Sunday, March 27, 2016

Sunday Snippet: Hot Water

Happy Easter to those who observe and celebrate. We're having some lovely weather in Ohio, which might only last twenty-four hours because—hello!—it's Ohio. LOL I'm still battling the flu… apparently I got the full two-week version. Yay, me.

That said, I did enjoy my week of new shows on television. The Walking Dead followed up the Carol / Maggie excellence with another terrific episode. I'm still not all that excited for Negan to show up, but eh, we'll see what happens when he does.

Gotham took a turn I didn't expect and I'm definitely interested in where things go from here. Nygma is one crafty, creepy dude. The Magicians continues to keep me intrigued. I truly love the dynamic between Penny and Quentin. The Lost Girl finale had me sobbing… again. I'm going to miss that show so much. Bitten twisted the spikes in a little deeper, but I loved the spin with making Rachel the one with powers instead of Rocco. Awesome to see Paige again.

The Flash made a reveal I didn't expect until the end of the season, so kudos for keeping me on my toes. Arrow took a turn I didn't exactly like, but I'm in for the long haul with Oliver and company. Looking forward to a new Legends episode this week.

Agents of SHIELD keeps getting better and better. I'm excited for the Most Wanted spin off. I love those characters.

The finale for Murdoch Mysteries proved excellent. I can't believe they keep coming up with great stuff after almost ten years. Here's to another terrific season whenever it premieres.

And that's the television update for this week.

Tonight's post is from Hot Water, a novella based on the prompt "Shower, visiting quarters or room, tiny towel". How can this one not be fun? LOL

Here's the mini-blurb:

When Demi Strange and Nathan Jordan work together at a summer camp, things get heated. The campers use up the water ration, leaving Demi to borrow Nathan's shower and it lands her in more than hot water.

And a snippety peek…

"As of today, we're instituting a time restriction for showers."
Demi Strange groaned, expecting the news but less than thrilled to hear the actual decision. Too many of the campers for the summer program were using an overabundance of hot water, which made costs rise and the minimal profit earned fall. For a group of tweens and teens, the need to take long, hot showers kind of amazed Demi. When she'd come to Camp Canawatchee during her summer breaks over ten years ago, a quick dousing to wash her hair and shave her legs sufficed. These kids treated bath time like a spa day.
Nathan Jordan, the head counselor and acting director, lifted his hands to muffle the complaints. "Look, it's not that bad. We're going to start with five minutes and if we get things under control, we'll increase the time." He glanced in Demi's direction and flashed a smile.
She ignored the little kick in her pulse rate and voiced a concern. "What about shaving?" Even she would have trouble getting finished in five minutes.
He frowned. "Most of the boys aren't shaving yet, but if they are, they can use the sink."
Demi rolled her eyes. "Well, most of the girls are and it's not fair to make them try to stand on one leg to get the job done. Not to mention, it's a liability if anyone happens to have balance issues." She shot the other female counselor a look. "Mitzi? Do you agree?"
Mitzi gave an emphatic nod. "Absolutely. Not asking for special treatment here, but ten minutes would be better."
Nathan heaved a sigh. "Fine. Girls get ten. But that's it." He moved around the table, handing out a notice to put up in the cabins. "We're installing timers and the hot water gets shut off when the limit is reached."
One of the male counselors, Frank, laughed. "I'll bet it only takes finishing one cold shower for everyone to fall in line."
Nathan lifted a shoulder. "They can have as much time as they want with cold water." His lips curved in a grin. "But I doubt anyone will take us up on that offer."
Demi took her notices and filed them in her organizer. She could already hear the outbursts she'd get from the girls. Nathan adjourned their meeting and wished everyone luck. Staying behind when the others left, Demi jotted a few ideas down to appease the monster attitudes she expected.
Nathan pulled out a chair and settled in next to her. "Sorry for the inconvenience this is going to cause everyone." He whipped out his ready smile.
Demi loved the way his lips curved and the corners crinkled when he grinned. But she fought the thrill of her imagination and calmed her racing heart. Carefully putting her pen into the slot of her organizer, she shut the book and gave him her full attention. Probably not her best move because she couldn't deny a serious attraction for the man. And she didn't want it to be a "thing".
She had more sense than that, right?

Who else thinks Demi's sense is going out the window on this one? LOL

That's it for this week. Happy reading!


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