Sunday, May 1, 2016

Sunday Snippet: Just One Moment

Welcome to May! I'm excited to have some warmer weather finally… enough to want to be outside and working on my yard. :D

Let's see, television this week ended up being a mixed bag. I want to really love Hunters, but eh, not quite sure I'm feeling the joy with that one. We'll see what ends up happening.

The Flash and Agents of SHIELD put out two good episodes. I'm truly interested in finally discovering who's under the mask in the Zoom's cage. Also hoping whoever it is, they're an ally. My jury is still out on AoS, but we'll see how the next few episodes go.

Arrow is breaking my heart, but wow, what terrific performances by the entire cast. My one small gripe has to do with showing Barry having his speed back when Tuesday's episode ended with Wells saying he'd help Barry get it back. Then again, schedules being what they are, they might not have had a choice. I'm just a little disappointed because they're usually so on top of small details like that.

Legends of Tomorrow remains pretty awesome. I'm so thrilled with the character interactions any disappointment I have over Savage being so smarmy as a villain are miniscule.

Wynonna Earp? Man… I love this show so much. It's acting as something of a replacement for Lost Girl with strong, kick ass females and the plotline is truly interesting. I love the sister dynamic and the fish out of water scenario Wynonna experiences on a regular basis. Looking forward to more revelations about Doc's deal with the devil and seeing how long he rides the fence.

Still behind on Banshee, but hoping to catch up soon. Also backed up on Marcella, but I rather love the twisty turns this series takes on a regular basis. Love not knowing if the heroine of the show is actually a villain, too. J

And that's it for television this week.

Tonight's post is from Just One Moment, a sexy short and free read that will have two similarly named titles by my alter egos, ML Skye and Skye Ritchey. The free read will feature two characters from a previous release. I always love revisiting my characters to see what they've been up to.

Here's the mini-blurb:

A life-threatening situation and a couple in love. Just one moment to say everything that needs to be said for Kiernan and Lars.

And a snippety peek…

Kiernan ducked and took cover. The gunfire echoing in her ears and the rapid thumping of her heart dampened the sound of her short, gasping breaths. She'd lost sight of Lars, but he'd be close. He never let her get too far away.
The man always had her back.
And she loved him for it.
She almost jumped out of her skin when a hand clamped over her shoulder. Smothering a scream with her fist, she relaxed, instinct kicking in. A quick glance behind her and she breathed easier. Lars flashed a warning look and motioned for her to follow him.
Staying low, she crawled along the path Lars made through the overturned crates and shipping pallets. The rest of his team stayed engaged with the targets, also known as Kiernan's worst nightmare. Lars came to a stop inside the small office she kept directly beside the main entrance to her rented space in the commercial section of the marina.
Kiernan eased inside and heaved a sigh of relief when Lars pushed the door shut. The room offered additional cover and provided some soundproofing from the combat going on in the main work area. His hand cupped her face and she leaned into his palm.
He smoothed his thumb over her bottom lip. "You're doing great, Kier. This went to shit, but we have a contingency plan." He nodded toward the space between her filing cabinets. "There's your way out." Crab-walking over, he swung his feet out in front of him and placed his boots on the wall.
One hard kick later, a three foot by three foot square opened into the warehouse next door.
Kiernan's mouth dropped open. "What the hell?" Sure, she'd fit but he didn't expect her to leave him, did he?
Lars scooted out of the way. "I want you to get out and get clear of the building, at least two blocks." He held out a hand. "Now, Kier. I need you to do this for me." His gaze met hers.
A jolt of fear slithered down her spine. "Why, Lars? What's going on?" She moved closer, grabbing his biceps so he couldn't back away.
He flicked a glance toward her work area. "I need you safe and the only way to make that happen is to get you out of the line of fire." He kept his tone even, but frustration crept in.
Kiernan didn't take kindly to his words. "I'm not leaving you. We're in this together." They had been since the moment he'd pulled the rug out from under her, clueing her in to the people she worked for.
Lars grabbed her face between his hands. "You're a distraction right now. My team is putting their asses on the line and I have to be out there with them." His angry gaze zeroed on her.
She blinked, the sting of tears pissing her off. But she'd made a promise to follow his instructions to the letter and she'd do what he asked. Even if she wanted to punch him in the mouth.
Letting go, she eased away. "Fine. I'll take off." She turned, staying low, and started for the opening, but stopped and angled back around. "But first, I want one more moment of your precious time." She growled the words, lifting a brow, daring him to deny her request.
Lars exhaled slowly. "What, Kier? Seriously, you need—"
She cut him off. "I love you, Lars, even though you're being a total jackass right now." She crawled through the opening, not waiting on a response.

I had so much fun going back to reveal this moment between Kier and Lars. I hope everyone enjoys the final product.

That's it for this week. Happy reading!


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