Mackenna grabbed hold of Carrie's arm. "What do you mean? You invited him out here?" She resisted the urge to slap her friend. "Why would you do that?"
"So I can get a good idea of what I'll be spending my butt loads of money on."
Lost in a haze of anger, Mackenna hadn't heard him get out of the vehicle or the crunch of gravel when he approached. Her gaze snapped to his. Bold eyes, narrowed in cool assessment, slowly took in her appearance from her head all the way down to her toes, still clad in her work clogs. When he finally met her gaze again, a wolfish smile curved his lips.
He glanced toward Carrie. "You didn't tell me your friend is beautiful."
Beautiful? Mackenna snorted. Her hair hung in a loose ponytail and her clothes clung to her sweat-drenched body. Her hands had splinters and sported matching grazes on her knuckles from fixing a fence earlier. She seriously doubted her shorts, which had seen better days, covered everything they should, but for cleaning out stalls and working on the habitats, the cutoff, gray cargos sufficed.
Unless she had company in the form of a wildly attractive man who had money to burn.
Schooling her features, she held out a hand. "Sadly, I'm immune to flattery, but it's nice of you to come out this far, especially since it's a wasted trip." When his palm took hers, he shook firmly, which impressed her more than it should.
He flashed a grin. "Anything that gets me out of the city can't be considered a wasted trip." His head tilted. "But why do you think it is?"
She shot Carrie a nasty look. "Because Carrie means well, but there's no way I have the time to get a novice up to speed before my down payment is due." She let go of his hand and stepped back. "And you'll have to excuse me for being rude, but I don't want to be the next conquest on your list." She turned and strode inside the barn to put the rake away.
Carrie gasped. "She doesn't mean that the way it sounds."
Mackenna popped her head outside the door. "Yes, I do. Even if I don't believe all the gossip flying about Mr. Conley, I need a serious backer, not an oversexed playboy who wants to pretend he's all about rescuing exotic animals when their owners don't want them anymore." On a roll, she continued on. "Especially when his circle of friends is exactly the type of owner I'm referring to."
Carrie grimaced. "I'm so sorry, Walton. I should've called Mackenna before bringing you out here." She directed her attention to Mackenna. "I know you're stressed, but please dial back the bitchiness a couple of clicks."
Walton turned toward Carrie. "Can I have a minute with your friend?"
Carrie hesitated. "I don't think that's a good idea."
His lips twisted upward. "I think I can manage to defend myself if she comes after me with a pitchfork." He nodded toward the truck. "I won't be long."
Dismissed, Carrie darted away and took refuge in her big, red vehicle.
Mackenna sighed. She'd have to apologize in a big way. Carrie had Mackenna's best interests at heart and her friend meant the world to Mackenna.
"Look, I'm very good with fundraising. And as much as I'd love to take you from behind or have your legs wrapped around me, I'm serious about helping with this project." When she opened her mouth to blast him, he held up a hand. "Before you get all prickly on me, I'll apologize. But you're the one making this about sex and not the animals you claim to love so much."
She snapped her teeth together, because she couldn't argue his point.
Trying a different tactic, she asked. "Why are you interested? If not for personal gain, I mean." She seriously doubted he'd have an acceptable reason.
Walton spoke quietly. "My grandparents were killed on safari. They weren't hunting animals, they were trying to help preserve the wildlife. Their work helped but it also made them targets."
Mackenna sucked in a harsh breath. "They were murdered?"
Walton shrugged. "It's what I believe, but no one has been able to prove their deaths were anything but an accident." His voice took on a hard edge. "So regardless of what you think about how I spend my butt loads of money, I do have a reason for wanting to be involved."
She heaved another sigh. "Fine. What do you have in mind?"
Walton gave her a long, considering look. "Give me two days to get a fundraising committee together and come to our first meeting. If you don't like the proposal we put together, you can tell me to piss off and we'll go our separate ways."
She pondered the suggestion. She needed to head back to the city anyway to collect her mail and stop by the zoo to pick up her final paycheck.
Glancing up, she gave him a terse nod. "Okay. Get my information from Carrie or have her text me the time and place. I'll be there."
Walton inclined his chin. "I'll do that. Take care." He turned and exited the barn.
Mackenna watched him cross the drive to Carrie's truck, trying hard to ignore the way his ass moved under his jeans. She had two days to figure out what her best option would be and hopefully find a way to avoid getting tangled up with Walton Conley.

Yeah, Mackenna won't find it so easy to fly under Walton's radar. LOL

That's it for this week. Happy reading!


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