Sunday, August 16, 2015

Sunday Snippet: The Cabin


Ugh. I'm fighting a nasty summer cold / allergy / yuck something, which I'm hoping runs its course before next week. School starts on August 25, but my kidlets already have golf and football stuff going on. We've already had a football scrimmage and our first golf match is Monday. Sadly, I won't be going because I can't breathe when I go outside. LOL Ugh. Seriously, my nasal passages can clear up any time now.

Let's see. Teen Wolf? Yeah. A shit ton of stuff happened in the last episode. Glad to see things moving forward. I'm now excited to see Monday's episode. If I'm not in a cold / allergy medication induced coma. <see above>

Friday night on Syfy is still kicking major ass. Defiance turned in a pretty awesome episode. But… I was sad to see one of the characters go. I'm also dying to see where this whole thing ends and there better be another season to wrap stuff up. I'm going to be very angry if there isn't. LOL

Killjoys seriously keeps me glued to the screen. This is another one where a new season is a must. The pacing and everything else related to backstory and world building is just about perfect. The only thing I'd like to see a little more of is John's history. I'd even throw Pawter in there, too, but I'm actually okay with what's been revealed of her history so far. Here's hoping next week's episode is mind-blowing.

Dark Matter… cliffhanger ahoy! I'll be riveted to see how Two gets out of the predicament she landed in. I'm also interested in seeing where they end this season. While this show spends a little more time on backstory / exposition, I'm definitely excited by the possibilities of more.

The Last Ship. What can I say? I've praised everything from the pacing, characters, actors, and writing. I'll add all the twists and turns to the mix. I totally didn't see Rachel's ballsy action last week and I can't wait to see if shit flies or not. I'm kind of hoping for the latter because seriously? Her move needed to happen. Just saying.

And enough about TV. Tonight's post is from The Cabin, a novella where my main characters almost let family drama get in the way of something really great.

Here's the mini-blurb:

Whip meets the woman of his dreams when he tries to convince Kari to give his brother another shot at her art class. But when she can't accommodate the request, Whip still wants to pursue a relationship… until his brother tries to get in the way and Kari decides she won't come between them.

And a snippety peek…

Kari Kells shook her head after reviewing Warner Harrington's portfolio. "This guy didn't even try to follow the guidelines to get into my class." Closing the heavy zip-up folder, she set it aside and started on her notes.
She began with a rejection letter, explaining in plain terms Warner needed to double check the qualifications if he wanted to apply for her class again in the spring. Then she made opened the portfolio again and made detailed comments on his lack of vision, his half-assed attempt create something modern with paint slashes and splatters, which actually looked like a four-year-old's work. The sloppy techniques showed haste and little thought behind the projects.
If he wanted an art credit, it wouldn't be in her class. She wouldn't waste her time on someone who'd attempt to bluff his way through the semester course.
In fact, she resented the hour she spent reviewing and rejecting Warner's application. Her class had room for twenty students and over one hundred vied for one of those spots. And most of those put forth a huge amount of effort to get in.
Not so with Harrington. She shook her head again, then attached the notes and closed the portfolio. After printing off the rejection letter, she stuffed it in an envelope and gathered up the materials to drop off at the office.
Locking her office door, she started down the hallway. "Better luck next time, kid. You're not going to be happy, but a good lesson to learn." Her heels clicked on the tiled floor, sounding the death knell for Warner Harrington to earn an elective credit in art.

I'm excited about this one. I love having a family dynamic even if it's not a full-on sibling rivalry.

That's it for this week. Happy reading!


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